Friday, November 14, 2008

Secretary Speculation Heats Up, The World Is Going Bankrupt, California Is On Fire Again, And A Hilariously Annoying Dog

Hi everybody. As previously stated, I'm on a bit of a reviewing break. But snarky comments never go on vacation. On to the bullet points!:
  • I'm fairly frustrated with all the breathless reporting regarding the possibility of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. I know it will eventually become news, but right now it just seems like a time waster. I was really hoping once the election ended the show would move away from the speculation. Last night wasn't that bad, actually. Tonight they did 20 minutes. I understand they have to cover it--gotta get those ratings. But a third of the show on something that may not ultimately happen? (And that criticism is for all cable--not just 360.)
  • The big winner during this speculation marathon? Doris Kearns Goodwin. I think I've heard the punditocracy mention her book, "Team of Rivals," more lately than they've mentioned our current president. Free plugs galore, baby!
  • I had to shake my head at Randi Kaye's piece about the Obama and Clinton differences on foreign policy. Another retread through the primaries? Please 360, stop.
  • And of course they have to play up the Clinton versus Obama angle. I can understand that though. After all, the media was totally right on the money when they did that during the primary. Because remember how Clinton caused all that trouble trying to steal the nomination from Obama at the Democratic National Convention, and then remember how all her supporters wouldn't vote for Obama? Oh, wait . . .
  • Anderson Cooper is very hung up on whether or not Obama is going to live up to his change promise. Hey, accountability is a beautiful thing. But, you know, maybe wait until he's at least announced his cabinet choices before you wonder if he's backtracking.
  • Now entire cities are asking to be bailed out? Good lord. That's pretty much all there is to say.
  • Richard Quest talking about the economy? Really? I'm sorry, but I can't take him seriously on serious issues and that's how I felt BEFORE he was caught with a sex toy in his boot.
  • So, apparently the European Union is in a recession now and the world blames us. Awesome. But, but, we elected Obama. That counts for some points, right?
  • I thought we might actually get through a broadcast without Sarah Palin, but the 360 kids must have been getting the shakes and had to throw in a quick clip of her dissing on Bill Ayers.
  • Speaking of Ayers, I gotta say, nothing about him screams "scary" to me.
  • Poor California. Always on fire. And please tell me they did not do that piece because it sort of involved Oprah. Her home is in danger. Okay, we get it. I mean, I don't want anything bad to happen to her property, but whatever the outcome, she's going to be okay. Other homeowners may not be.
  • Scruffy Dan Simon! The look works for him. Also? His piece about people losing their homes was very sad.
  • I don't know if there was a webcast. All I could get to come up was the shuttle launch. Cool and all, but I wanted my Floor Crew Friday. *Sigh*


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