Saturday, September 13, 2008

Live-Blogging Hurricane Ike (1:00 AM to 2:00 AM)

Hi everybody. AC360 Review is experimenting with live-blogging. Because why not?

  • 1:56 AM--Bwah! Someone from Rick's crew found his cap.
  • 1:49 AM--Rick walks out further into the street and loses his cap. After he protected it for so long! Another transformer blew too. Rick is getting a little freaked.
  • 1:47 AM--Gary has gone out exploring since he's in the eye now. He says he could sit down and have a picnic. Hey buddy, you're still working. I kid!
  • 1:42 AM--Rick Sanchez is now wearing the red CNN slicker. Ha! It's because Anderson told on him. Also, Rick is freaking me out because he just yelled about an awning getting ripped off.
  • 1:34 AM--Susan is out of her bush, but still pretty much at her same live shot. I am not pleased. Susan, get higher!
  • 1:28 AM--Tony and Chad have a nice little chat about why people stay during hurricanes. "They want to protect their stuff, " says Chad, then noting that they're not going to have much stuff to protect if a huge storm surge hits their house. Amen to that. I can tell he's afraid there will be a fair amount of dead in the morning. This has the potential to be pretty horrible.
  • 1:22 AM--Chad Myers interviews Richard Knabb, a specialist from the National Hurricane Center. An expert interviewing an expert. By the way, I'm pretty sure I saw Chad on air about 12 hours ago. He's super human!
  • 1:16 AM--Gary Tuchman is in the eye now.
  • 1:14 AM--Chad Myers tells us some people will get a 25 foot surge. Oh man.
  • 1:08 AM--Oh wow, Susan Candiotti is getting hammered. And she's spooked by all the noises. Hurricanes in the dark are scary. And oh! She's only four feet above sea level and might get a much bigger storm surge. Yeah, I'm freaking a bit.
  • 1:07 AM--Jeanne Meserve joins us from Houston. Haven't seen her for a while.
  • 1:03 AM--Ali Velshi's camera person keeps that lens dry, baby! It's like a human windshield wiper. Oh also? Your gas prices are going to suck.
  • 1:00 AM--Tony Harris taking over anchoring. Does this mean Anderson Cooper is going to take a nap? Unclear. But if he's got the opportunity, he should take it.


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