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New Poll Numbers And Other 08er Talk, More On The Tiger Attack, And Bhutto Assassination Update (Tuesday's Show)

Hi everybody. Welcome to 2008! And apparently, everyone is working. What's up with that? We're kicking things off with politics tonight because the Iowa caucus is getting so close you can practically taste it. And I'm told it tastes kind of like chicken. Anderson Cooper informs us that there are new and interesting poll numbers to go over, but we all know none of that matters. Anything can happen. Well, I mean, not anything. It's not like Kucinich is suddenly going to shoot to the top or something. But Anderson gives us a candidate rundown anyway, and as he does, each contender goes up on the screen. At first it looks a little like "Hollywood Squares", but then it just becomes ridiculous because there's too many damn candidates (Give it up, Gravel!), leading Anderson to say: "I'm not sure how many pictures we can fit on that screen."

We then continue on with a discussion panel that includes Gloria Borger, Candy Crowley, and John King. Candy points out Clinton is in an interesting tight spot because she's run an incumbent race, but also has to sell herself as an instrument of change. Anderson notes that Kucinich has urged his supporters to back Obama at the caucuses. If you're confused at how this whole caucus thing works, you should watch this piece from Jeffrey Toobin that really breaks it down. Gloria points out that Obama will only be helped by Kucinich if Kucinich has a lot of people come out to caucus for him. Of course, if John Edwards does poorly that would be a bigger deal because his supporters would be sent Obama's way as well. Anderson then asks John if all the undecideds will come out to caucus. Obviously John has no idea, but he stretches that "no idea" out for about 30 seconds, so his job is done.

These guys are going to be so happy when people actually start voting and they can do more than BS about polls. Gloria tells us that Huckabee's ignorance about Pakistan has recently hurt him, but she also thinks that republicans are more likely to go with the establishment candidate, which is Romney. Speaking of Huckabee, Anderson brings up how he played an attack ad against Romney for reporters, but then made this big deal about how he was going to pull it because he wasn't going to do attack ads. Puhlease. I mean, the press can be stupid sometimes, but they're not that stupid. A grade schooler could see through that little maneuver. Candy notes that it just adds more evidence to the fact that Huckabee is not ready for prime time.

Next up, we have a Tom Foreman "Keeping Them Honest" piece on some of the 08ers' attack ads. Romney accuses McCain of letting illegal immigrants stay here permanently and collect social security. But there's a whiff of truthiness, says Tom. The McCain plan first makes the immigrants go back home, obtain legal status, and pay a fine. Romney also takes a shot at Huckabee, noting Condi Rice said his foreign policy was "ludicrous." But Tom tell us the quote was taken out of context. Aren't most quotes taken out of context these days? McCain and Huckabee both sort of hit back, but whatever. Good piece. Now if we could just get them to leave the horse race alone for a second and maybe focus on policy.

On now to a Candy Crowley piece on some of the underdog campaigns that should maybe be overdogs. Erm...I'll work on a better term. Anyway, first up, we got your Chris Dodd, champion of civil liberties and recent awesome filibusterer. Yay! Then there's your Bill Richardson, foreign policy wonk that knows how to turn the wonk into action. Woo hoo! And finally, we got your Joe Biden, sufferer of foot-in-mouth disease. Yay? Sorry, Joe. You seem nice and all, but your support of the bankruptcy bill in 2005 drove the nail in your coffin. Those of us that were paying attention said we wouldn't forget; and we haven't. Candy tells us one of the reasons we haven't heard more about these guys is that "the pundits write them off." Dude, you are a pundit. Don't you love it when the media talks about the media like they're not actually a part of it? Kind of makes your head explode.

We have Gary Tuchman tonight for "What Were They Thinking?" and it's a record setting motorcycle jump of 322 feet. Whoa. Don't try that at home. Gary wants to know what was going through the guy's head when he practiced that. You know what I've always wondered? How do figure skaters practice swinging the girl down where her head is only millimeters from the ice? You know what I mean, right? I mean, I wouldn't think that's a trial and error kind of move. But anyway, Anderson has another clip for us, and he's kicking it old school tonight. Sunday, Monday, Happy Days! That's right, it's the Fonz doing his own jump and taking out Arnold's fried chicken stand. Oh noes! And now Chachi has his own reality show on VH1. What's the world coming to?

Transitioning now to a David Mattingly piece on that tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo. The two surviving brothers were released from the hospital Saturday and it seems the case has grown murky. Slingshots were taken off of them and vodka bottles were found, so it's looking like maybe the poor tiger didn't start this. Also? They've lawyered up with Mark Geragos. Interesting. Meanwhile, the zoo is constructing new security improvements. After his piece, we hear from David live, but the police aren't talking, so there's not much he can tell us. Then we're onto a taped interview with Jack Hanna. Sigh. 360 always takes these stories too far. The update was fine, but now we're going to need The Fonz back because there's about to be some shark-jumping. Jack wants the two survivors to come forward because "they're the only ones who know for sure what happened." Exactly. So until they do, let's stop speculating, shall we?

I guess I should cut them a break--it being a holiday and all. Some of our 360 peeps are probably dragging. And it shows just a teensy bit because we have yet more coverage of this tiger attack. This time it's an Anderson piece on prior animal attacks. Except really, it's a David Mattingly piece from last week that they simply voice overed Anderson in and David out. Yes, I noticed. I'm annoying that way. As he intros his piece, Anderson notes that these attacks are rare. So, uh, why all the coverage again? I'm kind of surprised they didn't put Jeff Corwin's elephant attack in this piece. Ooh, or attack of the carp!

Next up, we have a Matthew Chance piece that brings us further news on the Bhutto assassination. There's yet another video, and this time we can actually see her head scarf lift in the air, which seems to give credence to the death by gunshot theory. But her supporters are accusing the government and the government is accusing a tribal leader. big mess, basically.

Peter Bergen is still in Karachi and he joins us live for discussion. Anderson wonders if Pakistan realizes how untrustworthy they look right now. Peter pretty much replies that it doesn't matter because there was no autopsy, so everybody is just speculating on her death. He tells us that he read the medical report and it actually is more supportive of the blunt head trauma theory over a gunshot wound. But in any regards, we may never know. And as for the perpetrators, it looks like both Taliban and al Qaeda working together. Anderson notes that CNN has a copy of a report that Bhutto was going to give to US officials that alleges corruption in Pakistan, and he wonders if that might be a motive in her killing. Peter thinks no, because al Qaeda and the Taliban don't believe in elections. He then tells us that Bhutto was popular, which confuses me, because Reza Aslan was just on the other day saying she wasn't. So if maybe we could get these guys to sit down and figure this out for us, that would be good, thanks.

The Shot tonight is New Year's Eve highlights with Anderson and Kathy Griffin (watch some of them here!), with special commentary from Anderson. "Lesson No. 1 when working with Kathy Griffin, when you zig, she's going to zag," says Anderson. I don't actually know what that means, but it's accompanied by the clip of Kathy promising full tongue and butt grabbing at midnight, which I have to say, turned into a bit of a let down. Just saying. Lesson No. 2 is that Anderson gets no respect. Him and Dangerfield, I tell ya. This bit of knowledge is accompanied by the clip of Ms. Griffin teasing Mr. Cooper about his always-snazzy duds. He makes even war look stylish! "Like, is there some seamstress at Prada who's furiously sewing for your next conflict?" asks Kathy.

Then she's on to professing her disbelief that Gary is actually running through Central Park. (Apparently the lessons ended at two. Hey, it's New Year's--let's give him a break.) Hey, Gary's no liar! And he'll have you know that he ran that race in 49 minutes, though really, he started late, so it was more like 46. So there. Also? "By the way, I was wearing a Gucci track suit, for the record. Just so you know," says Gary. Heh. Anderson notes that Gary's not even a runner. But he is a big roller-blader and for an interesting in-the-field roller-blading story, check out the interview I did with him last year (heh-last year). Gary tells us that the organizers of his run have challenged Anderson to run in the New York City marathon-over 26 miles. "I'm not sure my little -- skinny little legs can stand that sort of thing," says Anderson. Well, Anderson, if you're like me, it will be your foot, not your legs that betray you. On my recent trip to NYC I brought home a t-shirt, a shot glass, and a stress fracture. But I'd do it again. That's about all folks. Okay, one more link: check out New Year's Eve behind-the scenes. The show was good, but heavy on the tiger. B-


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