Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's A Beautiful Day!

Woooooo!!!! Hi everybody. Welcome to a new country--a new world. I have to say, this post-election high is pretty awesome. I know it will end soon enough, but for now I shall savor. The show kicks off with some awesome pictures of excited Americans, and newspaper headlines declaring Barack Obama the next president of the United States.

This moves us into a Candy Crowley piece, which recaps the historic event we all just witnessed and how it came to be. She notes that last night Obama was different, more somber. The election is over and now the real work begins. There is a government to build, enormous problems to tackle, and the high expectations of a world that currently believes Obama truly is the change we've all been waiting for. The days ahead are going to be more than challenging.

Anderson Cooper then gives us an update on some of the races yet to be called, including my own state of Missouri. Unfortunately, it's looking like we're going McCain. I guess we're not the bellwether anymore. This brings us to John King getting some more airtime with his Magic Map before it gets put away for the season. He shows us that Obama won by turning red counties and states blue. It's Obama's victory, but I think Howard Dean deserves a mention here. He pushed a 50 state strategy while establishment Democrats balked. Yes we can!

John then talks some nonsense about how Obama has to be careful not to alienate his flipped voters with a "liberal agenda." What exactly that agenda entails, John doesn't say. Is it tax cuts for the middle class, a reasonable environmental policy, and health care reform? Because I think most Americans are behind those things. I mean, nobody is talking about mandatory abortions and gay marriage here. This new narrative crap is ridiculous. Ah media, your sometimes utter cluelessness amuses us so.

We then get clips of both McCain and Obama's speeches and next move into our inevitable panel, still rocking that super-size. Contestants tonight include Roland Martin, Faye Wattleton, Alex Castellanos, David Gergen, and Ed Rollins. Anderson plays us last night's clip of Roland getting emotional and then Roland tells us how excited the Obama win made his nieces and nephews. Apparently one of his nephews thought he was going to the inauguration that night. Aw. Hey, he's not the only one that wants to get the show on the road early. I've been joking that all those people who showed up at the White House were volunteer movers.

The Gerg notes that for a lot of people, last night is still sinking in. Word to that. Although he did notice that everyone seems to be walking a little taller today. I don't know if I was walking taller, but I sure was smiling. Ed then brings me some schadenfreude by acknowledging the Republican party is eroding and has sustained severe damage. That's what happens when you go all evil and crazy. They'll have to self correct or face becoming irrelevant. The discussion then becomes realistic, with the financial crisis and expectations noted.

Obama's unbelievable ground game is also brought up, and The Gerg points out that he has a huge database of people that he will continue to use, even though the campaign is over. Being involved with your government. What a novel idea. Finally, The Gerg relays this anecdote about the president-elect: "He had a conference with his national team today, and after he thanked them, he said, every one of you is going to be paid for another month, and you will have health care until the rest of the year. I have never heard of that in a campaign before." Wow. When I hear things like that I can't help but let myself think that maybe, just maybe, this guy is the real deal. Oh man, am I tearing up during a cable news panel? It truly is a new day.

Next up, we're joined by Paul Begala live to talk about what an Obama administration might look like. Of focus is the news that the position of chief of staff may likely go to Representative Rahm Emanuel. Actually, I'm not sure why Paul is hedging here; it seems like it's being widely reported that Emanuel has the job. I believe I've stated on this blog before that Rahm Emanuel is, well, a dick. But you know, sometimes you need a dick to get things done. And to those of you who read that last line and then giggled, you are 12. Emanuel would seemingly be playing the role of bad cop to Obama's good. Paul tells us an Obama administration will mostly likely be made up of both the old and new guard, and even Republicans. Oh my!

On now to a Tom Foreman piece about, well, joy. Following Obama's win, sporadic displays of happiness broke out all across the country and the world. There was literally dancing in the streets.

Transitioning to Erica Hill talking presidential pets, because they've clearly run out of things to talk about. Okay, to be fair, it's because the Obama girls are going to be getting that puppy they were promised at the beginning of the campaign and it's been announced they'll be adopting from a rescue shelter. Yay to that. Erica then gives us weird facts, like did you know Grace Coolidge had a pet raccoon and Benjamin Harrison had a goat? Weirdness. Not knocking Erica here, but this segment was screaming for an appearance by Mo Rocca.

We then get a clip of Sarah Palin getting chatty with Dana Bash about how it's totally not her fault that McCain lost, but if it is her fault, she's sorry. Or something. Did you hear that Fox News--yes, Fox News--is reporting that Palin didn't know Africa was a continent? I'm sure that wouldn't have resulted in any incidents or anything. This woman was almost a heartbeat away from the presidency, people! Everybody exhale in relief. She is either getting thrown under the bus in the most severe way ever or she's one of the stupidest people in the country.

Next up, Tom Foreman does some discussing of the depressing portion of election night: the propositions. It's looking like gay marriage is going to be banned in California, Arizona, and Florida. Not only that, but Arkansas banned gay adoption. Seriously Arkansas, WTF? They'd rather have a child live in a foster home than become a part of a gay family. Obviously America still has a way to go.

We then have a piece from Erica on what kind of first lady Michelle might be. An awesome one, of course! I'm really excited to get her in the White House too. And the girls. America now has two adorable little girls. And we're getting them a puppy! Hee.

The Shot tonight is Anderson talking to a hologram and a little behind-the-scenes info on the technology. Perhaps someday you'll be able to beam Anderson into your bedroom. For news, people. For news. Ahem. Oh my God, I'm so tired. Can you tell? I think I've gotten about six hours sleep total since Sunday night. Anyway, then Erica wows us with a little disappearing trick. "Take that, David Bohrman," says Anderson. Heh. Yeah, but can you make Lou Dobbs disappear?

The show went on for two hours again tonight, but that's all for the recap since I'm about to fall asleep on my keyboard. But bye and good luck to Lisa Ort. That'll do it. Okay, one more thing:


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