Monday, August 11, 2008

Edwards Affair Fallout, Russia Invades Georgia, And A Caylee Anthony Update

Hi everybody. Happy new week! We begin with some BREAKING NEWS from overseas. Apparently jealous with all the attention Iraq has been getting these past few years, Russia and Georgia have decided to play a rousing game of get your war on. That's right, in case you missed it in your preoccupation with Olympic fever and John Edwards crushing our spirit, Russia has invaded Georgia. No, not that Georgia. (Hotlanta, you can relax. This time.) Turns out there's like this whole country over there with the same name as our Peach State. But we're going to have to come back to this because we've got a cheating non presidential candidate to get to. I mean, priorities people.

Our next piece is very "All the President's Men," with Joe Johns following the Edwards money trail. Okay, well, he's not even a presidential candidate anymore, much less a president, but, uh, there's still money to be followed. Specifically, the money that's being paid to Rielle Hunter, which is looking to have come from donations to Edwards' PAC. That would be very, very bad. Also being held up for scrutiny is the affair timeline. Oh and then there's the child thing. Who's the baby daddy? We may never know. Edwards says he's willing to undergo a paternity test to prove he's not, Hunter doesn't want that to happen, citing privacy. Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle, people. I see "drama" lights flashing up ahead.

Moving on to a David Mattingly piece on Hunter. Again, I really don't care. Yeah, she's the other woman, but she's a minor character in this little soap opera. Five years from now we'll learn about her new handbag line or whatever it is that Gennifer Flowers does nowadays. Of note is that unlike the rest of the country, Hunter doesn't seem to care much for Elizabeth, noting the truth about her will come out someday. Dun dun dun! Weird.

Our inevitable panel tonight includes David Gergen, Steve Kornacki (The New York Observer), and Jennifer Donahue. Discussion focuses on the time line of the relationship and how the money might have come from political donations. See, this is why I have a no donating to politicians rule. That and the being poor thing.

From here we go to a Candy Crowley piece for campaign fallout. Apparently former Clinton communications director, Howard Wolfson, thinks Hillary would have won Iowa if the news of the Edwards affair had broken sooner. Apparently former Clinton communications director, Howard Wolfson, is taking some mighty fine drugs. A good number of Edwards voters had Obama as their second choice, not the other way around. Keeping with the stupid, we learn that Mark Penn wanted the Clinton camp to hit Obama on his Americanism, or lack of it. Kinda like the republicans. With friends like these . . . Oh and some Clinton supporters want to revolt or something. Sigh.

Back with our panel, Steve notes that Wolfson is full of it, seeing as though Iowa is not filled with the same kind of working class people Clinton routinely won over. Jennifer thinks the Edwards affair coming out earlier actually would have hurt Clinton since her husband had a little issue with that as well. You might remember. The Gerg thinks the press is going to spend a lot of time chewing on all these Clinton election morsels because there's not going to be much going on for a bit. Or . . . you know, they could like not and maybe actually cover something else instead. You know, like how Bush allegedly instructed the CIA to forge documents for us to go to war. Fluff stuff like that.

Transitioning now to a hella horrible mess going on in Georgia. I mean, seriously, do we have to have a new war every other summer now? Anyway, there are tanks in the streets, Georgia is calling for a cease fire, Russia is accusing Georgia of ethnic cleansing, there's been lots of bombing. Just . . . not good. After his piece, we get Matthew live and basically it sounds like no one knows what is going to happen. All I know is I apparently need to read up on my Russian/Georgian history. Me and every other American.

Moving on now to a Randi Kaye piece where she talks to the grandparents of Caylee Anthony. I don't really see anything new here that's important enough for an update, but I guess they figure they didn't send Randi down there for nothing. The case is still all messed up. Apparently the grandparents believe Caylee is still alive and Casey knows where she is, but can't say. I really hope they're not going to have Randi camp out down there a la Greta and Aruba.

Next up, we have our fact check portion of the evening--this time both candidates give speeches on the Russian invasion. Both speeches sounded like platitudes of the obvious variety to me, so I was a bit curious as to how they were going to be fact checked. Tom Foreman (off the bus) doesn't let us down though. Basically he just says Obama and McCain are pretty much in line with the State Department. So I guess if McCain had been like, "let's bomb their asses!" then he wouldn't have fared so well.

The Shot tonight is a Burger festival complete with a condiment filled Slip 'N Slide. Erica and Anderson are both disgusted and shun the idea of trying out the ketchupy fun. Pshaw. Divas. Then there's some weird banter that makes me think they're been drinking. Those crazy kids. Speaking of crazy kids, I wonder what they're up to regarding the webcam. Tonight on the live-blog Anderson said they were working on something. Ooh! Ooh! Could it be naked news?! Okay, probably not. (But think of the ratings!) Maybe crew Twister? The song stylings of Erica and Anderson singing "I've Got You Babe," Sonny and Cher style? In, uh, silence. Oh, the wacky possibilities . . .


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