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Timothy Geithner Picked For Treasury Secretary, Clinton Reportedly Says Yes To SOS, Suze Orman Takes Your Questions, And The Obamas Choose a School

Hi everybody. Well, guess what? We're starting with BREAKING NEWS, that's what. I know, you're totally surprised. Obama has tapped Timothy Geithner to be his treasury secretary, which is certainly very important news, but not exactly breaking. I mean, at some point a story needs to just be deemed broken, and the banner must go. But anyway, Ed Henry joins us live with the details and we're also informed that sources are now saying that Hillary Clinton will accept the secretary of state position. So, it's still not completely a done deal, but we're pretty dang close. I swear, most tedious cabinet position picking evah!

We then move into a Tom Foreman piece all about, what else? Hillary Clinton. There's a sum up of her foreign policy experience, which is actually a completely legitimate thing for them to spend time covering. And then they of course have to get into the whole Obama versus Clinton primary squabbling. Even that would have been fine if they hadn't been annoying the hell out of us with speculative coverage for days now. But for all intents and purposes it was a good piece.

I think you know what's coming next: time for the panel of speculation! Rocking the house tonight are Marcus Mabry, David Gergen, and Ed Henry. It's funny, only now are we almost at the point where this Clinton story is confirmed fact . . . and I'm completely burnt out on it. The 360 kids and the media at large, however, will apparently never be burnt out. There was really nothing of note during this discussion. I pretty much zoned out, actually.

On now to an Anderson Cooper piece--yes, an Anderson Cooper piece--that focuses on . . . the Clintons. *Sigh* Specifically this is about their relationship and how she used to support him and now he supports her and aw, isn't that sweet. Or something. Sorry for being flippant, but she is not the only person being chosen for an important job in the administration. Compared to the Clinton news, I've barely heard anything about the probable new attorney general and we all know that the justice department was pretty much destroyed under Gonzales--it'd be nice to get a piece or two on that subject.

Up next, Ali Velshi and The Gerg talk about the pick of Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary. Ali explains that the markets weighed in on the decision, and what was their assessment? They likey. The Dow closed up. Anyway, Geithner was a treasury official under Clinton and The Gerg thinks the pick was purposefully leaked because of all the extreme financial turmoil that we've been dealing with lately. Now everyone knows that leadership is coming. Also? This guy is totally Gerg approved. And if he's good enough for The Gerg, he's good enough for me.

Transitioning now to Suze Orman live taking your phone call and email questions. For two whole segments. I'm not going to recap this, but I have to say I was mildly horrified by the person that has $100,000 on their credit cards. That is . . . not good. I suppose a lot of that could be medical bills, but otherwise I don't understand how a person gets into that situation. I was pleasantly surprised, though, to see that Suze didn't get all scary and berate the poor person. She actually wasn't scary at all tonight, though I still think this kind of stuff should be relegated to a web extra. It'd be different if 360 was still a two hour live show. But too much news gets edged out when you take up time with call-ins during an hour broadcast.

Our final piece of the night is from Joe Johns regarding the Obamas choice to send their girls to Sidwell Friends School. It's a Quaker school that's 40 percent minority and all about peace and service. Sounds nice, though it costs a pretty penny. It's going to set Obama back about $28,000 for Sasha alone. Yeesh.

The Shot tonight is a follow up on that hilarious yet disturbing Palin turkey video. I swear, I think this woman is like some kind of crack to the 360 kids. Anyway, now the Palin camp is all upset about the bad publicity and her spokesperson is claiming the governor had no idea a turkey was being slaughtered behind her. I don't think I've ever heard a public official have to deny knowledge of a turkey slaughter.

Okay, that's it for the show, but I actually got the webcast to work for me and I'm so excited because it's Floor Crew Friday! Oh boy, tonight was a doozy. See, Anderson is I think in Los Angeles, and Erica is off probably getting her beauty sleep for her CBS morning gig, so that left Kevin all by his lonesome in the New York studio. And he is lonely, people. Oh, so lonely. What's hilarious is that the webcast is so dark (for me anyway) that I didn't notice he started out sitting on the floor right by the desk. Then he gets up and, hey, Marcus Mabry is just quietly sitting there minding his own bidness. Bwah!

So anyway, the boys talk a little Thanksgiving and Marcus is excited, y'all. He's ready to blow the joint. Then Kevin tells us a story of his Thanksgiving childhood past and how he and his peeps used to make big leaf piles and then climb up and jump into them, which always resulted in someone getting hurt and missing their turkey dinner. Or, you know, not. Because apparently that story is totally BS. Oh, that Kevin. I shake my fist at you!

Seriously though, when he was telling that story I was madly scribbling it up the side of a piece of scratch paper (cuz that's how I roll) and then when he said it was all a lie, I literally exclaimed "oh f***," as if he'd just been giving us a thesis on the meaning of life or something. And then I laughed at myself because, uh, taking the webcast way too seriously. You can laugh at me too if you wish. I'll wait.

In the next webcast, we open with Kevin standing behind a monitor that is displaying a picture of Anderson from when he went on that "To Tell the Truth" show when he was a kid. Kevin then proceeds to talk to us as if he is Gun Metal Grey himself and notes that he wears the outfit on every Thanksgiving. Okay, Kevin is apparently on crack. Orrr, he's broken into Anderson's gin stash. This is what happens when the parents leave the kids home alone.

The final webcast opens in chaos because Kevin is on the move with camera dude (Tony AKA Tonedog I believe) on his tail. We're running through CNN! Action webcast! But commercial breaks are only so long, so we ain't running that far. Our journey ends in a small control room where we meet Phil, controller of the Big Wall. Oooh, Phil has powers. Kevin isn't so much interested in Phil's expertise as he is in hooking him up with the webcast watching ladies. He gives out Phil's digits and it's a shame that I forgot them (they were fake, people--don't worry) because Phil is definitely meeting CNN's hotness standards. Oh wells. There's always the next webcast. And a terrorist fist bump from Kevin takes us out. Peace.

A couple things before I wrap up. First of all, I would like to thank 360 for not touching the Diane Sawyer interview with Ashley Dupre. I mean, obviously it's kind of a no-brainer, but this is the show that literally staked out her apartment, so you know. Also, I caught some of Rachel Maddow's show today and she had on one of my favorite Iraq reporters, Richard Engel. It seems there's an important vote going on there soon, so I thought I'd share the segment. I'd love to get Michael Ware's take on all this. Here ya go:


Blogger MWmcFan said...

Thanks for the Richard clip. You mentioned you would like to hear Michael Ware's take on SoFA. Michael did a 19 min. interview on Mon. at the Center for American Progress in DC about the latest on SoFA that is very interesting.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Pati Mc said...

Thanks for the video Eliza. Turly insightful! I saw the clip that MWmcFan posted earlier and it is also excellent.

Why has 360 not covered this at all?

Appreciate your commentary on Floor Crew Friday. I missed the first one - drat! Gotta say, I am in lurve with Kev! What a riot! Have to admit I like it when "Daddy" Anderson leaves the kids to their own devices. They are all my kinda fellas, loving to stir them up some trouble. He he!

12:01 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@MWmcFan: No problem. And thank you for the Michael clip. I must have missed that. It was a great interview--kinda strange how we heard the behind-the-scenes conversation too.

Do you know what the "six fucking years" thing was about? The one guy seemed to think he wasn't full time with CNN anymore.

Also, I'm not sure Michael knows the definition of "dismayed." ;P

@Pati Mc: You're welcome.

Why has 360 not covered this at all?

Good question. You'd think this extremely important topic maybe would have gotten a mention.

I'm with you--Kevin is hysterical. You never know what he's going to do. Every time he hosts, I imagine the poor standards and practices dude having a panic attack.

2:46 AM  

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