Saturday, September 13, 2008

Live-Blogging Hurricane Ike (2:00 AM to 3:00 AM)

Hi everybody. AC360 Review is experimenting with live-blogging. Because why not? This will probably be my last live-blog for Ike. I'm going to get a couple of hours of sleep. I have to catch a bus in a few hours, but hope to see a bit more coverage before I go. Maybe I'll blog a summary when I get home Saturday night. Or maybe I'll just, you know, sleep. Stay safe everyone!

  • 3:00 AM--Things are calming down for Rick. He says Ike has a different attitude than before. Heh.
  • 2:47 AM--Gary still enjoying the eye. Well, perhaps not enjoying, but you know. Yeah, I'm getting tired.
  • 2:39 AM--Jeanne Meserve in Houston still has several hours before she gets the worst, so she gives us updates on the fires.
  • 2:32 AM--Susan had to change mics and we can hear her now, but I'm distracted by Rick's live shot (we've got four shots on screen). It looks like they've been inundated by a forest.
  • 2:26 AM--Rick still dodging debris. But "it's cool."
  • 2:22 AM--Gary's lying on the ground. Now that's really chilling. Actually, he's trying to see the moon. Also? If I would have just tuned in to see Gary lying on the ground, I would have had a heart attack. (Hey, what happened to Rob Marciano?)
  • 2:15 AM--Rick is standing on a metal grate, so it doesn't get picked up by the wind. Rick walks around his live shot (and out of his live shot) more than Anderson Cooper circa Hurricane Katrina.
  • 2:14 AM--Gary Tuchman is still chilling in the eye. He's finding a lot of flooding and damage. And there's still half a hurricane to go.
  • 2:08 AM--Jeanne Meserve tells us about a bad fire in Houston. She uses the phrase "hunkered down."
  • 2:04 AM--Rick Sanchez is getting really band wind gusts. So he turns around and now we're looking at Rick's back. And . . . there goes Rick's picture. They're going to run out of correspondents.
  • 2:01 AM--Susan Candiotti still getting blown around. And . . . there goes her audio.


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