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New Hampshire! New Hampshire! New Hampshire! (Tuesday's Night Of Endless Coverage)

Hi everybody. Well, two states down...48 more to go. And man, if the media keep spinning themselves around like they did for tonight and Iowa, they're not going to make all 50. First Clinton is crowned the next Commander in Chief, then she's on the ropes, and now on top again. McCain was the lovable maverick with the dying campaign and now "Mac is back!" Stop. Reboot. Time for a new media narrative. You know, if the pundits would just shut up, they'd probably be wrong a lot less.

I spent the first 15 minutes or so of coverage flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC on about 10 second intervals. What a bizarre experience. They were both making the same wrong predictions with the same tired phrasing. I was thinking about sticking with MSNBC tonight because Keith Olbermann's commentary is probably better than anything you'll get on CNN, but, I'm sorry, Chris Matthews needs to be smacked. Seriously, stop talking. I believe the word I'm looking for is insufferable. So I went back to my usual home at CNN.

For the rock dwellers, McCain took the prize on the republican side, with Romney following behind. On the other side, Obama's big lead going in was apparently fictional, because he and Clinton duked it out in a nail biter all night, with Clinton finally emerging victorious and Edwards coming in third. It should be interesting to see what happens with the republicans because they seem to be in all kinds of disarray. I was sort of glad to see a new winner for the democrats because this opens things wide up. I want to play too. It would suck if the nominee was basically already chosen before the rest of us get to vote. Although, I kind of wish it was Edwards to lead, but oh well, there's always South Carolina.

And really, that's about all there is to say, but I will leave you with a few random comments I noted during the coverage:
  • Ralph Reed? Why is Ralph Reed on my television? I don't remember him there for Iowa. Apparently anyone can be a pundit. Was Scooter Libby unavailable?
  • "Mac is back!" just makes me think of a Big Mac. Or that cute guy that does the commercials opposite PC.
  • McCain's speech lasted forever and, sorry, did not inspire.
  • My apologies to Anderson Cooper, but this from TVNewser's live blogging of the primary made me laugh out loud: 9:52: Anderson Cooper on CNN, word for word, about John McCain: "Not the best speaker out there. Certainly he reads, he doesn't like tele-prompters, he reads from, from, you know, paper, written, stuff written on a page, but, but, he is real." Sorry Anderson, had to do it.
  • Obama may have lost, but that speech was a winner. Yes we can!
  • The discussion of the Hillary almost-tears will not go away. Some are even crediting her emotion for her win. Now all the candidates are going to start tearing up. There hasn't been this much inane talk about an incident of almost-crying since, well, since Anderson almost-cried in Waveland.
  • John King says McCain is super stubborn. Seeing as we already have a guy in office that would continue to drive into a brick wall rather than change course, maybe this whole stubborn thing needs more discussion.
  • Metaphor police. Drop the analogies and nobody gets hurt. We're told McCain is Lazarus. McCain is a maverick. McCain is outside the club. Can a souffle rise twice? Oh my God, stop!
  • John King gently coaxing his irritable technology to work was kind of adorable.
  • Anderson did not blog today. Tsk, tsk. He made it a whole seven days. Heh, I knew that resolution would get him. Did you notice how they're putting the posters pictures up now too? Nice. But what about the behind-the-sceners? Especially Charlie Moore. No reason. Ahem.
  • This is completely unrelated, but if at this point you're sick of politics, here's video (via TVNewser) of Anderson and other World News Now anchors talking about their time working on that broadcast. Apparently the hours were soul-crushing, but sometimes they had doughnuts. Mmm, doughnuts.


Blogger Lyn F. said...

Hi, your link didn't work, but I found it on YouTube:

It was a pretty cool tribute to the former WNN anchors.

6:07 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Thanks Lyn. I don't know what happened there, but all fixed.

I never watched WNN, but yeah, pretty cool.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can Jeffrey Toobin be more dispicable, arrogant and full of himself. He's trying to be Lou Dobbs??? He has no professional integrity. What a joke. From now on, every time he start talking I'll press MUTE. Otherwise I'll have to start the I Hate Jeffrey Toobit-Toobin Blog so I can vent! With great captions of his ridiculous CALCULATED facial expressions.
What Lou Dobbs wants Lou Dobbs get. He wanted more airtime and a more prominent role. He got it.He had the honnor of presiding over the closing comments and hand it over to Larry King (sarcasm).
Just a guess, but Anderson is a passionate Hillary supporter, maybe he didn't feel like blogging because of the polls.

3:33 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-Oh noes! Why the Toobin hate? Sure, I've called him on a couple things in the past (and totally do not understand the OJ fascination), but I still find him to be lovable. I actually don't remember anything he said during the coverage.

I'm sensing some hostility toward Lou Dobbs. Heh. The tvnewsers are always fighting about their airtime. Remember when Larry King had his suspenders in a twist over how much Anderson was getting?

I'm guessing being busy and simply forgetting was the culprit behind the not blogging. Or maybe he just wasn't feeling bloggy. It's an art, people. ;)

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza it's his lack of professional integrity. I mean David Gergen and Donna Brazile are Clinton supporter the way Bill Bennett is not, but they all manage to make comments/analysis that are base on facts and meant to help us understand more the issues. Not comments made on wishes or a deliberate attempt to smear/dii/lie, or to tell people what they should do.(I loved it when David Gergen expressed incrdulity after one of Toobit's idiotic comments after Iowa). Toobit does the same thing when talking about legal issues. I mean some prosecutors/DAs in some current cases are breaking rules after rules to hunt down who they think/ or claim did the crimes. But if Toobit HATES those that are accused, he doesn't criticize those prosecutors/DAs.
No integrity, or integrity based on polls....Oron who he wants in the whitehouse.

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant to say...attempt to smear/dig/lie.

About Lou Dobbs he lost me when he started yelling. I don't care what side on the issues you are on, I'd listen, but don't yell at me. And don't disrespect your guests....And hissyfits because you don't get enough airtime. How old are these children?

I'm glad Anderson and Larry King have called a truce. (But only for Anderson's sake). No more awkards handovers. I wonder if Larry apologised for his jealousy.

6:57 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous-I don't like the yelling either. And yeah, I agree with you in that I can't really watch Lou Dobbs anymore--not that I watched him all that much to begin with.

I think Gergen is supposed to be viewed as just a straight analyst and not specifically a Clinton supporter, so perhaps he's projecting some bias that your picking up on himself. I still don't really understand the Toobin hate. Yeah, he's outspoken and kinda wacky, but all of their legal experts are outspoken (though not necessarily wacky). Was there something specific that ticked you off?

If Larry's mic wasn't left on nobody (excepting the guy he was talking to) would even know he was unhappy with his airtime. If I had to guess, Anderson ignored it and Larry never said anything. Who knows. It really is an unbelievably immature business. (But entertaining to follow!) Check out these barbs.

7:34 PM  

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