Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic National Convention Flashback: What's Happening To The Balloons? We Need More Balloons!

Are you psyched for the convention?! Though I'll definitely be tuning into the speeches, perhaps what excites me most about this little upcoming political exercise, is the sheer magnitude of potential unpredictability that can occur when you take an entire political party, along with the country's media movers-and-shakers, and stick them all in one fishbowl for the gawking pleasure of the unwashed masses. Will there be harmless unintentional hilarity? One can only hope. To wet your palate, let us take a trip in the wayback machine.

Allow me to set the scene: The year is 2004. John Kerry has just accepted the Democratic nomination. Van Halen is rocking out. And convention producer Don Mischer is having an absolute coronary over the quantity of balloons being dropped. Unfortunately for him, his displeasure was not only piped to those wiley balloon-horders up top, it also went out live on CNN. Oops. This alone is amusement inducing, but perhaps even better is the surreal commentary on the incident that follows. Do you think we can count on similar mock-worthy ridiculousness this time around? I'm not a betting woman, but I'm going to go out on a limb and quote someone who is sure to be very popular this next week, "Yes we can!"


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