Wednesday, December 15, 2010

House Votes To Repeal DADT, Congressional Whining, Jim DeMint Stalls Changing Death On High Seas Act, Exploiting The Shooting Video, & Obesity Surgery

Hi everyone. I'm short on time tonight, so this will be an abbreviated version. On we go!
  • Yay for the House passing the 'don't ask, don't tell' repeal. This may actually happen.
  • Harry Reid, why do you hate Christmas? Making those poor Congresscritters work next week? Such a Scrooge! I'm playing my tiny little violin for them right now.
  • Um, yeah. This is their job. Most Americans work a hell of a lot harder than they do, so the whiners need to suck it up. I love that Anderson Cooper basically said the same thing, except, you know, politer.
  • I'd like to remind everyone that five years ago Congress found the time during their Easter recess to vote on the private life of one woman. Just saying.
  • Oh 360, you're bumping up against false equivalency again. After they played a clip of Harry Reid noting the Republicans had filibustered 87 times, our anchor had this to say: "But also for the record, Democrats joined some of those filibusters. And as recently as last week, with the clock ticking down toward the holidays, independent Senator Bernie Sanders took up nine hours of Senate time speaking against the tax deal." Yes, he did, but uh, there was nothing scheduled. He wasn't holding anything up. Are the 360 kids being factually accurate? Yep. Are they perhaps creating a false impression? What do you think?
  • Anderson spoke with Joe Lieberman about DADT. His sudden reasonableness is really starting to freak me out.
  • Lieberman: "I think that the overall movement to end discrimination against our fellow Americans, based on their sexual orientation, is the front lines today of the civil rights movement." I approve of this message and wish to subscribe to his newsletter. (It's just an Internet saying, Lieberman. Please don't actually send me your newsletter. It's bad enough I get emails from Paul Begala with the subject line "My Hair." *shudders*)
  • Oh Louie Gohmert, you're still all crazy, aren't you? Never change.
  • We had a segment with Paul Begala and Dana Loesch. All I have to say is that it surely made the baby Jesus cry.
  • Good follow up on the Death on the High Seas Act. Really telling that Senator Jim DeMint would support a change of the act 10 years ago, but not now.
  • Anderson spoke with Keith Jones, father of Gordon Jones who died on the Deepwater Horizon. I'd post the video for you, but they don't have it up.
  • It was very sad to hear Keith say he's dreading Christmas. I remember my first one after my dad died. Never easy, as Anderson noted.
  • Transitioning now to a Tom Foreman piece on the Florida school board shooting. We learn more about Clay Duke, and Ginger Littleton explains her actions. Once again, 360 continuously airs the shooting. It's getting kinda disgusting.

  • Good job keeping Allergen honest regarding lap-band surgery for obesity, but Dr. Phil? Really? You think Sanjay Gupta was wondering WTF he was doing in a split screen with that guy? Or maybe we were supposed to be playing a game of 'which one doesn't belong.' One is a respected neurosurgeon and journalist; the other one once made us all feel sorry for Britney Spears.

  • Tonight's RidicuList contestant was a Facebook thief with massive cojones. Taking a picture of yourself wearing stuff you stole and posting said picture to your victim's page? Wow. Also, maybe it's just me, but I'm sensing that our anchor is not a Facebook fan. I think I'm with him on that one. Now it wants me to get a new profile or whatever. No! And stop sending me requests for things I don't understand! *deep breath* Okay. I'm better now.
  • I'm pretty annoyed that the only Gary Tuchman Haiti coverage we've gotten so far this week has been Palin-related. Below is a Backstory video I found of him doing his rollerblading thing (yes, he rollerblades!):

  • Save a certain guest, actually two certain guests, tonight wasn't bad. I like all the mini fact checks everywhere. Oh 360, you're becoming so facty. Just, uh, maybe work on the booking a little.

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Blogger EmmKay said...

Absolutely love and respect Gary Tuchman and love that he goes rollerblading all over the world, but wish CNN would give us a real story from Haiti before they give us a backstory.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dana Loesch AND an unnecessary does of Dr. Phil? Nightmarish.

Are the 360 kids being factually accurate? Yep. Are they perhaps creating a false impression?

Heaven forbid they imply anything negative about the Repubs without finding something "equally" bad that the Dems have done. They've just gotta stay "balance-y". But that doesn't mean their examples are truly equal - they should be if they're going to go that route.

1:28 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

@EmmKay: Backstory is an actual show on CNNi, so that's their main focus. It was the only video (besides the Palin one) that had online. It's possible he's done other live hits and they just haven't uploaded them (I usually only watch 360, so I wouldn't know). Or maybe he's working on packages that haven't come together yet. I'm assuming he's getting bumped because of the shooting news, which really sucks, but it's possible something else is holding up his reports.

5:54 PM  
Blogger EmmKay said...

@eliza - I am confident that Gary is pulling together good stuff. I'm just cranky because I want to see it :)

8:43 PM  

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