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Silliness On The Trail, Ohio's Vote, Stem Cell Research, Debunking Palin Smears, And Palin's Environmental Record

Hi everyone. We're again kicking things off tonight out on the trail. Because that's how we roll. In a Dana Bash piece we learn McCain is bringing the "experience" theme out of retirement to spite Obama. Oh, and he's still trying to steal the junior senator's "change" platform, while at the same time trying to own "judgment." Dude, someone is quite the greedy Gus when it comes to campaign messages. But being compared to Bush is one message he doesn't want. As Dana tells us after her piece, McCain won't even talk about things that make him look good if they're connected to Bush. Now that's a presidential sized diss.

Next up, we have a Candy Crowley piece that gives us a little controversy from the stump. Apparently Obama was talking about McCain bringing change to Washington and used the phrase, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig." Cue the McCain camp going friggin insane, claiming that Obama was talking about Sarah Palin, and demanding that he apologize. Now, anyone with any matter of, um, intelligence, can pretty clearly see the McCain camp is full of it. And make no mistake about it, people, the McCain camp knows full well they're peddling crap, but hey, they know there are low information female voters out there who are susceptible to this tactic and, dang it, they're gonna go for them. After Candy's piece, Anderson Cooper notes that Obama followed the pig line with a line about wrapping up a fish "or something." And Candy points out McCain used the expression related to Clinton. Case closed.

Or, actually, case not closed, because it's time for our discussion panel. Candy, David Gergen, and Mark Halperin warm the seats tonight. The Gerg thinks the pig line is a bunch of nothing, but saying it was a mistake. Mark somewhat disagrees, saying this is "the press playing into McCain's crocodile tears." He then adds on that it's a low day of collective coverage. Right on, Mark! I've never really thought the press was ideologically biased towards one candidate or another, but the stupidity we've had to endure drives me up a wall. The media are independent of any campaign and I do not for the life of me understand why they let themselves get used so much; playing the part of ping-pong ball in an Obama and McCain back-and-forth. If something is obviously BS, say it and then move on. Anything else is a disservice to viewers. Surprisingly, that's kind of what happens here. We're moving on. So yay for that.

Talk next turns to Palin's incessant lying, of course no one calls it that. The Gerg is all kinds of surprised that Palin keeps repeating the same lies over and over and won't talk to the press. And this surprises you why? *sigh* Poor Gerg. Forever disappointed. Mark thinks the whole Bridge to Nowhere lie is outrageous. Anderson tells us they're actually getting email accusing them of being biased against Palin. Well, you know what? Ignore it. Normally I'm not a fan of shows brushing off their criticism, but look 360, you're not stupid. Facts are facts. They're working the refs and you know it. Worse comes to worse, you might even get boycotted. But you're in the right and if you roll over and start doing that stupid fake balance thing, you're going to lose your regular viewers who actually care about things like the truth. Including me. This election is just too damn important. Stay strong, 360.

Coming back from commercial, the panel talk turns to how the Palin VP pick has flummoxed the Democrats. Yeah, but they're always flummoxed. Although, with McCain's message smorgasbord and all the kitchen sink type attacks he seems to be throwing at Obama, I'm not sure the Republicans exactly have their act together either. Anyway, I don't know the mood in the Obama camp right now, but I know I myself am upset by the blatant lying, which is apparently being believed by a whole lot of Americans. Obama has said on more than one occasion that Americans aren't stupid, but sometimes I'm not sure I can believe that. We live in a country where people can better identify the judges on American Idol than they can their rights in the First Amendment. How do you overcome that?

On now to a John King piece coming at us from the small town of Portsmouth, Ohio. This is the ultimate battleground. The Democrats are working hard to swing this state their way. Is it possible? I guess we'll see.

Transitioning now to a little coverage of the other VP nominee. Remember him? In a Gary Tuchman piece, we learn that Joe Biden is out stumping about stem cell research. Biden thinks that if Republicans care about kids with developmental disabilities, they should also care about stem cell research. Seems reasonable, right? According to Republicans, no, he is wrong. And he's attacking Sarah Palin. Oh, good lord. I'm beginning to think Obama/Biden can't even brush their teeth without getting accused of attacking Palin. What's happening here is the McCain camp is scared to have this policy debate because they know it's a winning issue for the Democrats. Surprisingly enough, McCain even supports stem cell research--it's only Palin that's the odd man--er, woman--out.

Back to the panel now and talk turns to, well, Palin not talking. Candy thinks the reason is because she's not ready. Bingo. This can all pretty much be summed up with a quote from The Gerg: "either you're going to play in the big leagues or you're not."

Next up, we have a Joe Johns piece that does a little fact-checking on some Palin Internet rumors. Joe breaks it down for us into four main untruths. We begin with a quote falsely attributed to Palin regarding the "lizards of Satan." Mmkay. Guess I missed that one. Apparently it was simply made up by some random blogger and then the thing spread; such is the way of the Internets. The next rumor involves Palin supposedly cutting money for special needs kids. This would have, of course, made her a big old hypocrite--if it were true. In reality, she actually tripled the funds. I myself believed this false rumor up until about a day ago when I read Factcheck.org's latest piece.

The amusing thing here is that I believed the rumor because, well, CNN told it to me (interesting that Nicolle Wallace didn't even seem to know it wasn't true). Needless to say, Joe's piece leaves that little whoops out. So much for the most trusted name in news. The third falsehood involves Palin banning books at the library. No books were banned, but she did ask about banning them and no one's really sure where she was going with that (because she won't talk to anyone!). Check out the previous factcheck.org link for more details. Finally, though Palin did want creationism debated with evolution in Alaska schools, she never pushed for it to be part of the official curriculum. And while I'm here, I'll go ahead and add that she never endorsed Pat Buchanan for president. Nice piece.

Next up, we have a Randi Kaye piece from Alaska all about Palin's rather extreme environmental policies. First of all, she made aerial shooting of wolves legal, which is pretty sick. Besides wolves, she also seems to hate beluga whales and polar bears. But I'm tired, so go here for more.

"The Shot" tonight is fainting goats. Don't ask me, people; I just blog it. And, well, there's no way not to follow this up with narcolepsy dog. Is it sad I totally knew they would play that? Anyhoo, the show was fairly good tonight. But if I may, I'd like to whine at David Doss. How come your other show (with Campbell Brown) gets to have Michael Ware on and 360 doesn't, huh? Don't deny us the Michael love. Serious though, how awesome would it be if Michael had a sit down with both Obama and McCain on their Iraq policies? *Sigh* A girl can dream.

A little housekeeping, I definitely won't have a full review tomorrow night and may not have a post at all. We'll see what happens. Thursday is up in the air as well. Let's just say it hasn't been a good week. And while I'm (vaguely) talking about my personal life, some of you have been asking how I'm doing. I went to the doctor again recently and I'm still the same. It's frustrating. Everything's fine . . . if I don't move. So anyway, I'm living a somewhat normal life--I just have a new BFF named Mr. Oxygen. And unfortunately, it's beginning to look like the emphasis might be on that last "F." I'll blog again as soon as I can. Later this week some time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot believe we are at a place where a vice presidential candidate has to be given a crash course in EVERYTHING before she can be presented to reporters and the public. And what's worse is that NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE, when you consider this woman's inexplicably high approval ratings. It is thoroughly depressing and I can only hope something major happens to shut the McCain-Palin machine down for good.

Eliza, take care of yourself and don't move around too much!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

i 100% agree that they news media should not spend all their time discussing nonsense. i wish they would have a panel to discuss both sides of the main issues where one person isn't screaming over the other one the entire time.

but this is america and people are dumb, so that will never happen.

5:02 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

oh and can't they just do a DNA test on palin's kid with down syndrome? that would be so fantastic if it was proven that it was really her daughter's child.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SARAH PALIN IS A 'FAKE MOM & POLITICIAN!'. Simply because she is leaving a 'special needs child behind, with a pregnant teenager to take care of it, and her other two daughters to fend for themselves when daddy is on the trail too! it happens every day in allot of homes, with moms who have to work 8 hour shifts, but there's one difference, their not running for office! she is a poor example of a mother!
secondly, she has no experience or has any idea what the job demands, is contrary to john MC Cain on 'many issues', and is lying repeating her lies NON-STOP!
I also hate the fact she doesn't give squat about the environment! especially her comments during her convention speech, SARAH PALIN IS A 'FAKE MOM & POLITICIAN!'. Simply because she is leaving a 'special needs child behind, with a pregnant teenager to take care of it, and her other two daughters to fend for themselves when daddy is on the trail too! it happens every day in allot of homes, with moms who have to work 8 hour shifts, but there's one difference, their not running for office! she is a poor example of a mother!
secondly, she has no experience or has any idea what the job demands, is contrary to john Mc Cain on 'many issues', and is lying repeating her lies NON-STOP!
I also hate the fact she doesn't give squat about the environment! Especially her comments during her convention speech! what exactly is our opponent's plan? What does he actually seek to accomplish, after he's done turning back the waters and healing the planet? she isn't even aware ALASKA ice cap IS MELTING ALL AROUND HER! All she really cares about is lying, defaming others and hunting, and being in the 'spotlight'.


7:24 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous 12:55 PM--Crazy, huh? And yeah, it's completely depressing how many people only seem to be supporting her due to her personality. I guess we get the leaders we deserve. But some of us deserve better.

Thanks! I hope I wasn't unclear about the moving around thing. I meant that I'm fine without oxygen as long as I don't move. But if I want to do anything besides sit, I need to put it on.

@robert--I go back and forth on whether Americans are dumb. Sometimes I think if our leaders and media treated us as intelligent adults, we might be surprised by how smart everyone really is.

Why would Palin agree to a DNA test? Look, the fact of the matter is that it is MUCH more likely for a woman in her 40's to have a Downs baby than it is a teenager. Besides, this is a losing issue for the Democrats anyway.

@anonymous 7:24 PM--Wow. I can't tell if you're spam or just really, really angry.

P.S. "CHANEY" shot a dude in the face, not his foot.

1:26 AM  

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