Friday, September 12, 2008

Live-Blogging Hurricane Ike (12:00 AM to 1:00 AM)

Hi everybody. AC360 Review is experimenting with live-blogging. Because why not? (I took a break last hour. No offense to Larry King, but a girl's got things to do.)

  • 12:49 AM--Ali Velshi getting lots of wind and rain in Baytown. It's okay though, he's a hurricane veteran now. You think this is what he imagined when he went to Business School?
  • 12:42 AM-Sean Callebs joins Anderson in Houston. Well, hello there. He makes Anderson look tiny.
  • 12:37 AM--Chad tells us he's hearing rescue people are getting lots of calls from people needing rescue. And of course no one can do anything about that right now. God. Why do people ignore warnings?
  • 12:35 AM--Gary tells us he took a short walk out of his parking garage. Why, why do you have to make me nervous?! And he relates his experience to a scene from "The Wizard of Oz." No, really! Okay, next movie reference needs to be a little more current. Heh.
  • 12:34 AM--Anderson tells us some people might not get their power back for two to three weeks. Wha?
  • 12:21 AM--Aw, Susan Candiotti is not having a good time. She's getting really wet and blown around pretty good. And she's standing in a bush. Interesting choice.
  • 12:09 AM--Chad Myers ruins my thoughts about wet tee shirts by bringing up breaking glass. And . . . now I'm nervous again.
  • 12:07 AM--Anderson wants to know why Rick got an exemption from wearing the red rain slicker. Ha! Aw, we love the red rain slicker. But, you know, if Anderson wants to just wear a wet black tee, who am I to complain?
  • 12:06 AM--Rick Sanchez still standing there holding his hat. He does not sound thrilled about the eye wall coming for him. Also, plays show-and-tell with a tree branch.
  • 12:02 AM--Gary Tuchman hearing things crashing, but can't tell what it is because it's too dark. Creepy. His picture is surprisingly good.
  • 12:00 AM--Lots of rain in Houston. Anderson Cooper starting to do the squinting thing.


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