Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Deja Vu All Over Again

Hi everybody. Okay, here's the thing. Eliza seems to have contracted a case of Olympic fever. Thankfully, it's only a mild case, so I won't be requiring a telethon or anything. Mostly I just like swimming and gymnastics. And those are the sports that competed tonight. I think you see where this is going. No, I did not abandon our friends at 360 completely, but I did do the flipping back and forth thing for a while. Then when I realized they were doing a mighty fine impression of the suck, I pretty much took my ball over to NBC for the majority of the time. So . . . this review has some massive holes. Don't fall in.

We kick things off with Anderson Cooper telling us that Russia and Georgia have agreed to a cease fire. So that's good news. But apparently we don't care about their problems too much because we're going right into an Ed Henry piece about how our own presidential candidates would have reacted to that hypothetical 3 AM phone call. It seems nothing can get us away from this election. Anyway, we learn that McCain doesn't have all that much of an edge in the polls when it comes to handling a crisis, something Ed apparently thinks should surprise us. It does not.

Our inevitable "strategy session" is next, but there's some swimming going on, so I missed the conversation. I'm sure it was enlightening. You know, at the risk of sounding ignorant, I'm just going to be honest and come out and say I really don't know what's going on with this whole Russia and Georgia thing. Sure, it's partly my fault because I haven't made the effort of diving in to the print coverage for better understanding, but considering the seriousness, 360 seems to be kind of giving this thing the half-assed treatment. I think Americans need a little Russia/Georgia Conflict 101. Or maybe I missed that part while I was watching swimming.

Next up, Jessica Yellin gives us a little veepstakes coverage. They tried to get all creative with her piece, painting all the recent politician hobnobbing as auditions for the number two slot, but really it only makes me realize that they're running out of ways to present this story. Seriously, how many times do we have to go through this? You don't know anything for sure yet. Just accept that fact and move on to something you do know.

From here we move on to more VP talk, but . . . Michael Phelps has just won his 10th gold medal! Woo! Sorry.

Transitioning now to coverage of that missing girl Caylee Anthony, who is apparently the only child missing in the United States. Randi Kaye is all over it, but I'm all over gymnastics. Also? Holly Gagne is back. Told you she would be.

Moving on to a Jason Carroll piece on the "Oprah Effect" on the election. Wow. They have seriously run out of things to talk about election-wise, haven't they? And they've even done this story before. You know 360 there's like a whole bunch of other news out there that you could be doing. It's okay to touch it; it won't hurt you.

The Erica and Anderson banter keeps getting crazier. I think I like it. Sadly, I think tonight it was the best part of the show. Not good when you're doing the news. Skimming the live-blog, it looks like Erica is getting a new laptop. Finally! No more cries of "technical difficulties" out of you, Missy.

Finally tonight, because AC360 Review is a multi-service blog, I thought I'd pass on a little info that I just got via an email forward. Normally I hate email forwards with a fiery passion, but this one checks out. It seems someone has co-opted the moniker of the most trusted name in news to send out a nasty virus. I'm guessing a lot of you get CNN Alerts, so be very careful of what you actually click on. Make sure it's from the real deal first! Also, I've been meaning to link this fascinating and highly disturbing article from the New York Times: Malwebolence-The World of Web Trolling. It's a must read for anyone that spends time online. That'll do it for me.


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

The way 360 ties everything to the election, the missing Kaylee will soon end up connected somehow. I can't believe the short coverage the Rusia/Georgia conflict received, yet onto what would the candidates do. Yikes, that campy VP story. I also wasn't watching the entire show. Inside Edition isn't looking so bad as a place to get news with the schlocky stories shown tonight. Anne D.

3:47 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Connecting Caylee to the election would really be stretching it, but I guess I wouldn't put it past them. Yeah, sometimes 360 doesn't look much different than Inside Edition. I'm not sure when it happened, but sometime over the last few years the tabloids and the real news have gotten all up in each other's turf. And I don't like it. Oh wells.

3:43 AM  

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