Thursday, September 18, 2008

Financial Turmoil Continues, Candidates React To The Crisis, Meeting Todd Palin, Negative Ads, And A Smidgen On Hurricane Ike

Hi everybody. Once again we kick things off with BREAKING NEWS, and tonight that news can most simply be described as, well, a big ass bailout. Our money woes have gotten so bad that financial leaders in our government, and the heads of Congress from both sides of the partisan aisle, are coming together sans squabbling (for now) to try to fix this mess ASAP.

Ali Velshi and Suze Orman join us to try to make sense of the developments and we learn that essentially the government is buying up trillions of dollars of bad debt. Anderson Cooper notes that seeing all those leader together really points to how bad things are and Suze adds that it's even more remarkable that they're doing it at 7:00 at night. Seriously, right? You'd swear a brain dead Florida woman was about to be taken off her feeding tube.

We're next joined by Andy Serwer, who bylined a really good article in Time with Allan Sloan, regarding how Wall Street totally screwed us over. I still don't have a handle on this stuff enough to do my usual reworking and then spitting it back to you. Perhaps I need to invest in a copy of "The Economy For Dummies." There's some talk about how this crisis is similar to the Great Depression, which of course is rather unsettling. One bright spot is that Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve and treasury secretary Hank Paulson actually appear competent. So wow, that's a nice change of pace, huh? Anderson notes he felt better when he read that Bernanke's expertise is the Great Depression. Expertise related to his field? You mean he didn't head the Arabian Horses Association? Craziness.

Moving on now to a Candy Crowley piece on how the candidates are handling the financial world crumbling around them. McCain says that if he were president he would fire the chairman of the SEC. About that? Funny story, see the president actually doesn't have the authority to do that. Oopsie. Does Candy note this very big blunder? No she does not. Unbelievable. Anyway, Obama says we should throw all the bums out and then he hammers McCain on his regulation and AIG bailout stance flip-flops. McCain hits back, accusing Obama of taking too long to make a statement about the bailout. My view? I'd rather have my president take a little time to learn the facts and make an informed decision before he shoots his mouth off. After Candy's piece, she and John King talk polls and stuff, but it's mostly irrelevant. This election will turn on a dime.

Up next, we have a Randi Kaye piece on the "first dude," Todd Palin. Yes, that is actually what they call him. Palin is a stay-at-home dad, which I sincerely applaud, but can I just point out that if he was a Democrat you know the Republicans would be calling him stuff like "Mr. Mom" and worse. Perhaps they'd even call him "worse than an infidel." But anyway, apparently he's not just working on getting one of those "Number One Dad" mugs; he's playing the role of shadow governor--at least that's what some charge. It seems Mr. Dude here is all up in Sarah Palin's business, even getting copied on emails about state business. Oh, and he's refusing to testify in Troopergate. How very Cheney-like of him. Hey America, can we, like, not do this again? Please? After Randi's piece, Anderson gives us the news that Sarah Palin's emails were recently hacked, which brings up the issue of using personal email for state business. Okay, I admit, the hacking made me laugh a little, but seriously? So uncool. Gawker has more on the group taking responsibility.

Once again, Erica Hill has the headlines with a brief mention of Hurricane Ike's aftermath. There's more later in the show, but this is still ridiculous. The Gulf is in a state of devastation, there are possibly God knows how many bodies swept out to sea, and the show that made its name with Hurricane Katrina doesn't seem to be all that interested.

On now to a Joe Johns piece on negative advertising. I guess the big deal here is that McCain used to be the one doing the most negative advertising, but post-conventions that distinction has switched to Obama. My view? Negative advertising isn't a bad thing if it's true. Look, we all know negative advertising works. Obama is outspending McCain in this area? Good! I don't understand the purpose of this piece and I don't really remember them making a big deal about it when McCain was the negative one. There might be some relevancy here if Joe noted that the tone of Obama's campaign was supposed to be above the fray, but there's no mention of that (and it should be pointed out that McCain promised to run a clean campaign as well). After Joe's piece there's more discussion of this stuff with Candy and John. It seems to me this time could have been better used for Ike.

Speaking of Ike, we actually do get a tiny bit of coverage in tonight's "Shot," but it's not what I had in mind. We're shown the picture of a single house in Gilchrist, Texas, that survived the storm, while all the other houses around it were decimated. It's an amazing picture, to be sure. We then hear from Pam Adams, the owner of the house, who unfortunately has found out it's in really bad shape. Of course this is all heartbreaking, but where's the on-the-ground coverage of this story? During their conversation, Anderson notes that, "And I know a lot of the country has moved on, but folks there are just devastated." Yes, a lot of the country has moved on--like your show! Seriously people, I don't get this.

They're still majorly pimping their webcast, and even show some of it on the show, which sort of seems to defeat the purpose. I mean, if you can see it on the show or even watch it later on the blog, why drive yourself nuts multi-tasking when it's happening live? And it was kind of hard to tell exactly what Anderson was talking about, but I think they're trying to name their webcast. Apparently "inside and out" was suggested, but that sounds a little dirty to me, quite frankly. Or maybe that's just my dirty mind. But anyway, duuuudes, you should make it a contest. Hello! Web hits! Finally, while I'm talking about the webcast, tonight we learned that it is cameraman Tony's 30th birthday. AC360 Review loves all the 360 kids--even the behind-the-sceners, so happy birthday Tony! Apparently Anderson and Erica were well aware this day was coming and did they get Tony a present? No they did not. Because they're meanies. But Anderson did note that he was thinking of bringing in coconut cupcakes because Tony likes coconut, so I shall pick up his slack. Because I'm awesome like that. Here you go, Tony, happy birthday!


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...''a lot of the country has moved on...''

yeah,no kidding,including 360,AND Anderson Cooper himself,when it came to GUSTAV and IKE...why did he even bother to show up there?

Oh,and as for KATRINA??


They need to Keep THEMSELVES Honest!

Sorry,that little statement of his p..ed me off.

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