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Okay, I wasn't going to do a whole new post for this stuff, but when I try to update my last post, everything just disappears. So, uh, I think I'm going to leave it alone. Anyway, you know how Anderson Cooper and Greta Van Susteren made nice on their respective blogs and everyone was so impressed with the civility? Yeah, well that's totally over. I especially like how she accuses him of making money off of Katrina and exploiting the tragedy. Although, implying he's nothing more than a teleprompter reader comes in a close second. But it's okay 360, apparently you're still tops in polygamy. And yeah people, I'm being sarcastic. Low blows, Greta. Low blows. This is why I still have to cheer them on for kicking her butt even though I'm not happy with their coverage right now.

Speaking of their coverage, random columnist dude feels the same way I do.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, it was pretty harsh and dirty, and she clearly hasn't read his book or she'd never have said that about him, but at the same time, she actually does have a bit of a leg to stand on with this one. Their coverage has gotten worse and worse. Not that Greta's coverage is good . . . just that 360 has sunk to her level. Tragic.

4:28 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

I just read the Joel Connelly piece you referred to. I can't believe how much MSM are dropping the ball on this election season. The is the chance of a lifetime for reporters to provide great coverage. The lack of attention paid to important issues is appalling. It's like taking the low road is the quickest and easiest way for them to cover this primary season. What a pity. The curse of 24 hour news is that there is too much spare time on their hands so instead it is spent speculating, bringing on panels, depth hardly in display. It's as though the cable/abc/nbc/cbs news feel the recession/wars are a drag to them (and the problems of struggling Americans,too). They handle it with so much diverstion tactics such as letting stories on Gen. Clark, fist bumps, gaffes take precedence over thoughtful, intelligent reporting. I just can't take it anymore, I've gotten to the point that 360 and other programs are on for just for background noise. If AC is somewhat in charge of his show, why do the t-shirt deal if it is offensive to him? Take a stand and turn this show around. I work at night, so CNN is the only cable news channel on. I don't have cable at home but I know I am not missing anything from MSNBC either. I watch Keith O. clips on bloggers websites. Your blogs are thoughtful and entertaining, especially the one on Wed, June 30. Surely Walter Cronkite takes deep sighs when he tours the tv news outlets.

5:47 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous--Some of her jabs were extremely low, but you're right, other points can't really be argued with. Maybe we'll get lucky and 360 will start doing better coverage just to show Greta up. Remember when they went to New Orleans right after Obama said Anderson had moved on from the city? That might have been a coincidence, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if that trip was made out of defiance.

@anne--It's sad, isn't it? Unfortunately it seems to always go like this: controversy and horse race coverage over issues. And the losers are the American people.

I'm one of the first ones to argue that Anderson needs to take a stand about show content, but I doubt he has any control over things like the t-shirts. Maybe he'd have the power to nix the idea if they wanted to put his face on them, but he doesn't own the show.

Yeah, a lot of people can only watch at night. I'm not sure if everybody gets that. I've debated about 360 content before with people who told me I should watch Blitzer's show if I wanted harder news. Well, you know what? Some people actually have jobs and work during the day. 360 is CNN's primetime news show and should therefore contain lots of, well, news.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is simply not professional for any journalist to diss his/her competitor the way this woman did. I think the content of the current 360 is irrelevant here. It is just plain wrong for a journalist to launch PERSONAL attacks on another journalist in a public way. You just lose all your credibility. Maybe we should feel sorry for her. Afterall, she must have a lot of insecurities about herself. The ways she goes on and on about how long she has been #1--it really sounds like she has some serious issues with self-esteem and self-identity there. It almost sounds like she is on the brink of losing it. To be blunt, I think she is sick.

I am sorry that this is what AC got for being so kind to her on his blog earlier this week. No journalist deserves this kind of vicious attacks.

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Johnny said...


Greta –

How revealing (not to mention embarrassing) that you deem it necessary to respond with such hysterics to the comment of a producer on Anderson Cooper’s show! How many people do you think read “TVNewser” Greta? A few dozen? I read as much as anyone I know and I’ve never heard of it!

You think Anderson Cooper really sent a “surrogate” to this obscure publication to fire the opening salvo in a war with your silly show?

Are we to believe (as you say), that you really didn’t want to stoop to this level by responding, but that your staff somehow forced you into it to defend them? Please!

If you really believe your show is so superior, why monitor the comments of your competition so closely? I guess all those years of being compared to a horse on the playground as a child must have really done a number on your psyche – thank god for plastic surgery.

I know this is an aside, but have you ever thought about what a child born to you and John Kerry would be like? Would it gallop on all fours or walk on two legs?

Now to the source of your apparent hysteria, the comment itself - that your show is “not a news program” but more of a show about missing persons.

This is a fact Greta, and shouldn't be taken as an insult by you or your poor staff.

Of course your show focuses on the minutia and lurid details of missing persons stories, when was the last time you aired a show that didn’t? As the man from CNN (apparently) said, there is clearly a large market for this. How else to explain how you and Nancy Grace can both have your own shows?

Try watching the “New Hour” on PBS some evening (it will be difficult for you I know, what with the lack of flashing graphics and sound effects to occupy your mind), and see whether you still believe you are a “news” program. I get more news from the opening five minutes of that show than from both you and Anderson Cooper combined.

You truly believe no distinction can (or should) be drawn between what you do and what Jim Lehrer does? Really?

I would certainly never compare Anderson Cooper to Walter Cronkite, but I’m sure Anderson Cooper wouldn’t either; of course he’s no Walter Cronkite! That’s like Anderson Cooper saying you’re no Lady Diana.

I have never viewed you or your silly program with anything more than indifference, though that is no longer the case anymore. I now feel the same contempt for you that I feel for Nancy Grace. Congratulations.

One more thing Greta – I’m here (like everyone else) because of an unfortunate (for you) link from Matt Drudge, not because I follow your inane blog!

And PLEASE have someone show you how to use spell check and/or grammar check before posting your rambling nonsense! Can’t one of your staff of 12 show you how?

I suppose not, after all, they’re far too busy checking out the background of the accused kidnapper for tonight’s show.

You’re shameful.

7:31 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@Patty--I agree. Very unprofessional. Though I was a little surprised with those original comments that Doss made. They weren't what I would have expected from him, but they weren't personal like what Greta just did.

@johnny--Wow. I can see you feel strongly. A couple of things: TVNewser is actually read by many, and maybe more importantly, it's read by most of the movers and shakers of the TV news industry. Second, while I share your disdain for Greta and her brand of "journalism," insulting her appearance only stoops to her level, and maybe even below it. Oh, also, I'm just assuming you're posting this to every blog that talks about the subject. I'm not Greta (or Anderson for that matter) and have no affiliation with CNN or Fox News.

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

360 may now be only a shadow of its former self, but in spite of that, not once have I ever been tempted to switch over to Greta. Doesn't she realize how ridiculous she looks with this public rant? No, I suppose she wouldn't - she's on Faux. I do believe that Greta has gone off the deep end because Anderson's demo ratings surpassed hers for the last couple of months and it's making her nervous.

2:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Eliza, I would have no problem if she criticizes 360 with intelligent words, backed up with evidence. Goodness knows many of us do (and you do such a wonderful job everyday and we love you for it). She could have gone after the program, leaving AC out of it. Many of us might have even supported her in this case. However, she went after AC in such a personal way...and a lot of the stuff that she mentioned...I am afraid is baseless. What she did was just unethical and to me, completely unacceptable. There was no reason to do I said previously, it is plain wrong.

Maybe she still has her backers and her ratings still rule, but as far as credibility and professionalism go, she has none left. --Patty (as you can tell, I am still upset)

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never watch Greta. Why would she say these things about Anderson unless she is worried about the competition!!! Anderson's blog the other day was nice and respectful to her. If she wanted to go off on David Doss that was one thing, but for her to attack Anderson was just not right.

Does AC360 need to get back to his old ways? Yes, but that is still no reason to talk bad about Anderson.

I wonder now if their will be an open war between the two of them? I hope Anderson just keeps his mouth shut and let her look like the @ss.

I too am still upset about all of this and it has been two days.

11:03 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

anonymous-2:58 AM--Apparently she just goes off about everything. She even just went off about an attack ad being run by her own network. Somebody needs to find their zen place. ;)

Patty--Thank you for the compliment. Yeah, the jabs at Anderson's credibility (and ethics for that matter) were completely uncalled for and just diluted her argument. Because, you know, she does actually have a good argument regarding some of that stuff. She just went about it all wrong and in a really nasty way.

Eh, don't be upset. Her words might have stung, but Anderson's a big boy.

@anonymous 11:03--Well, Greta either didn't want this to really go anywhere (in terms of getting written about) or she doesn't even know her own business (well, the gossip part of her business, anyway) because she dropped her rant smack dab in the middle of an absolute dead zone of the news cycle. If 360 doesn't counter and Fox News or Greta don't instigate anymore, the story is dead. I guess we'll see. In the meantime, as I told Patty, Anderson will be fine, so there's no need to be upset.

1:11 AM  

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