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Clinton On The Attack, More Primary Coverage, MySpace Hoax, And Holy Interstate (Thursday's Show)

Hi everyone. I know, I'm pretty late with this. Remind me to never again go shopping on the Saturday before Christmas. It's way too traumatic. Anyway, I imagine a lot of my regular readers are off doing holiday things, so this review will be a bit abbreviated. We begin with Anderson Cooper introing us into a Joe Johns piece on how the Clinton campaign has really started to open a can of whoop-ass on Obama. Supporters are making hay of that somewhat troublesome middle name (Hussein) and the Clintonites even registered two website domains to be used in attacks.

For discussion of this we're joined by John King, Jennifer Donahue, and David Gergen. And big news! The days of analyzing in sin are over. CNN has seen fit to make an honest man out of The Gerg and hired him on as their new senior political analyst. Now I just want to know what the heck happened to Fareed Zakaria? The guy gets hired, I get excited, and then he's never heard from again. Anyway, The Gerg feels these Clinton attacks have been clumsy. John tells us the campaign is trying to play them off as isolated incidents. Jennifer then brings up the race card, which causes The Gerg to put his hackles up and they go back and forth a bit. John's getting emails from democrats as they speak, suggesting he check out a site allegedly created by the Obama people. Man, talk about rapid response. After the panel, Anderson tells us that Tom Tancredo has dropped out of the race. Oh, what a shame. Buh bye!

Keeping with the political, Anderson plays us a clip of Romney claiming he saw his father march with Martin Luther King. The problem? Totally didn't happen. To explain the apparent, well, LIE, Romney gives us a little lesson regarding the definition of the word "saw." He then proceeds to parse the hell out of it. "It kind of reminds you of someone, doesn't it?" says Anderson. Yes, yes it does. To my delight, they then actually play the Clinton clip that we're all totally thinking of right now. "Now, we're not saying. We're just saying." says Anderson. Heh. We then move on to a John King piece on where Huckabee and Romney stand in the polls. Of note is Huckabee claiming Romney doesn't have a heart and then Romney responding with, "So, he thinks 1,033 pardon shows a heart? He thinks giving 12 murderers pardon shows a heart? He thinks giving a repeat drunk driver a pardon to get him out of jail shows heart?" Um, yes? Not saying I agree with it, but forgiveness and second chances kind of involve a heart.

Erica has the headlines tonight and she tells us about protests in New Orleans over plans to demolish public housing units. Hey 360, why no package on this? Don't forget your promise. Moving on to "What Were They Thinking?" It's time to lock and load the gum drops into the candy cane guns, because the War on Christmas has taken a sinister turn. This time the jolly man himself is being targeted, a fatwa on Santa, if you will. The intelligence behind the threat is rock solid: first we have the prior news of an adult woman trying to cop a Santa feel. Now we're informed a float-riding Santa was pelted with something, resulting in a concussion. And, and, some scrooges at Urban Outfitters have created a shirt that says "Santa Hates You." Gasp! It's time to raise that threat level to red and green. Keep vigilant, comrades!

Coming back from commercial, we're again "treated" to an impromptu announcing audition from Kevin, the stage manager. But this time he's sporting an accent that makes him sound like Michael Ware...after a few drinks...and a full mouth. We then get some more viewer suggestions for the position: Bart Simpson, Oscar the Grouch, and Celine Dion. I love how they're milking this thing for all it's worth. I'm still waiting for that feud with Brian Williams.

Transitioning now to a Dan Simon piece where we get to see pictures that were taken of those three kids and their father while they were lost in the California mountains. From there we move into the Crime and Punishment segment, with a piece from Jason Carroll on a MySpace hoax. Basically, a friend of Aaron White used his MySpace account to threaten a girl with rape. It was a joke, but friends of the girl thought it was real, and they threatened Aaron. The whole thing ended up with a gang of kid's at the White's house, which lead to Aaron's dad allegedly accidentally shooting one of them, who later died. Jeffrey Toobin thinks this story has so much mistaken identity it's like Shakespeare. Billy in the age of MySpace.

On now to a Gary Tuchman piece on Interstate 35, which is apparently holy. Or something. Anyway part of Isaiah 35 verse 8 reads: "A highway shall be there and a road, and it shall be called the Highway of Holiness. The unclean shall not pass over it." I can see that last part being a problem. Anyway, the point of all of this is that some Christians feel that to fulfill this prophesy they need to pray about the highway. Loudly. Seriously, is God hard of hearing or something, because why so loud? Apparently Pat Robertson is behind this. No shocker there. After his piece, Gary gives us some more bible verses and the way he's standing in front of the screen is totally "This Week in God". Just, you know, without the God Machine. Or the beepboopboop beepboopboop boopboop.

Speaking of The Daily Show, Erica Hill bring us a related headline. My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble (Hey-la-day-la my boyfriend's back). That's right folks, it's time for the hypocrites and the liars and cheats to cower in fear again because Jon Stewart (and Stephen Colbert) will be returning in the new year. Ridiculousness, prepare to be mocked! Although in all honestly, I have major mixed feelings about them coming back with the strike still going on. Hopefully Jon and Stephen will use their shows to show support to the writers.

The Shot tonight is the "360 First Annual Shot Highlight Reel." Ooh, snazzy. Let's see, we've got Britney Spears and Britney Spear's psycho crying fan. Then there's the sage wisdom from Miss South Carolina on why Americans can't locate the US on a map. It's our lack of maps of course! No wonder we can't find the Iraq. "I know for a fact that, like such as, that most U.S. Americans in Iraq and the nation of America, such as like do have maps, including one of our beloved countries such as, like, U.S. America," Anderson deadpans. We then move on to "Thriller" being performed at a Philippines detention center and end with, what else, bears. Fairly good show. And thank you, 360, for that wonderful Christmas present of no Jamie Lynn Spears coverage. B


Anonymous Pygar60 said...


While I deeply enjoy the satire and wit of The Daily Show and Colbert Report, I am saddened and disappointed that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are crossing the picket lines. They are, first and foremost, excellent writers. They have multiple Emmy awards for their comedy writing skills. Instead of returning to the set, they should be returning to the negotiating table and the picket lines.

We, the viewers and consumers, have power to force Sumner Redstone and the rest of the AMPTP back into good faith negotiations. If we withhold our viewership from the commercials that fund the AMPTP, then the advertisers will pressure Viacom to resolve the strike. This strike is about money, and we should use our economic clout to press for the outcome we want.


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