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Iran/Iraq, British Plot, Boston Hoax, A Poser Pedophile, Police Misconduct, And Fit Or Fat (Thursday's Show)

Hi guys. I'm beginning to get a feel for the new intros now. Even though they usually start with hard news (yay!) they have Anderson preview all the sensational crap to get people to stick around. Whatever works I guess. We kick off the night with a clip of McCain grilling General George Casey, who apparently doesn't believe our Iraq policy is a failure. I'm guessing he's Bush's favorite. Next we've got some discussion with Suzanne Malveaux, Christiane Amanpour, and Michael Ware. You can't get better than Michael and Christiane. Not that Suzanne's shabby either, but you know. Suzanne gets to start and she tells us that there is super-secret evidence that once declassified would show that the Iranians were arming Iraqi militias. Uh huh. They totally know they're right and we should just trust them because they have super-secret information. If we only knew what they knew. Anybody else experiencing deja vu? Anderson then brings up the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) that's set to be released. Suzanne tells us that people are upset because they've been asking for this thing since August and last time it only took three weeks when they were making their case for war. Well of course. That's because back then there was stuff in it they wanted us to see.

Anderson asks Michael if al-Maliki sees Iran as a threat like the US does and Michael says no. He explains that al-Maliki is caught between a rock and a hard place. Oh Michael, no. Bad (most likely unintentional) pun. Anderson then asks Christiane if the Iranians are open to talks. She talks a bit about how they cooperated with the US regarding Afghanistan and it seems they want to again. In fact officials are kind of wondering why it's so much more difficult this time. Michael also notes that the Iraqi government has no power to work against Iranian agents. After the discussion Anderson mentions that they're going to air Michael's interview again because they've gotten hundreds of emails and apparently people loved it. I know my readers did.

On now to Nic Robertson live to update us on the Britain terror plot. The plot thickens because it turns out the soldier was actually working on intelligence and because some people there have sympathies with the Taliban, the soldier was seen as working to undermine their brothers. There is no direct al Qaeda link that they know of, but the men did seem to support the ideology. Hmm, well anyone could say they support the ideology. What's really important is how capable and close they were to pulling this off. I'm still holding onto my healthy skepticism.

Speaking of being skeptical, next up we have a Jason Carroll piece on the fallout from the cartoon of terror day that Boston had. Today the two defendents charged with a felony for the situation held a press coference and it was...interesting. The preferred question topic was haircuts of the 1970's. Personally I would have gone with the 80's and my question would have been "So big! What were they thinking?" And you know actually it wasn't the "preferred" topic; they refused to answer anything about anything else. Do you ever feel like you went to sleep and woke up in crazy world? Because I've felt like that for about six years now. Okay, so these guys are performance artists, but in my opinion that doesn't rule out whether or not they are high as a kite. There's a nice little disclosure in this piece that Turner owns CNN and we also meet a guy named Todd Vanderline who saw the cartoons two weeks ago and even posted pictures of them on his website. Did he freak out about it? No he did not. At least somebody's sane there. "It's a Lite- Brite," he tells us. See! That's just what I said. After the piece Anderson again gives us a good disclosure about Turner owning CNN. I know that might not matter to some of you, but issues of media ownership and synergy are important to me, so yay!

Next we get some legal advice from Jeffrey Toobin, who's sporting a new look. Shorter hair. Sans glasses. Toobin's mixing it up! Anyway, Toobin doesn't think the guys are guilty as charged because what they're charged under pertains to intent to cause fear or anxiety and there's no proof that's what was intended. Anderson then points out that the little press conference might not help them and he laughs at the ridiculousness of it all. "I always like seeing the media kind of, you know, be made fun of." Well then you must love me! Because while you and the majority of your 360 posse are usually upstanding journalists, you are also often highly mockable. So apparently the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force (or whatever it is) is really popular with the college set. I have yet to confirm this with the cartoon-loving-college-attending sister. But anyway, he tells us that he got an email suggesting that Boston hire some stoned college students to help out with the next threat. What's sad is they might actually be helpful. Toobin and Anderson raz on lazy college students a bit and I feel like I should be offended, though I am neither a college student or a cartoon watching stoner. Just a college student at heart I guess. Has anyone else noticed that half of Toobin's appearances usually end in laughter over something irrelevant? Don't ever leave us for Court TV Toobin.

After the discussion we get an Anderson piece on guerrilla marketing, but I missed it. Usually I remain interuption free during 360 because I take the phone off the hook, turn off the porch light, and instruct my dog not to bark. I'm totally kidding. I do none of those things. You got a little nervous for a second there, didn't you? I'm not crazy people! Anyway, looked like a good piece, but I can't freeze out family members just because I'm watching the news. I did, however, catch Anderson showing us a Mooninite (one of the cartoon thingees). $2000 on ebay! Though that's not where this one came from. Hmm, I wonder if that'll go next to the emmy.

On now to a Dan Simon piece that is Apparently this 29 year old sex offender posed as a seventh grader and was able to attend four middle schools over a two year period. And okay, looking at that guy he is so clearly not 12. I realize kids at that age can look drastically different in maturity from each other (I grew up with a kid who grew a mustache in the fourth grade), but that is not a middle schooler. But all this isn't even the freakiest part about this story. The grandpa and the uncle this guy was living with actually really thought he was 12! Are they like really, really bad at math or what? Oh, and that's still not the freakiest part. Apparently all three of them had sex together. Oh. My. God. It's like I'm watching Jerry Springer. And for some final mind boggling, we're informed that even though this guy is 29, the grandpa and uncle can be charged with child molestation because they thought he was 12 and therefore had intent to molest a child. That's kind of messed up. Thought crime. I feel like I need to shower after this story it's that disgusting.

Oh, but I'll have to hold off because we're not done with it. Dawn Gonzales, director of a charter school, is joining us to talk about her experiences with this guy. He apparently tried to enroll in her school, but they found some discrepancies in his information and then found that some of it was fabricated. From there Dawn's school called the sheriff because they thought he might have actually been an abducted child. She tells us that he's a small person and actually does look like a teenager. Well, yeah, maybe 16-17, but 12? Anyway, she tells us that this "was the most bizarre thing we'd ever heard of." Really? This isn't even the most bizarre thing I've heard this week. Were you aware that the entire city of Boston was just shut down by Lite-Brites? Just saying you should flip on the news. Seriously though, good on her for finally stopping that sicko.

On now to a story about police in Kansas City, Missouri who are accused of ignoring a pregnant woman's pleas for help. The woman was pulled over for having a fake temp tag and she asks the officers for medical attention because she's pregnant and bleeding. The officers ignore her and generally act pretty dickish. The dash camera catches it all. The next day the woman suffered a miscarriage and the officers have now been suspended. I can sympathize with the officers because I'm sure they hear crap like that all the time from people making excuses, but this woman wasn't being overly uncooperative and she was visibly bleeding. After we see the video we're joined by Chuck Bowens, Former Deputy US Marshall. He points out that we don't see everything on the tape, so there might be more to it I guess. Anderson then says that it's not his job to judge the police, but he kind of just did by making that very statement. He then brings up his police friends. I don't know why I think it's funny that he's always talking about his cop friends, but I do.

Next we have a taped "Fit or Fat?" segment with Sanjay Gupta. I checked the date on the last time one of these aired to see if I could figure out a rhyme or reason and...apparently there is no rhyme or reason. I suspect they taped a bunch at once and plop them out when they need filler, but I'm probably wrong. Maybe. Our first question is from Lori Ann and she asks about red wine. Good Lord! That woman is everywhere! And I thought I was a fan of the show. Anyway, yay for Lori Ann because red wine is fit. The next question is about eating poorly, but exercising a lot and I'm sorry to say that's fat. Sanjay explains that you won't ever get six-pack abs without eating well too. "Maybe that's why I don't have them," Anderson says. Ha! Oh Anderson, I can't even picture you with a six-pack, but if you're feeling self conscious, you do rock the tight field shirts very nicely. Just saying. Our last question is from a woman who has the goal of eating 16 Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies and, shocker, that's fat. Sanjay thinks, "You've got to be putting us on here." But Sanjay, Thin Mints are, well, thin. It's not like 16 real cookies. Even I could probably eat 16 Thin Mints in one sitting and if you knew me you'd know that's saying something. BTW, did you know you can make your own Thin Mints with chocolate, mint flavoring, and Ritz Crackers? The Shot tonight is a 14.5 pound baby. Oh, ouch! That poor mother. The show was okay. I would have preferred more hard news. B-

What do you think about the British plot? Did that guy look 12 to you?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Thursday’s show was pretty good. Seems like there has been a bit of completely unbelievable news going around lately. Of course, I’m mainly thinking of the Boston scare and that terrifyingly sick story about that 29 year old.

I just can’t believe that either of those things actually happened, especially the story about Neil Rodreick, (I believe that was his name.) especially because not only did he succeed in conning the people who he was trying to con, the middle school officials. (Which by they way your correct, he definitely did NOT look anything like a 12 year old.) But, he also succeeded in conning the two guys who he got to help him get into the middle schools into think he was a indeed a 12 year old. Mind boggling, and of course, completely disgusting. I couldn’t even get through telling it to some friends at work without feeling gross.

Could have used a bit more hard news as well, but, I can live without it seeing how I watch, read, and listen to the news all day. So by the time 360 roles around there isn’t much, especially in the hard news category, that I haven’t heard already.

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

Yes, I was chatting with my friend on the IM while watching this show. IMO, I thought Anderson looked rather sickened at the 12-year-old-29-year-old and then straight up looked ill enough to puke when reporting the woman who miscarried. I watched it too. You remember how you said that she was visibly bleeding? Yes, actually, when the male police office pointed it out, the female police officer told him it was just menstrual blood! OMG. Like I said to my friend, they could have totally called her an ambulance and handcuffed her to the gurney, I've seen that happen. Argh. Well, we'll just see what happens on that one I guess.

Those LiteBrite dudes cracked me up. Total stoners, you're right on there! Anyone who would even WATCH that stupid looking cartoon is most likely brain-dead....

And that guy did NOT look twelve. He has those around the mouth wrinkles! If anything, I'm going for 15 or 16 too. But then again, we're seeing him under lights, and he's apparently a slender 5'4" or something. But still. Those dummies he lived with must have noticed him waxing his body hair or something. You're kidding, right? That's just disgusting.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous jr said...

This was an interesting show all away around. Most shocking though, was the 29/12 year old! Incredible and yes, for a moment there, I thought I was watching a preview of a Jerry Springer show!

The Fit or Fat segment got me thinking. Not only did I "gag" when they once again highlighted an "Ann" but the 16 Thin Mint cookies question seemed to be rather a stupid question to me. Either they don't have a lot of people sending in questions, they were trying to be amusing, or they wanted that segment to appear lame. I'm not sure which but the last Fit or Fat segment they aired a few weeks back just seemed more appropriate and informative to me.

Maybe I'll send in a Fit or Fat question and see what happens or then maybe, I'll just leave that up to the Anns.

2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is this Ann person ? Does she blog a lot?

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

I noticed that the Fit or Fat questions were definitely made up. Therefore, I sent my own in, asking about Whey Protein Isolate. We shall see, yes?

4:08 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@anonymous (5AM)-yeah, 360 is not my main news source either, but for some people it's all the news they get, so that's why I get annoyed when they don't cover the hard news. I know that I'm going to make sure I'm properly informed; it's everyone else I worry about. I mean, there's still a frightening number of people who actually think Iraq had WMDs.

@sharla-hey now, don't go dissing the stoned college students. :)

@jr-I find the whole 'Fit or Fat?' segment lame because it's so random. Maybe if it was something they did every Friday at the end of the show or something.

@gissou-There are a couple different "Ann" people that seem to be everywhere. There's Lorri Ann and Betty Ann and maybe others too and they must respond to every blog post. Not only that they've had their posts read several times and one of them even had her picture shown on New Year's Eve.

I find the whole thing both amusing and confusing. I don't know if the "Anns" are real or not. Some people think they're CNN plants, but I don't believe that because what's the point? The people at CNN don't have time to do that just for kicks and besides, that's a big no, no. So the 'Ann' mystery lives on.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous ivy said...

@eliza --I missed thursday and Friday shows so relying on your recap -) I can't believe they skip on hard news again. I guess I should look on youtube to see that 29-year old, the story sounds pretty sick. And Anderson being concious that he doesn't have six-pack -oh, lol, that is hillarious. I hope he's not concerned about a "fat" diet -lol.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

@ivy- lack of a six pack? I have mentioned before that the boy is wasting away. He is literally shrinking!!

6:58 PM  
Anonymous ivy said...

@sharla -) but with all fairness you can tell he's working out when he's in the field. He's not in bad shape at all. I think he should be more self-concious about his show not getting too fluffy.

8:01 PM  
Anonymous Sharla Dawn said...

@ivy- heck yeah. I wrote a not-so-nicey-nice email this one time telling them that 360 resembled Entertainment Tonight a bit much....

-and yes. He has very nice arms. Of course, I have a hand thing....

9:27 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@ivy-Bwah! Yes he should definitely be worrying more about a fluffy show than a fluffy body. Who's he competing with anyway? The Wolfbot? Maybe Lou Dobbs has some hotness under that suit? Way under that suit. LOL

@sharla-oh, the arms...I've said too much. Must resist the urge to be shallow.;)

9:57 PM  
Anonymous ivy said...

@sharla -- the more people would tell them they don't want ET on Cnn the better. And about the rest, like eliza, I'll resist urge to be shallow -)

@eliza -- Lou and hotness way under the suit? -omg - lol
Who's he competing with anyway? Greta, ever heard about her? -) he would better compete with Wolfbot.

3:29 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@ivy-Greta, ever heard about her? I was talking more about the hotness (or lack thereof) on his own network. If he wants to be like Greta he's going to have to get a hell of a lot of plastic surgery. How much has that woman had anyway?

Uh, so much for resisting the urge to be shallow I guess. It's the weekend, what can I say? ;)

4:30 PM  
Anonymous jr said...

I went to and listened to Sanjay's Fit or Fat audio podcasts. He's got two of them listed. One is dated 1/19/07 and the other one is dated 2/2/07. It should be noted that he answered more questions that what was "aired" on AC360....

It's hard for me to think that the questions were made up, especially, when Lori Ann from CA submitted one and we all know that she is all over the AC360 bloggersphere....

If you are interested in listening, here's the link:

Hope this gets you there, if not go to

Scroll all the way down to the end of the page under Special Programming and you will see the Fit or Fat Mailbags.

BTW, I decided to send in a question so we'll see if it gets answered....

7:50 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@jr-I don't think the "Fit or Fat?" questions are made up. I just think that they probably did a bunch at once (taped them all at the same time) and then plop three down whenever they need filler. There's nothing wrong with that really-I just find it random.

7:58 PM  

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