Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Won't Republicans Support The Heroic 9/11 First Responders?

This is just going to be a short post to highlight some video. As we all know, the Republicans have been childishly filibustering legislation in order to ensure that the rich get their tax cuts. One of their victims included the James Zadroga bill, which would have provided health care for ailing 9/11 first responders. Yes, the very same party that has spent years exploiting the tragedy is now turning their back when heroes of that day actually need them. Simply immoral.

To their credit, the House has already (finally) passed the bill (though mostly on party lines). Now that Obama and the Democrats have conceded the tax cuts issue, and the nation's wealthy has been promised their millions, one would assume that the Senate would be more than happy to vote again for the responders. Well, one would assume wrong. Apparently, the Republicans' new excuse is the cost of the bill and fear of fraud. This is consistent with the times they filibustered the Iraq supplemental spending bills due to those same fears. Oh, wait.

Championing the responders' cause more than perhaps anyone in the media has been Jon Stewart, who has been expressing righteous anger over this for months. Thursday night he used his last program before holiday break to go at the issue full-bore, proving once again he is more than just a comedian. Unsurprisingly, the Zadroga bill was then featured prominently on many of Friday's newscasts, including AC360 (though they failed--wrongly, in my opinion--to mention Jon's coverage).

Below is 360's first block, which is entirely dedicated to the responders. They did a very nice job summing up the situation, as well as calling out the Republicans on their hypocrisy. I particularly enjoyed that they played a good portion of Anthony Weiner's impassioned speech he gave when the bill was initially defeated in the House. "The gentleman will sit! The gentlemen is correct in sitting!" An interview with Weiner from today is also included.

The Daily Show's first segment from last night. Jon at his finest.

In an uncharacteristic move, the show's second segment featured a somber Jon interviewing four actual ailing 9/11 responders.

A bonus related Daily Show clip that aired back in August. Some more Anthony Weiner awesomeness.

AC360 also covered the story of Paul Waggoner (aka Little Paul), an American aid worker jailed in Haiti after being accused of kidnapping a boy and turning him into a zombie. A truly bizarre and scary situation.

Finally, the RidicuList took on Dr. Jennifer Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, which is affiliated with the National Organization for Marriage. She wants to take back the rainbow. You know, from the gays who apparently stole it for their evil gay pride. What follows is a cornucopia of rainbow references and puns. These segments are amusing, but I do wish Anderson Cooper would at least slow down a bit. It's pretty obvious he doesn't write these, and when he rushes, it comes off as if someone literally just handed him the copy. Strangely, one of my favorites has been the one that featured Steven Seagal because our anchor really owned it with his deadpan snark.

The show was good. Happy holidays to those of you skipping town already. I plan on posting for at least the first part of next week.

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