Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Giuliani For Prez, New Budget, It's Cold, Tornado Aftermath, And A Stuck Yacht (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi guys! We kick off the hour with a Candy Crowley piece. Candy brings us the news that Rudy Giuliani has just filed a statement of presidential candidacy with the FEC. The question is, can he win? Well, let's see, he's twice divorced, supports gun control, supports gay rights, and supports abortion rights. I'm guessing that's a no. The dude will never get past the primary. Joining us to talk about this, we have Time's Joe Klein and former Frist speechwriter Amy Holmes. Okay that girl looks way too cool to be someone who worked for Frist. Amy actually thinks Giuliani has a shot and his loyalty to the party will be rewarded. Joe thinks Giuliani has credibility as a tough leader and notes that the more people are threatened, the better for his candidacy. Hey, hear that Rudy? Just cross your fingers that there's a few more terror plots and you're good to go. Sheesh. For the record, Joe also says that New Yorkers remember him as a pretty good mayor. Come again? I remember late night jokes about how hated he was and I don't even live in New York.

Next up we have a Tom Foreman piece that's basically a repeat from a while ago with (it looks like) some stuff tacked on. Anyway Bush has asked for $142 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for 2007. So much money wasted. After this we have repeated Michael Ware stuff and all of the Adam Walsh stuff again too. It's kind of ridiculous. I feel like one of those NewsHound people. You know, the "we watch Fox News so you don't have to," people. Except I watch 360. The thing is, I like 360 and want people to watch it, but not when it's this crappy.

Transitioning now to Mitch Weber from WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin, where it is currently 10 degrees below zero with the windchill at -32 degrees. Since Mitch is standing outside, he's a little cold. Actually he's really cold. In fact he says his face is going numb. Mitch that's frost bite! Go inside! Aw, was that a shiver? Why do they make them stand outside like this? Anyway, to demonstrate how cold it is (if the red face and shivering weren't enough) Mitch throws a cup of boiling water and it turns right to ice. Anderson then wraps it up and Mitch gives us some parting advice, "it is too cold outside for people to be standing outside,"... says the man standing outside in the cold.

On now to a Rob Marciano piece on the aftermath of the storms in Florida and then we're onto a John Zarrella piece about a guy and his yacht. Hey John, where were you during the tornado coverage? Anyway, so there's this yacht named "Legacy" and it got stuck in the sand off the coast of Key West during Hurricane Wilma. Unfortunately for "Legacy" it ran aground in a federally protected wildlife sanctuary. Bummer. So it's going to take a while to get out. Okay, that's it. Sorry so rushed.


Anonymous jr said...

I find it funny that the reporters feel like they have to actually report below-zero weather conditions "outside" while at the same time telling us that we shouldn't be outside for long periods of time in order to not get frost bite! Yeah...perhaps they need to take their own advice! I have to admit, though, that the banter AC had with Mitch was cute and the throwing the water out into the air stunt was pretty cool!!!

10:57 PM  

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