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The Race Card, Persistent Muslim Myth, Exxon Mobil Getting Richer, Robert Wexler Controversy, And An Update On The Rockefeller Kidnapping

Hi everybody. I am one angry blogger. It seems my blog has been deemed spam by one of Blogger's little spambots, so they've got me all locked up until one of those human thingees can come confirm that I am in fact an actual person. I'm allowed to save a draft though, so what you are reading was actually blogged Thursday night after the show. God only knows how many days have passed since then. Anyway, speaking of robots, 360 is mixing it up a bit tonight and instead of Campbell Brown in for Anderson Cooper, we have . . . the Wolftbot?! Yep, Wolf Blitzer, who apparently has nothing better to do than anchor news 24-hours a day, is here to guide us through the hour. This is doing nothing to suspend my belief that he's a robot. You turn on the TV in the afternoon and he's there. You turn it on in the evening and he's there. You even turn it on on the weekend and, oh yeah, he's there! Robot! But 360 is a change of venue for him. Do you think he feels out of place in a room that doesn't have a situation and where news and information may not be arriving all the time?

So okay, we kick things off with a Dana Bash piece on how McCain is accusing Obama of playing the race card. The low down here is that Obama recently made comments that the McCain camp was going to try to make people scared to vote for him by pointing out that he didn't look like other presidents. Obama said pretty much the same thing in June and the McCain camp didn't bat at eye. They claim their hissy fit now is that Obama was inferring McCain himself was playing the race card. Oh good lord. Shut up! Both of you. Obama needs to stop needling and McCain needs to stop desperately grasping at straws and prove to us why he should be president. This is getting ridiculous. The piece is followed by a "Strategy Session" with David Gergen, Roland Martin, and Tara Wall.

Next up, we have a piece from Gary Tuchman, and if your head is vulnerable to combustion, you might want to skip ahead. Gary takes us to Copperhill, Tennessee, a small town where he has no trouble finding people who still believe Obama is a Muslim. Even the mayor! Ahh! Actually, despite debunking all over, a full 12 percent of people believe the myth. And the thing is, there's not even anything wrong with being a Muslim, but he not one. I gotta hand it to Gary, he's got some patience to talk to those people that calmly. Well, actually, coming from retail, I have the capacity for a ridiculous amount of patience myself, but I so would have gone home and banged my head against the wall. Where do these people get their information? Gale Walborn, Copperhill resident sane person explains: "I just ask people, where do you get this information from? And people are telling me, the Internet, e-mails, what people say. And I say, do you have proof? No." I think I kind of love Gale.

And yeah, I'm being unfair with the "resident sane person" thing because as Gary is quick to point out, they chose Copperhill randomly and you can get these results anywhere. So don't send him angry email, Copperhillians; we already know how you love the Internet. Speaking of randomly picking a town, wasn't there a news show that used to throw a dart at a map, go to that town, randomly call someone in the phone book, and then do a story on them? Did I make that up? Anyhoo, as you can probably tell, false information is one of my pet peeves. And though CNN, being a cable news network, is definitely guilty of allowing falsehoods to spread, I should point out that when it comes to the whole Obama Muslim myth thing, they've actually done a shockingly excellent job. Seriously. They've been debunking this thing for over a year now. A big cookie for them.

Transitioning now to Exxon Mobil making tons of money, which is rubbed in our faces in the form of a clock 360 has chosen to put up for this segment. Wolf then tells us that they're starting a new thing where they're going to play long clips of the candidates talking about important issues. Apparently it's what we've been telling them we want. Well, that's about half true. Hearing from the candidates about real issues is absolutely what I want, but you can't just stop there. After we hear from candidates, there has to be fact checking of what they said. Otherwise, you're just CSPAN. So anyway, we hear from both Obama and McCain on energy.
From there we go to a Joe Johns piece about how Exxon Mobil is filthy rich and could care less about alternative energy. Sigh.

Next up, we have a John Zarrella piece on a little bit of trouble popping up for Democratic Representative Robert Wexler of Florida. Actually, the "Florida" part is where the controversy comes in. Because he lives in Maryland, a fact that he does not hide. You're supposed to live in your district, so yeah, this doesn't look good, but Jeebus, it's not like he outed a CIA agent or has a boatload of cash in his freezer. The whole thing is being brought up by Ed Lynch, the candidate trying to unseat him. Naturally. After all this, Wexler has decided to lease a place in his district, and I really hope he keeps his nose clean because he's somewhat of a hero to accountability lovers everywhere and if he's in the news for anything bad again, I will cry sad tears.

Moving on to an Erica Hill piece that updates that custodial kidnapping and then we're on to more McCain and Obama in their own words. Hey, you know what I just noticed? Less punditry tonight. Hm, these new segments might be the start of a beautiful friendship. After that, we get a preview of the special, "Extreme Challenges: The Next Four Years," and at first I get excited because I loves me the map table discussions, but I actually think this might be a repeat. They did the same thing in February. I know the discussion was of a broader context than the here and now, but if they didn't update, you'd think some of that might be stale after six months. It's funny, because I was just thinking about those "Extreme Challenges" specials the other day. Actually, after that first one aired, Anderson blogged that more were in the works:
I’ve also been really gratified by the response our “Extreme Challenges” special has gotten. We’ve gotten tons of e-mail about it, and frankly it’s the kind of program you won’t see on any of the other cable news networks. We are so pleased with the response we are already planning a number of other “Extreme Challenge” specials. So look for those in the coming weeks.
Because I do everything Anderson tells me to (heh), I did totally look for those in the coming weeks and . . . nada. What gives? This is why I refer to 360 as my show with ADHD. Also, when I went back and looked for this comment, I skimmed through a couple of the first live-blogs. Man, Anderson was quite the jabberbox back then. Blog has lost its luster for him, I suppose.

Moving on to the Wolfbot trying to banter with Erica Hill. Not a total fail, but none of that great unintentional hilarity he always has with Jack Cafferty. He does try to pawn off a Situation Room t-shirt on Erica though. Bwah! You know those really fangurly, kinda-embarrassing 360 shirts with the hearts on them? They should totally make those for TSR. Speaking of TSR, "The Shot" tonight is how that show should be watched: in one minute. Those crazy kids at 23/6 have condensed a whole day's worth of situations into a mere 60 seconds. Actually, this is not the first time they've done this. I remember watching one months ago. Still funny. That'll do it.

Edited to add: Hm, Blogger unlocked me in less than 24 hours. I guess they're not completely evil, but I am still displeased.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're unblocked!

Somebody needs to unblock the clogged brains of those idiots who still think Obama's a Muslim, how ignorant can these people be? There's nothing wrong with being a Muslim, but there's a LOT wrong with people who continue to ignore the truth.

Wolf always makes me laugh when he subs, he so stiff. Anderson subs for NO ONE! What's up with that anyway?

10:13 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Yes, I'm very happy to be free! Heh. I don't know what to say about the people that still think Obama is a Muslim. I've long held the belief that about 30% of people are crazy and/or stupid, so there you go.

Anderson used to sub a lot when he was starting out at CNN and that's how he made a name for himself. Now that he's almost the face of the network, he doesn't need to sub anymore. I'm sure if they were ever in a bind (which might be why Blitzer subbed), he'd do it, but why work yourself ragged when you don't need to? He seems busy enough.

1:43 AM  
Anonymous hardiansyah said...

yeaa Wolf always makes me laugh when he subs, he so stiff. Anderson subs for NO ONE! What's up with that anyway?

2:44 AM  

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