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The Democratic National Convention Day Three: Okay, Who's Hung-Over?

Woooo hoooo!!! Hey there, readers. What's the haps? Another great night in Denver! Not so much though for The Best Political Team on Television (TBPTOT). Maybe last night I was too nice (too much virtual CNN brew?) because tonight I had to make my home at CSPAN. I loves me the pundits because they're all unique in their own special ways (aw), but sometimes you just want to scream at them to shut up, you know? And sometimes you even want to add a couple of words between the "shut" and the "up," though you don't, because your mother might be reading (hi mom!). Anyway, that sometime was tonight. So leave them I did. Don't worry, I flipped back a bit and caught some chuckles that will be coming up shortly. But as always, let's get on with our usual bullet-pointed list of convention seriousness, randomness, and outright wackiness:
    • It wasn't all crap on the CNN stage. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin stopped by to chat about the looming threat of Gustav and we were treated to TBPTOT in tag-team interview mode. Now that's what I'm talking about! That's right Anderson Cooper, you bring it! Oh and Nagin, it's three years later and you're "hoping" the levees will hold? Are you kidding? For those that missed this Hurricane Katrina-like flashback, the interview is up on CNN's site. Now with the ability to embed! That's CNN, rocking the technology that other networks had over a year ago.
    • About that Gustav? Hopefully he'll decided to take a little chill pill soon, but if you want to follow the forecast, there's no better place than Weather Underground. No, sillies. Not the radical terrorist group; the totally awesome weather blog. I was hooked on it about this time three years ago and they turned out to be right about everything. Seriously.
    • Dudes, I can't believe I forgot to put this in my opening paragraph: Obama is now officially the nominee! Yay! Hillary Clinton cut the roll call vote short. Sorry PUMAS.
    • Bill Clinton gave a good speech, but honestly, I was a little underwhelmed. Maybe it's because Hillary's was so good and I guess I was comparing them. For once Hillary outshines her husband. The DNC is a magical place.
    • Why does CNN hate the troops? There were several great speeches on military issues (stay-at-home mom Beth Robinson being my favorite) and CNN didn't air a one. Instead, they jabbered to each other. This is why God invented CSPAN.
    • In fact, TBPTOT were still talking during the beginning of John Kerry's speech! What a difference four years makes, huh? From star of the show to a guy who can't even get proper airtime on cable.
    • It's all good though, because for a guy who usually comes off as entertaining as watching paint dry, John Kerry totally rocked the house! I loved his Senator McCain versus Candidate McCain bit (and you know he stole that idea after watching The Daily Show's Bush versus Bush).
    • John Kerry on McCain's flip-flopping: "Are you kidding me, folks? Talk about being for it before you were against it. Let me tell you, before he ever debates Barack Obama, John McCain should finish the debate with himself.” Bwah! Oh, snap!
    • The Steven Spielberg military tribute video was really good, but man, could Wolf Blitzer have hyped that thing any more? Seriously, guys, if you don't have anything to say, just let us watch the speeches. Because it's completely obvious when you're just filling time.
    • And while I'm ragging on TBPTOT again, dudes, shut up about John McCain! Oh my gawd, he's picked his VP . . . but you don't know who it is, so please stop! Just because he's being a dick and is trying to steal some Democratic thunder, doesn't mean you have to talk about it, especially since there is no "it" to talk about. Really, were you not mocked enough during the waiting for Godot text message coverage?
    • Beau Biden? Best intro-er ever. I'm sold! That was a great speech. I knew a lot about his family's tragic history, but Joe getting sworn in at his son's hospital bedside? Damn. That's not a tear, people; I have something in my eye.
    • Beau must get his speechifying genes from his father, because Joe Biden hit it out of the park. Not a barn burner, but incredibly moving. His description of the "kitchen table discussions" was right on the mark and no doubt struck a chord with many Americans. "It's about whether or not you can look your child in the eye and say 'we're going to be alright.'" Game. Set. Match. He gets it.
    • Hey news nets, a surprise is not a surprise if you report it to us. Sometimes we don't need to know everything. As cool as his appearance was (and it was very cool), it would have been even better if I didn't know it was coming. Just saying.
    • Jeffrey Toobin, were you dissing Biden's speech? Don't make me call you an out-of-touch elitist because I totally will. Oh, it may not sting now, but trust me, later, you'll cry sad, sad, tears.
    • Wolf "roady" Blitzer's love of the band was kind of hilarious. Who knew robots could appreciate music?! And Anderson Cooper was completely tickled with this development, mocking him every single chance he got. Thing is, with the Wolfbot, sarcasm and mocking don't even register--they just kind of bounce off. We also learned the Wolfbot used to be in a band called the Monkees (no, not those Monkees) and TBPTOT might be able to convince him to rock out at the CNN Grill. Oh. My. God. There are some things the world is just not ready for.
The show stuff has endeth and it's now time to dive into the convention behind-the-scenes goodness. Our vlogging blog chicks are back and this time they've gotten themselves dressed, out of bed, and moseyed into the CNN Grill, which seems to be quite the happening place. The CNN Grill: Come for the political discussion, stay for the cupcakes! Seriously, make sure you watch to the very end.

Our trio of Twitterers (I totally just came up with that) weren't the only ones hanging at the cable net's hot spot, TVNewser sat down with CNN prez Jon Klein over breakfast. During the convo, the honcho of "the most trusted name in news" chewed a piece of gum (or maybe just a really tough piece of bacon), schmoozed with the always snazzy Roland Martin, played show-n-tell with swag, and explained why the heck Campbell Brown was flow out to Denver after anchoring one day in New York. Guess Anderson better pack his bags for St. Paul.

Speaking of Anderson, we learn from CNN Producer Kay Jones that he spent some time in the CNN Grill as well (and made some friends). The thing I love about big events where there's lots of media, is that you can usually find more than one perspective on any given situation. For example, Kay also notes that Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend rocked the Grill too, but the details end there. However, take a quick hop and a skip over to AMERICAblog and John Aravosis has a story for you.

See, John Avarosis doesn't know who Charlize Theron is and, quite frankly, what he does know about her he doesn't quite care for. His mission, as it were, was to get some pictures of our own silver surfer chatting it up with Theron's boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, who he also doesn't know, but does helpfully identify on the picture as "hot guy" (he identifies Anderson too, you know, in case you need him pointed out). The snafu comes when Theron's polka-dotted handler gets all up in John's shot, totally blocking the hot guy action. Oh noes!

Ms. Polka-Dot was under the impression that he wanted a shot of Theron. She obviously does not know John Aravosis. But shots were gotten anyway and thus pretty much endeth the story. Upon complete reading of the situation, it sounds like the ire should be directed at Ms. Polka-Dot and not Charlize. So, in conclusion: Charlize? Probably still nice. Ms. Polka-Dot? Pure evil. Anderson? Fetching as always. And John? Might want to, like, join Netflix or something. Seriously dude, she's won an Oscar.

Finally, old media meets new media and the outcome ends with Katie Couric upside down. (C'mon, with a tease like that, how can you not click the link?)

That's going to do it for me. I should have something for you tomorrow, but I'm not exactly sure what. I'm taking my mother out to dinner for her birthday, and though I should be home to catch Obama, the DVD recorder will have to pick up some of my slack. I know, I know, it's the last night. But seeing as though I almost died on Mother's Day, my mom totally deserves this. But anyway, in case my post is delayed, yay Obama!!!


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

This was another entertaining entry from you. Yes, pundits do shut up! I watched it at my job's breakroom with limited cable. I watched it on PBS, at least they shut up whenever a speaker is on. Earlier, I watched the end of the roll call online, I could feel the excitment of the delegates there. It was quite a moment when New York ended the roll call. I couldn't believe McCain's efforts to muscle in for attention, and the pundits eager to help him. Why was Toobin being a dreary nag about Biden's speech? You have my blsessings to call him out on it. The speeches were so good. If I hear the phrase one more time, "what Obama neesds to do....", I will scream. I hope you and your mother enjoyed the night out.

Anne D.

6:00 PM  

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