Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post-Christmas Randomness

Update: Hi all. I've been in my work bubble all day and just heard about the Bhutto assassination. So I'll be watching tonight and should have something for you after the show. As for Wednesday's show, I really liked Jeffrey Toobin's Iowa caucus piece.

Hello, AC360 review readers! For those that had Santa drop by, did he bring you what you wanted? Eliza had herself a very gift card kind of Christmas. Barnes and Noble here I come! Glancing at 360's show page, it looks like there'll be a live broadcast tonight. But in depth coverage of whether caged animals are "ticking time bombs"? Pass. I might still watch some of it, but I'm not planning on a review. We'll see what I come up with.

But never fear, I have brought you entertainment. These last few days I've had a little bit of free time in between the eating and family merriment. Did I spend this time doing one of the half dozen tasks I have promised myself I will complete as soon as I just have some free time? Hell no. I spent it on YouTube. But before I go any further, I must make an embarrassing confession: I am tragically unhip. This has probably already been suspected by some of my regular readers. Now you know for sure.

My secret weapon is that I have two siblings that are currently in college, where hipness abounds. And they "hook me up," if you will. Almost every time the brother comes back into town he drops new music in my iTunes that he guesses I will like. He is shockingly good at the guessing. And on this last visit he introduced me to "Flight of the Conchords." Now, maybe this duo is old news to you, but if like me, you don't keep up with what's popular in New Zealand, I've just provided you with some hilarious random entertainment. (Some mild language issues--don't watch with the kiddies in the room.) Who doesn't love a gangsta-folk crossover?

We 360 viewers love when people talk about "the issues."

This one isn't intended for humans, but I think it's okay to watch.

And because this video will never get old: Let's watch Rick Sanchez getting tasered. It hurts!


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