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Terrorist Lawmaker, Senate Stupidness, Devlin Update, A Possible Walsh-Dahmer Connection, And A Betrayed ATF Agent (Monday's First Hour)

Hi everyone. Though I'm getting used to the new intro I guess I'm not completely used to it because I started to get mad again when Anderson kicked off talking about sensational crap. He gets me every time! Although really there's not much to be relieved about since the show starts sucking after about 15 minutes. But we're not there yet. First we begin with Michael Ware live and he informs us that "Jamal Jafar Mohammed, an elected member of Iraq's parliament, representing southern Babil Province, was involved in the 1993 car bombings of the American and French embassies." Oh boy. In fact, the guy was the mastermind behind the attacks. So basically, because of our invasion, a terrorist that previously attacked us has been able to gain power in the Iraqi government. Yet Saddam never attacked us, but we had to take him out because he might have been thinking of attacking us. Uh huh. Don't think about it too hard. Anyway, US intelligence thinks Jamal is actively supporting Shia insurgents now. Anderson wonders if the voters knew who he really was and Michael thinks not likely. From what I can remember the voters didn't know who anyone was they were voting for. Candidates who identified themselves tended to have this little problem of winding up dead. So, another great day in Iraq.

Next up we have John Roberts live to tell us what went down in the Senate today and it was a doozey. There's a bipartisan Senate resolution against the president's escalation, but a group of republicans didn't want it to come to a vote...because they're big babies. So then two other resolutions got added to the mix and if you can believe it, Warner didn't even vote for his own resolution. Anyway, there's a lot of deals and negotiations and blah, blah, blah, but the only thing you really need to know is that your Senate is retarded. I swear, sometimes I just want to knock their democratic and republican heads together. The thing is, some of the republicans are actually against escalation, but they're voting with the president because they're a bunch of cowards with no integrity. And that's not to say that democrats don't have their own moments of being cowards-the Iraq vote comes to mind. These people are our policy makers and yet when the stakes can't get any higher they choose covering their own butts over abiding by their principles. It's disgusting.

On now to a Jonathan Freed piece that updates us on the Michael Devlin situation. He's now facing 71 new felony charges related to the Ownby/Hornbeck cases. Jonathan also informs us federal charges might be coming too. I would have rather they'd gone with just a headline for this instead of a whole package, but I do appreciate that they kept it short. I was afraid we were going to have some sort of discussion with people from Court TV after this, but thank God that did not happen. Of course what we have coming up isn't any better.

Transitioning now to a piece from Patrick Fraser (of CNN's Miami affiliate) on the possibility of Jeffrey Dahmer being Adam Walsh's killer. Yeah I know, this is going to be bad. Anyway, he recaps the kidnapping, including how the boy's head was found six weeks later and that a man twice confessed to killing him and then said he made it up. Now a crime reporter believes Dahmer did it because he was living right by the Hollywood Mall where Adam disappeared and two witnesses actually place him on the scene. However, detectives on the case are skeptical. Okay, this kind of thing is not my cup of tea at all (way too sensational), but that piece alone I was okay with because, after all, it is a two hour show. But see, 360 never knows when to stop because after the piece we're joined by crime author Arthur Jay Harris, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz, and former FBI agent Neil Purtell. I'm not recapping any of the discussion because I so don't care. It's all speculation and it goes on forever! Look, I'd love for the case to be solved, but they're not going to do it on a cable news show. This is about ratings. 360 is so much better than this.

Next up we have a Kelli Arena piece on an ATF agent named Jay Dobyns that went undercover for two years with the Hells Angels. He got in by faking a murder and even had to pretend to be in a relationship with another undercover officer, so he wouldn't have to sleep with all the girls forcing themselves on him. Once he got enough info he was able to testify against the Angels and that's when things got scary. A price was put on his head and someone even found him at a bar and threatened him. Dobyns then reported the threat, but instead of giving him special protection, the ATF only gave him a routine transfer. Apparently protecting him was not a "financially sound" decision. Hmm, yeah. Because what's a life worth really anyway, right? So obviously they found him again and now Dobyns has been relocating ever since. Way to support your people there ATF. The thing that gets me though is why is this guy on CNN? What if one of his daugher's classmates or a neighbor or someone recognizes him and then chats the story up on the internets-giving away his current location. It just doesn't seem smart. Because honestly, if it's between the ATF helping him first or the Hells Angels hurting him first, my money's on the Angels.

At the end of the hour we get headlines and we learn that it's cold! Oh, so, so cold. Winter needs to be over like yesterday because wind chills below zero? That's just so wrong. I thought I was going to get frostbite on my face today. There's no The Shot tonight. I don't know what happened there. Actually I don't know what happened with the whole show because it pretty much blew. Not only did we get a lot of crap coverage, but then we got it all repeated in the second hour. Perhaps the 360 staff partied too hard this weekend or something because there was definitely more important stuff they could have been covering. This morning I caught part of a report on depleted uranium and its effects on soldiers and I would have loved to see that tonight instead of most of what we got. I hope they step it up soon. D+

Do you think it was smart for the ATF guy to go on CNN? Were you surprised there's a terrorist in the Iraqi parliament?


Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

I thought Michael Ware looked awful. I mean, he was all buggy eyed and looked like he'd been up for 96 hours straight or something. Poor guy!

The ATF guy? That story strikes me as being a little off. Probably because my ex-husband is a biker and I'm rather familiar with the Angels. Oh sure, there are drug runners and the like, but usually, they're doctors and lawyers lol. Oh, but I mean the story itself. It didn't sit with me as being a true story. It's a setup- they're trying to expose someone.

And the Adam Walsh thing? WTH was the point of THAT? And the second hour was a repeat of the first.

P.S.- Anderson needed to iron his tie or something. It was bugging me because it was all wrinkly. Of course, I have this distraction issue with his stupid ties :)

9:26 AM  
Anonymous ivy said...

it was a very strange show.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If any group that I thought was capable of murder was looking for me OF COURSE I'd go on national tv!
I'm being a little sarcastic...

And as for Iraq, that's probably just the only one we know about. Now, I didn't see the story, I only have your re-cap so I have to wonder how readily available this info is. I mean, did Ware 'uncover' it (so to speak) and/or does Dubya and company know about it? Just curious. Either way, it's another one of those things that seems to fit right in line with everything else that's happened in Iraq.

3:24 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anne-You're probably right that there's more than one terrorist in the parliament. Also, I have to say, I was a little disappointed when I followed your url back a week or so ago and discovered that you are neither 400 pounds nor a nudist. Hee.;)

3:42 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I swear, after practically each segment last night, I asked "Are f'ing kidding me?"

- Because Jamal Jafar Mohammed is a member of parliament, he's immune from prosecution?

- Jay Dobyns is afraid for his life, but shows himself on tv?

- Jeffrey Dahmer might be connected to the murder of Adam Walsh?

Talk about some real head-scratchers!

I won't even touch on the weather, that'll just set me right off. And I can already see me during tonight's show, "Can people change from gay to straight?"

Are you f'ing kidding me??

7:21 PM  
Blogger midnite6367 said...

It's such a waste of time to have several segments that have nothing going for them but speculation. There's no point to it.

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

@stacey- yeah, I saw that tonight's show has "can you change from gay to straight?" I commented on the blog and my comment actually got put up. My, my, I was the only one with the opinion of YES because I don't think that homosexuality is genetic. Oy. One person even responded to me directly which is weird because CNN usually doesn't post those. I am SO looking forward to that segment. I swear, if for some reason John King is suddenly hosting, I'm going to scream and throw something. I am very interested in what feeling Anderson might leave hanging out on his sleeve.... also I will throw something if Andrew Sullivan is a guest. OMG. Puhleeze. If anything, they better have Sanjay with a medical opinion....

9:40 PM  
Anonymous jr said...

The show wasn't the greatest but @Stacey described it the best when she said "Talk about some real head-scratchers!" I, too, was disappointed that "The Shot" got dismissed. The one consistent (or perhaps now not so consistent) thing that I could count on seeing during every show was instead replaced by repeated segments.

10:50 PM  

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