Tuesday, July 15, 2008

There's News In My News

Hi everybody. I don't really have the time for a decent blog post tonight, but since the majority of my posts lately have definitely leaned toward the negative (and some might say had an air of bitchiness to them), I don't want to go mysterious quiet when we actually get a pretty good show. Iran, Iraq, the economy, and an investigation of the TSA? This deserves a "woo hoo!" Okay, sure, we still got lots of political talk that's neither here nor there and a crime and punishment piece that I could have done without (though it was placed at the end), but I'm going to hold off on the complaining because we just got Reza Aslan and Peter Bergen in the same broadcast. And Drew Griffin's piece was a highlight too. Poor Drew, though. As if flying isn't sucky enough. I guess there's a price to pay for investigative journalism. See, this is why I start all my emails with "suck it, TSA!"

So, was this upturn in quality just a fluke of the news cycle or have they decided to make their coverage newsier like before? I guess we'll find out.

Congrats to 360 for their Emmy nods! I don't remember if they even mentioned them. Man, I flipped on The Situation Room today and the Wolfbot was all over his show's Emmy nod. I guess they forgot to program in the modesty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, we had a good program last night and it touched on a little bit of international news as well (I am stretching it). What I really wonder is if emailing to 360 with our feedback will work. I understand that they care about ratings, but they've gotta find a balance between doing a quality show and drawing in viewser. As I said yesterday, even doing half the show to draw in those ratings and half the show to do real news might be a good compromise. It is always good to have Peter Bergen and Reza Aslan on 360. I think these people used to define 360 for me. You could only find such intelligent and insightful panelists on 360. I hope 360 will gradually go back to those glorious days where you can get loads of info. about wars, Africa and NOLA.

You are right, Eliza, come to think of it, I did not used to like John Roberts either. Now, I found him very stiff and uncomfortable on American Morning and I did not like his jokes at all. Ironically, I seem to think he was much more himself on 360 and kind of miss him there. John King has been and will always be my favorite. With Campbell Brown, nothing personal against her, I just don't think she belongs to 360, that's all. Honestly, I really prefer to have someone else sub for Anderson. I think sometimes personal feelings are hard to explain...Patty

7:37 AM  
Blogger Lulu said...

Whoa, from the sound of it, 360 put on a good show last night. I didn't watch. Let's keep our fingers crossed it continues.

Even though I've been very unhappy with the show's quality lately, I'm glad they got those Emmy nods. Now, like Patty says, if they can strike some kind of balance between drawing in ratings and reporting real news, that would be great. Patty, I too miss all those reports on Africa and the war. Maybe when the election is over we'll get more of that again.

10:27 AM  

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