Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Long Night Turns Into A Longer Day

Hi everybody. Well, I have returned from my day trip out of town and see that it appears our CNN hurricane-braving heroes (or hurricane-braving crazies, depending how you look at it) survived Ike with all body parts intact. I think even Rick Sanchez's cap made it through (though it was touch-and-go there). After going to bed at about 3 AM, I got up again at around 5:30 AM, naively thinking I would remember what I watched well enough to blog later. Yeah . . . I totally don't. Though I do know Anderson Cooper was still MIA and from what I hear, remained that way until the special they did Saturday night.

I was out the door at 7:00 AM and into a virtual news blackout, which lasted for about 12 hours until I got home. No news for 12 hours is hard enough for a news junkie on normal days; during a hurricane when all "my people" are still out there is kind of excruciating. I got home in time to literally catch the last 30 seconds of the 360 special, which resulted in me barraging Anderson's presence on my screen with a line of panicked questions: "Why are you on now? Where are you? Oh! Why are standing in water? What flooded? What happened to New Orleans? What happened to Houston? No, no, no, don't be over. Wait . . . Roland Martin, you're not going to tell me anything about the hurricane, are you?" Oh, and about that whole standing in water thing? I've been watching Anderson Cooper for over three years now and I think I've learned that the best response to that is just to sigh, shake my head, and hope he has all his shots.

So anyway, it looks like Ike did not go gently into that good night, but his raging didn't cause any major tragedies. Good for that. In a bit of irony, my day's activities brought me a new found sympathy for those CNNers that dare don the red slicker. I spent the day (when not driving) tailgating and attending a college football game . . . in the pouring rain. Man, it was fairly miserable. We were all forced to break out ponchos and I had to tell one of my fellow game watchers that hours earlier I had been (gently) laughing at people that looked like us. Oh, and if you're thinking to yourself that I don't seem like the tailgating and football type, uh, you would be right. I'm telling you people, if it wasn't for the cheering, I wouldn't even know when we scored.

I think the live-blogging went pretty okay. It was even a little fun. Maybe I'll try it out again on election night. You think I was nervous during the hurricane, heh, you ain't seen nothing yet. I don't really have much else to say. I'm still running on less than three hours sleep and intelligent blogging is pretty much out of my reach right now. To Gary Tuchman, Rick Sanchez, Susan Candiotti, and Rob Marciano, you were the ones I saw get the worst--thanks for not freaking me out too badly. And props to "mother hen" Chad Myers for keeping everyone safe. Now I must sleep. Ike comes my way tomorrow. Yay?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza, I really enjoyed your live blogging.

As for the special you missed a couple of OH MY GOSH moments.

He stood in the putrid water the whole 2 hours, there was a water mocassin spotted and shown of tv and Anderson said if he went back a couple more feet the water would be up to his neck and he was sure that would be shown on You Tube.

I think he could have made his point being in the water up to the first commercial and then he could have gone to dry land. IMO

You know he had to be pruny all over when he got out.

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The live blogging was great, thanks for staying up all night. Too bad you missed most of the special, I think AC is a little out of practice reporting from natural disasters, hence standing in dirty water for 2 hours. The other funny thing was that he kept calling Rusty - Randi. He did it 2 or 3 times, oops. What grossed me out was that he kept putting his hand on his hip - under the water.

Gross, after talking about all those dead things floating past him, why would he stick his hands in the water? I hope the crew had some Purel for him when he got out!! I hope they rebroadcast it so you can see :-)

12:39 PM  
Anonymous pebbles said...

I enjoyed reading your live blogging. Thanks for doing it for your readers. CNN Intl just showed the first hour of AC360 and went back to their regular programming, so it's nice to know what actually happened after.

10:20 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous 12:20 PM--Thanks! Yeah, I heard all about him standing in the water. Someone needs to have a talk with our anchor, I tell you.

@anonymous 12:30 PM--Thanks! Aw, he must have been tired if he kept calling Rusty-Randi. Ew, he put his hand in the water?! I'm with you, I hope he was attacked by a Purel-wielding producer as soon as he got out.

@pebbles--You're welcome and thank you. I always feel bad for you international folks. You seem to get the short end of the 360 stick.

2:00 AM  

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