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Democratic National Convention Day One: Get Your Party On!!!

Woo hoo! Hello fellow convention watchers! This blog is coming at you from St. Louis, but my spirit is rocking it out in Denver. I've spent an unhealthy amount of time on the Internets these past few days and am excited to report that all this newfangled technology makes it feel like you're there with the rest of the delegates. But I'll get to that stuff in a minute. First, the big show (with bullet points!):
    • I really liked the Jimmy Carter video, mostly because I think Jimmy Carter is a great human being, but also because there was a big focus on Hurricane Katrina. This Friday will mark the third anniversary of the tragedy and unfortunately with all the political hoopla, I'm afraid the date is going to come and go without much notice. So it was nice to get the reminder that though the people of New Orleans are helping themselves, the disaster goes on.
    • Happy birthday to the 82-year-old delegate with the bathroom hat! I had to giggle when Anderson Cooper noted people in Zambia were probably watching the convention and wondering WTF is up with us Americans, but then I remembered they no doubt wonder that even without people running around with plumbing on their heads. And yeah, obviously I spiced up Mr. Cooper's language.
    • The Ted Kennedy speech was amazing. I don't know what I was expecting; probably someone who looked sick and frail. He was nothing of the sort. I've got kind of a weird connection with Kennedy now. He and I were both in the hospital at the same time (different hospitals, obviously.) I literally had nothing better to do, so I followed the updates on his condition obsessively. I remember chuckling to myself when I heard that he was getting very frustrated with being stuck there. It was about the same time I myself was threatening to escape through the window. I never thought I'd be able to relate so closely with a U.S. Senator.
    • Don't you wish you could pick your pundits a la carte? Like, you know, trade in a James Carville for a Chuck Todd. Because Chuck Todd is awesome.
    • What's with CNN not showing Claire McCaskill's speech? Did they think we actually wanted to hear them pontificate instead of hear the speeches? Hello! Luckily, I was reminded of the existence of CSPAN and switched over. And honestly, that's mostly where I stayed. It was so much better, which brings me to the next bullet point.
    • The Best Political Team on Television? More like the Bitchiest Political Team on Television. What was up with that coverage? Because it kind of sucked. I'm going to have to agree with Hillary Rosen's comment about the "negative analysis." Maybe they were all annoyed that they didn't have any PUMA-related (Clinton supporters) drama to get in a tizzy about tonight, but the harping on the "no message" was really annoying. McCaskill sure seemed to be bringing a message with her. Oh wait, they didn't air that speech.
    • Even David "the glass is always half full" Gergen was complaining about things. Now, maybe I'm way off here, but it seems to me that the majority of people watching these conventions on cable news are political junkies anyway. Those viewers that need to hear a "message" to be swayed are the ones who are just going to randomly come across the convention on the regular networks, which were only airing one hour. And those viewers saw a kick ass speech from Michelle Obama, which you can bet was also the speech (along with Kennedy's) that was soundbyted on all the local newscasts. So, I'm not getting the problem here. Maybe The Gerg needs to come out of the beltway bubble and take a breath of fresh air. Or maybe I'm wrong. Only time will tell.
    • Speaking of Michelle's speech, how awesome was that? And the girls? Cuteness overload! Did anyone else notice Obama didn't know quite where he was? First he said Kansas City, then St. Louis, and then Kansas City again. Can we forgive him? Yes we can! (Yeah, okay, I won't do that anymore.)
    • Even though Nicole Wallace is an evil Republican (I say this with concern and love), I have to say, her comment about Wolf Blitzer sleeping upside down softened me a bit. Except, Nicole, he's not a bat; he's a robot. Really people, how many times to do we have to go over this?
And now it's time for weird and cool stuff found on the interwebs. During these days in Denver we'll be hearing lots of questions, but as the attendees with no doubt note, perhaps one of the most important questions will be: "Where's the party?" Well, it looks like we have a few places to choose from. It seems most of the bloggers will be hanging in the unimaginatively named Big Tent. I can't say I'm all that impressed. Okay, yeah, they've got beer, but look at all those computers. There's a big whiff of work going on there. And we can't have that.

So moving on to the CNN Grill, a place CNN producer Kay Jones has deemed a place to see and place to be seen. Again there is beer, so that's a plus, and apparently they've graffitied a building, but I don't know. I'm not entirely convinced this is "the place to see." I mean, c'mon girl, you're CNN. Where's the video? I want to see drunk pundits.

This brings us to the Huffington Post Oasis, a place that will serve you interesting looking food and then contort your body. No, really! For the amusement factor alone, I'd say this one takes the party cake (step it up, CNN Grill!). Check out all the Eat the Press posts for behind-the-scenes fun, specifically the V-Log, where Rachel Sklar talks up some politics before she's even showered. Now that's dedication!

Also found on the tubes, CBS catches up with Anderson Cooper at the convention to ask him his favorite part of the Constitution. Surprisingly, it's freedom of speech! Here I thought it'd be the third amendment. Anderson doesn't seem to be down with unexpected house guests. Or maybe he just has a problem with the ones that bring six bags. Geez people, pack lighter. And on that note, I'm not quite sure what to think about this guy, but I believe AC360 Review's official stance is going to be, good God, run, Anderson, run!

That's it for me. The party continues tomorrow!


Blogger Anne said...

Hi Eliza,

I started watching coverage at my job's breakroom at around 10pm. I couldn't believe CNN yacked, bitched and were quite unproductive through all of Jim Leach and Claire McCaskill's soeeches. I turned to PBS, they had the decency to let the speakers talk, then chime in with their thoughts. ABC, NBC and CBS weren't any better than CNN with all the blather. It was a very moving speech by Michelle. How could anyone criticize her and Obama for achieving the American Dream? Her brother was also very inspiring. I wish the brothers I have had even 1/10 of his warmth. My computer wouldn't let me access your links about AC, I will try tomorrow on another computer. I am also with the comment about the "negative analysis". With Ted's brain cancer and Michelle's warm speech, why would these pundits think Monday would be the brick throwing night at McCain and Bush? Honestly, Jon Stewart is on the mark about the cable news. He was at a breakfast Mon. Part of what he said is at Huffington Post.
Great post from you, Eliza
Anne D.

2:44 AM  
Blogger Pati Mc said...

Eiza, my dear, you have outdone yourself with this one. Kudos, my friend. *bows in "I'm-not-wothy" posture*

Loads of entertainment to be had here, however I just have one tiny question, please? Where do we catch the shuttle for the CNN Grill? I want me a "Double Super Cooper" all beef burger, a side of "King" fries and for real some of that CNN Brew. Get back to me. LOL.

Hmmm.....CNN Brew, huh? Mayhaps this is the reason for the silliness last evening? *ahem*

How long will it take us to get people to understand about wolfBOT? I mean seriously people. Anderson saying that Wolf was a vampire made me crack up though. Ah, those silly boys.

Anxiously await the coverage tonite and your next post.

Thanks loads =)

6:21 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anne--Last night was a definite Fail for TBPTOT. Hopefully they'll get better. If not, CSPAN calls.

Yeah, I've read all the coverage of Jon Stewart's media smackdown. Gotta love him. I can't wait for the TDS coverage.

@pati mc--You're not worthy? You're dating yourself with your pop culture reference. :P

Anxiously await the coverage tonite and your next post.

Pressure! Hope I can live up to it.

7:47 PM  

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