Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bailout, Gay Marriage Debate, And Puppies, Oh My!

Hi everybody. You might have noticed my absence yesterday. Sorry about that. I've been tired and I've got stuff to take care of in my three-dimensional life, so I think this is as good a time as any for a reviewing hiatus--for the rest of this week anyway. But fear not, dear readers. I'll still be watching the show (it's my entertainment!) and think I should be able to give you a little somethin' somethin' to get you through the lonely nights. Can I interest you in some bullet points? You know you love them:
  • Okay, it's mildly disconcerting that Paulson is all like, "hey, you know how you gave us all your money for that big bailout deal? Yeah, well we're totally going to change the plan. No biggie." Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that we're all going to be using Monopoly money in the near future?
  • The election is over. WHY is Palin still on my television?!!! Make. It. Stop. What does she have to say now? Will she run in 2012? I don't care! It's 2008. Barack Obama hasn't even been inaugurated yet. Geez. And why is the media catering to her like a bunch of pathetic love-sick teenagers who are now ecstatic that their crush has just asked if she can copy their homework? All through the election she shunned them. Now that she needs an outlet, I say they should shun her right back.
  • I do have to admit, though I won't miss Palin, I will miss Anderson snarking on her. Tonight I was particularly amused when he noted she gave a shout out to Bush. "Her words," he told us. It's all in the tone, people. Speaking of all that, I had to laugh when Anderson said they had tried to get Palin on 360. Please. After all his snarky comments? I believe I said on this blog a long time ago that he was so never getting an interview with her. And that is okey-dokey with me. Now watch, he'll have one tomorrow.
  • Dan Savage! I always love him on Real Time with Bill Maher. Nice to see him on 360. Since the current demonstrations against Prop 8 were directed at the Mormon church, I would think that they'd put Savage up against one of their representatives and not Tony Perkins, but maybe that booking wasn't possible. Update: Dan's take on his 360 appearance, including musings on his shirt, David Gergen, and CNN urinals.
  • It was a great debate, but oh my God, the interrupting! At one point they were both talking over each other for so long it was like I was watching two separate shows. Multi-tasker that I am, I was able to pay attention to both of them, but oy, it made my brain hurt. Mr. Moderator was a little slow with the refereeing.
  • As Dan stated, and I've said on this blog, banning gay marriage is the same thing as when we banned interracial marriage. I do not understand how Tony can deny that.
  • Quote of the night goes to Dan after Tony complained about his interruptions: "You strip me of my rights and I interrupt you. Who's suffering here?" Oh snap.
  • Tony was seriously pissing me off about all his "think of the children" crap and how this whole issue is about how a family needs a mom and a dad. BS. There are all kinds of families raising perfectly respectable children. My dad died when my brother was only 12, leaving him to go through his teen years in a house full of women. Did he turn into an ax murderer? Hardly. He's a college student with a job, a good GPA, and a nice girlfriend. And that story isn't unique. Why does the gender of the parents even matter?
  • I love how Tony just completely denies reality when both Dan and Anderson note that young people voted against Prop 8. Sorry Tony, as I've stated before, you've already lost. Gay marriage will be legal in this country. It's inevitable. Someday we'll look back and wonder what all the fuss was about. And people like Tony will have to live with the fact that when it came to standing up for human rights, they chose the wrong side.
  • No "Beat 360" from the CNNers? Those kids are a bunch of slackers, I tell ya.
  • As much as I have to roll my eyes when CNN uses one show to pimp another, Soledad O'Brien's special on Jonestown looks intriguing.
  • Puppies!!! Aw, that one in studio was so adorable. 360 should adopt it and make it their mascot.
  • Hounderson Cooper cracked me up because that dog totally has the Anderson Cooper pose down pat. Aw Anderson, I kid because I love.
  • Anderson said that a Saturday Night Live appearance is not in his future. To which I say, but Brian Williams did it! Also, the political comedian is funny, but not that funny.
  • That'll do it. This bullet point can be anything you want. Make of it what you wish.


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