Friday, January 18, 2008

South Carolina Primary, Nevada Caucus, Giuliani's Florida Plan, Con't Marine Coverage, OJ, Tiger Attack 911 Tapes, And Kenya Unrest (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everyone. The campaign season continues at warp speed and tonight we're kicking things off with eyes on South Carolina. Michigan is so yesterday. Like, literally. Anderson Cooper gives us a rundown on what's been up with the candidates since last they graced our television screens, and then intros us into a John King piece on the coming South Carolina primary. For this race, our ever-changing candidates are trotting out the really conservative versions of themselves, because South Carolina is all about the fetus, the military, and keeping the brown people out. Of course I get this information from the same people who have been consistently wrong through this whole season, so I don't know, maybe South Carolina is really all about attaining civil rights for gays. Yeah, probably not.

Following his piece, John joins us for discussion, along with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network. John notes that South Carolina is about 40 percent evangelical, which sucks for McCain. David thinks that, like on the democratic side, the change versus experience argument is starting to emerge on the republican side as well. Anderson then brings up the nastiness that's going on between the campaigns and with surrogates, which I will go into more indepth in Thursday's review. Oh, also? Apparently everybody hates Romney, which, by the way, sounds like the title of a tv show I'd probably watch.

Following the discussion, Anderson notes that he talked with Glenn Beck about the republican race and you can find it online. Originally this talk was supposed to be on the show. Does that mean my Beck-hating succeeded?! Erm, I'm guessing that's a no (but I'm going to imagine I have that kind of power). It was probably a time thing. Look, I think Glenn's habit of being offensive and divisive is probably related more to deep personal issues than him just simply being a horrible person, but I still don't think a credible show should be giving airtime to someone that pollutes the airwaves with the kind of stuff he spouts. And what makes it worse, is 360 is lending their credibility to him when they have him on. I don't see how it's different than having on Ann Coulter, except she's not employed by CNN.

Next up, we have a Candy Crowley piece on the upcoming Nevada caucuses. It ain't all just about South Carolina, people. We gotta start getting all these puppies in. But, ruh roh, controversy! Okay, see, the Democratic Party set up nine caucus sites at casinos so that the workers could more easily participate. Yay, convenience, right? Wrong! Now there's a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the set-up and one of the suers is a Clinton supporter. But the more democrats that participate the better, right? Yeah, you would think. The thing that has tongues-a-wagging here is that the Clinton camp thought Hillary would be getting the Culinary Union endorsement. She didn't. Obama did. Where do many of those union members work? At the casinos. Getting clearer? For their part, the Clintons deny any involvement in the suit and those that put it forth say it has nothing to do with the endorsement. In any regards, many of the casino workers are minorities, and after getting disenfranchised by the republicans for years, I'm sure they'll appreciate their chance to finally be disenfranchised by the democrats as well. Aw, who says the parties aren't united?

Tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" comes to us from the land down under (where women glow and men plunder). The topic is a house party thrown by a kid that got out of hand. Just how out of hand? The kid advertised on the interwebs and 500 people showed up (where did they all park?!). Chaos, and partial nakedness, ensued. The best part is the kid that threw the party has not answered his parent's phone calls, but oh, he is talking to the press. Decked out in sunglasses and an open shirt with nipple ring (ew), young Corey seems quite proud of his party accomplishment, deeming it the "best party ever so far." And what will he tell his parents? "Um, sorry?" The line to smack the snot out of this kid starts behind me.

On now to a Tom Foreman piece on Giuliani's Florida strategy. You forgot about him, didn't you? Yeah, he's still in it to win it. The deal is that Florida has 57 delegate votes, so whoever can grab those will be doing pretty good and Giuliani has called dibs. He's popular with Cubans and Northeasterners that now reside in the state, so things are looking good for him. But then again, he's completely sucked so far and has little money. I guess we'll see. Frankly I don't understand why we're still trusting Florida with important elections.

Transitioning now to what Anderson dubs an EXCLUSIVE interview Randi Kaye had with a woman who worked with that murdered marine and the suspect. In his next sentence, Anderson tells us we will not hear this story anywhere else and then he intros us into the "360 exclusive." I'm sorry, three times in 10 seconds wasn't enough. Did you say this was an exclusive? Anyway, the friend, who we will call "Lisa", basically contradicts what the military is saying. Sorry to be defeatest or whatever, but I don't see anyone in the military ever being held accountable for this.

We've got BREAKING NEWS now and it's about...OJ Simpson. Oh, for the love of...the man is like a virus you just can't shake. And like a pavlovian response, when there's OJ news, Jeffrey Toobin suddenly appears in studio for discussion. But I think I'm just going to move along to the David Mattingly piece on the newly released 911 tapes from that zoo tiger attack. David tells us the tapes report a "time line of terror." Dun dun dun! Apparently, at first zoo workers didn't even believe that the guys were attacked by a tiger and on the tape we can hear that they had to wait a while before it was safe for emergency services to come to their rescue. Not a great situation. Following David's piece, we have Toobin again for more discussion.

Our final piece of the night comes from Zain Verjee in Kenya, a country that has proven that elections can go bad. Their disputed presidential election has spawned massive protests and violence. Zain got a very personal taste of that violence when she was hit in the back with a teargas canister shot by police and paramilitary forces. She's fine except for some bruising, but obviously it was a scary experience. What's been happening in Kenya has kind of been pushed to the edges of the news cycle because of the 08 race, but if the country descends into chaos it could take down all of eastern Africa. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Stay safe, Zain!

The Shot tonight is a UFO over Texas. Maybe. The guys who shot the video sound drunk and I don't really believe what anyone is saying about the mysterious lights. But who knows? The show was fairly good. The consistency continues. (Yay!) They even seem to be trying to put "The Shot" and "WWTT?" basically in the same spot every night. It sounds silly, but people like that kind of thing. B


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