Thursday, December 30, 2010

Blog Housekeeping, New Year's Eve

Hello party people! So remember when I said I was crossing my fingers to get my post of AC360's best and worst moments of 2010 up by the end of the year? It seems I should have crossed my toes as well! I had my day all planned out, people. Sure, there were bumps in the road, but I was like an obstacle-slaying ninja. I came home this evening feeling accomplished and fully prepared to get my blog on, when my interwebs decided they would be having none of that. Oh, Eliza. Getting things done on time. Really? That's adorable.

Cut to me spending hours trying to figure out why won't you work?!! And you know what? I never did figure out why. They were not working, and then suddenly they were. It was like a miracle from the Baby Jesus. And who am I to question that? Thing is, I wasted all that time! And now I am tired. But I do still want to do the post. The 360 kids have had themselves quite the year. Though my listicles will undoubtedly contain a bit of Keyboard Smash (hello, Loesch!), there's actually a fair amount of praise to be heaped. And I like saying nice things. Really!

So! Since AC360 Review has never been the most conventional blog anyway, we're gonna do this thang backwards. Sometime this weekend (hopefully) you will find bullet points of awesomeness (and pictures of adorableness), of all the debauchery (HOPEFULLY!) that went down on New Year's Eve. Then sometime next week I'll hit you with the serious 2010 breakdown. Problem solved. And now I get to sleep tonight.

If you're not one of those hoity-toity people who have lives and actually, like, leave their homes on New Year's Eve, I encourage you to watch the ball drop with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Whatever happens, it's sure to be interesting (and perhaps lawsuit-inducing!). Join me on the Twitter come showtime! Though I used to feel a little pathetic spending the night at home, I'm now fully confident that I have way more fun than mingling with party-goers I may not even like. Shut-ins unite! Happy New Year, everyone. Be safe.

Updated to add video hilarity that includes Rachel Maddow glasses, Valium, and Jack Gray in a compromising position:

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Blogger EmmKay said...

I have good food and champagne at home for the evening. Why would I leave my house to fight drunks for parking? Especially with awesome peeps like you around to ring in the new year. Gonna be fun!

1:51 PM  

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