Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sunni Vigilantes, More Snow Stuff, David Duke, And Organs From China (Wednesday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. We kick off the hour with an update from Dana Bash about Senator Johnson. The word is he did not have a stroke, but he had something similar to a stroke. Is that better? Yay? Moving on to a Nic Robertson piece on Sunni vigilantes living in Shia areas. The Sunnis are taking up arms themselves because they don't trust the Iraqi army and don't feel safe being surrounded by Shia. In fact, now ironically the only time they can sleep at night is when the Americans are there. However, all vigilantes are not volunteers. One man tells the tale of how he was pressured into it and he relates that he would be called a coward if he just wanted to stay home. For some Iraq talk, we're joined live by Reza Aslan and Anne-Marie Slaughter of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton. Reza tells us at this point you can't trust the security forces. He also thinks the Saudis are trying to make their voice heard and a full blown proxy war is possible. Anne-Marie thinks we're going to have to talk to Muqtadar Al-Sadr and Iran.

Transitioning now to an Anderson piece on the three climbers, which is followed by an interview with Tim Dopp and his son, two climbers that were rescued after encountering more snow than expected. The kicker here is that they were sent a bill for their rescue, $15,000. I understand that people don't want to pay for someone else's mistake, but it just seems wrong to make people pay for their own rescue. And as Tim points out, it could make people less likely to ask for help. He thinks there needs to be a new system so that the small rural communities don't have to pay either.

On now to a Mary Snow piece on the latest BFF's in the spotlight. No, not Britney and Paris. It's David Duke and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! They've been hanging at the (not) trendy Holocaust denier conference. We then get to see a previously taped interview where Duke gets all up in the Wolfbot's grill. Duke resents his introduction because the Wolfbot mentioned the KKK 11 times. He also attacks the Wolfbot for being biased when it comes to Israel because he is a former lobbyist for AIPAC. Hey man, if the Wolfbot is biased it's because he was programmed that way. Seriously, why can't non crazy people call the media out like this? Okay, not exactly like this, but I think you know what I mean. Duke then starts yelling about how Iraq is Israel's fault and the media is owned by Jews. He's a walking stereotype.

Next up we have some clips of Ray Romano and Brad Garrett from Larry King because awww, Peter Boyle died. That's so sad. But moving on now to another installment of "How Far Would You Go?" Tonight's piece is from Randi Kaye and we learn that a lot of people are going to China for organs, but it turns out the organs are coming from executed prisoners who may not have consented. Also, some of the prisoners aren't even dead yet when they take the organs and some prisoners are being executed for petty crimes. It's a pretty disgusting situation, but it all becomes different if you're desperate.

In the piece we meet a man who is desperate for a liver. Will he take a liver from a prisoner? We have to wait until after the commercial break to find out. Mini cliffhanger! Except not really because this is totally a repeat and I already know he takes it. Randi has added an update to the piece that China is now calling for a strict code of conduct in the process. Oh, I'm sure that will fix everything. I read some of the blog comments on this piece and found them fairly disturbing. Some people didn't even seem to find it to be a moral dilemma. Right now I'm leaning towards never being able to do that, but if I was really in the situation? Who knows?

We end the night with some blog comments on last night's Rubick's cube Shot and then Anderson plugs the sweepstakes again. "Ever want to walk around the 360 studio. I don't know why you wouldn't." I would LOVE to walk around the 360 studio. But I never win anything. That'll do it folks.

Would you take an organ from an executed prisoner?

Screencaps by sherynroyce.


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