Friday, January 04, 2008

Iowa! Iowa! Iowa! (Thursday's Coverage...That Keeps Going And Going And Going...)

Hi everybody. Well, the voting season has officially kicked off! Are you excited? I'm saving some of my energy for Super Duper Tuesday. A simple "super" does not fully cover the sheer magnitude of the event, thus requiring the addition of a "duper." Mark your calenders. Anyway, I don't have much for you, but I couldn't let Iowa go by uncommented upon.

So, we have a winner--two winners, actually. The great thing about the democrats having a decent field of candidates is that I already felt like I won before the results even came in. That being said, I think I like the way things played out. For those dwelling under a rock, Obama took the prize, followed by Edwards, and Clinton (somewhat surprisingly) grabbed third place. You can think what you want about Obama's stances, but in a country where just last year they hung nooses in Jena, Louisiana, the fact that a black man just won the caucus in an overwhelmingly white state is beyond awesome. We should have been in this place long ago, but better late than never. And I know that a speech is just meaningless words when not backed up by action, but as I listened to Obama, what was that I was feeling? I think it might have been hope.

On the flip side, Huckabee claimed victory in the republican straw poll. I can't say I had a horse in that race, so it didn't really matter to me. Although I was kind of hoping for Ron Paul. Not because I in any way like his policies (except for being anti-war), but a win for him would have absolutely freaked out both the media and political establishment and man, that would have been fun to watch. Of course, that doesn't mean this Huckabee win will be boring. He's the grassroots candidate and just caused Mr. Mitt "I spent millions on my campaign" Romney, to crash and burn. The establishment is not happy. Will they embrace Huckabee? Will they do their best to take him down? Will the republican party get ripped apart? Get your popcorn.

As for the other guys, we must bid a fond farewell to Joe Biden and Chris Dodd, both of who just dropped out of the race. I'm very happy to narrow-up the field, but have to give Dodd a respectful tip of the hat. Any staunch defender of the constitution is a friend of mine. You keep giving them hell in the senate, Dodd!

About the coverage, I did a little flipping, but mostly stayed with CNN. Wolf Blitzer was completely cracking me up with how excited he was. Everything was so dramatic! Except for he doesn't actually emote, which makes it all the more hilarious. Anyway, the coverage was very long and I am still adjusting from being on vacation time, and, well, I fell asleep. This getting up at 5:30 a.m. is for the birds. Actually, I think the birds are still sleeping at that hour. So I missed a bit. And word to the wise, do not fall asleep with CNN on. I woke up at literally the exact moment Anderson Cooper was popping out his 3D pie chart and it freaked me the hell out. It seemed like it gave him some trouble, but with some tweaking or mastery it looks like a cool tool. I think that's about it for me. Next up, New Hampshire! This will end some day, right?


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