Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Clintons Just Can't Stay Out Of The Headlines, More Energy Policy Fact-Checking, Caylee Anthony Still Missing, And Police Raid Gone Horribly Wrong

Hi everybody. This afternoon I logged onto Yahoo to send my boss a little email and who do I see on the main page? Why, our own Anderson Cooper! It's kind of mind boggling how much mileage this Lohan thing has. Apparently, people love a good celebrity feud. And they especially like it when there's a side to root for because I don't know about you guys, but usually when these things happen I want to smack both parties upside the head (I'm looking at you, Rosie and Donald Trump). But everybody loves Anderson (and as of this blogging, 88% think he's right! Seriously, you can actually vote on this). And you know Yahoo was just waiting for any opportunity to run his picture. Alas though, I'm thinking the fun has probably come to an end. At least on Anderson's side. After all, Lindsay has yet to weigh in.

Anyway, I thought I'd give you that little amusement up top since the show itself was pretty meh. We kick things off with the BREAKING NEWS that, oh my God, Bill Clinton will be speaking at the Democratic Convention. Now my life finally has meaning. In a Candy Crowley piece we learn that there's a possibility Hillary Clinton will not be going gently into that good night. There's a video out where she implies she might not let Obama have a problem free nomination. Sigh. Hey Hillary, can we talk? Look, as a fellow female, I feel you on this, I really do. But . . . I'm also looking at John McCain and if you manage to tear up the party in a way that causes voters to become fed up and put him in the White House, well, I'll hate you with a fiery passion. K? Oh, and tell Bill for me? Thanks.

You know what's next, don't you? Yep, here come the pundits. Tonight we've got Candy, David Gergen, and Dana Milbank. Dana Milbank? My cable world has turned upside down! My fellow Countdown with Keith Olbermann watchers will recognize Dana as a long-time snarky staple of the liberal-leaning show. But apparently there was much drama regarding a a controversial article Dana wrote about Obama in which he called him the presumptuous nominee. Oh noes! I've read the hubbub that Dana took Obama out of context, but I'm a little shocked at how quickly some of my fellow liberals were to kick him to the curb.

Apparently we're all forgetting the rather dicky article he wrote back in 2005 regarding the memo of the Downing Street Minutes. You know, that memo that said Bush was hellbent on going to war, a little fact that is held as conventional wisdom today, but three years ago? Not so much. My point is the man's a non partisan snarker who is sometimes way off the mark, but other times really hilarious. I don't think he's ever going to show up on 360 wearing a hunting vest though (I still have that recorded--laughed till I cried). And while I'm talking about another show, hey, Keith? You've pretty much become what you mock. Just thought you should know. So . . . what were we talking about? Something about the Clintons? Yeah . . .

After this we get a Tom Foreman piece on Clinton that is either very similar to one we had a few days ago or is the one we had a few days ago. I wasn't all that impressed the first time around, so we shall move on to the fact-checking part of the evening. We begin with McCain still talking energy. He says Obama is accusing him of being like this with Bush on the topic, but really he voted against a Bush-supported energy bill, while Obama voted in favor. The truth? Tom Foreman tells us McCain is right on the votes, but the bill also contained funding for alternative and renewable fuels like ethanol. Tom does not tell us that ethanol is a total scam. Just saying. We also learn that McCain skipped a critical vote to repeal tax breaks for big oil. Thanks, McCain. Man, I wish they were doing this kind of honesty-keeping back when McCain lied about his Katrina voting record. Speaking of Katrina, I guess 360's pretty much done with reporting on the disaster. At least, it sure seems that way.

Flipping over to Obama, he's still talking tire gauges. Actually, he's sort of mocking McCain for mocking him and then boasting how he was right. Also, Obama notes McCain is trying to paint his energy policy as just about tire pressure when of course it's much more than that. Tom backs him up on this, telling us that the whole tire thing came about in response to a question; Obama actually has a pretty expansive energy policy. Again, I love this fact-checking, though considering that the candidates pretty much give the same stump speeches every day, I'm wondering if they're going to run out of soundbytes to fact-check. Nah!

Transitioning now to what is becoming our nightly Caylee Anthony update. In a Randi Kaye piece and subsequent discussion with Lisa Bloom, we learn that the mom Casey is a habitual liar . . . and I don't know, it's all confusing and I think I've hit my missing girl threshold. Of course I hope they find her safe and sound, but it doesn't really seem like the story is progressing forward. Anyway, the former babysitter, Holly Gagne, then returns and talks about her efforts to find Caylee. She's still not liking the media, but has shed the passive aggressiveness. I have to say, Holly must be like a booker's dream--attractive, articulate, and insightful. You don't usually get the hat trick when you're dealing with regular people. Look for her to be back again.

Next up, we're played a clip of a press conference held by Mayor Cheye Calvo of Berwyn Heights, Maryland. So what's the what? The mayor and his family were victims of a police drug raid that resulted in the shooting and killing of their two dogs. This is just horrible. The mayor wants an investigation. I'd want some of their badges. I wish we would have gotten the legal analysis on this case rather than the missing girl.

"The shot" tonight is a 110-year-old lizard named Henry who has been refusing to get his groove thing on with a lady for years, but it seems a young thing has recently caught his eye, and her name is Mildred. One thing lead to another and, as Anderson states, Henry and Mildred finally "made sweet, sweet love." Bow chica wow wow. Now Mildred has laid 12 eggs. No word on whether Viagra played any part in this story.

As I said before, the show wasn't all that great. Sometimes I can't help but think that the show I'm watching now is not the same show I started watching about three years ago. And that's not a compliment. There's always next week, I suppose.


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

I have skipped watching 360 lately and read your blog and the one at ATA. As always, your entries are thorough, consise and funny. As for the Clintons, I hope there aren't disruptions and chaos at the convention and all goes smoothly, as well it should. I will hate them if they blow the Democrats chances thus ensuring McCain's place in the Whitehouse. I really would have a very hard time getting over it. The Caylee story reminds me of the Natalee Holloway saga, they'll cover it everday now even if there is nothing to do but speculate. Too bad about Keith and Dana parting of the ways, someone didn't say they were sorry, I guess. I enjoy watching Keith's clips but hope also he doesn't become too full of himself. Anne D.

6:45 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anne--Well, with the Edwards news I think the Caylee story might have just gotten blown out of the headlines.

I still watch Keith most nights, but I wish he'd go back to being more objective. He walks on the line way too much for my tastes--it's just a matter of time before he falls over.

12:35 AM  

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