Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Senator Tom Coburn Threatens To Block Health Care Bill For 9/11 Responders

Hi everyone. Sanjay Gupta is again holding down the anchor chair for Anderson Cooper. Tonight was a pretty meh show, so I'm just going to hit on a few things. Me thinks a lot of the 360 kids are already on their holiday break.
  • Tom Coburn must have no shame. There's not much more to say. For him to claim there was no committee debate when he's on the damn committee and didn't show up to the hearings...I can't even. He wants to run out the clock in the Senate. Unfortunately, that also means running out the clock on people's lives. I've been trying to be nicer lately, but you know what? Tom Coburn, you're a douchebag.
  • On a happier note, Anthony Weiner is one awesome mofo. I can't even tell you how many times I have watched that clip. The way he slams down the mic and walks away is just beautiful.

  • For discussion we were joined by Dana Loesch by phone and Steve Kornacki. Once again, 360 puts a stain on their credibility by failing to hold their guests accountable. Said Dana regarding Coburn:
Well, and I think what Coburn's doing is, he's being legitimate in his hesitancy, believe there is not a single person to whom I have spoken, nor I myself, concerning perspective on this, believe that that the people who committed heroic acts on 9/11 and that were there, our first-responders, no one in their right mind believes that they shouldn't have help with dealing with what was the worst terrorist attack, worst at on our country's soil.


But the thing is, is that, even though it's a great cause, the right cause, that doesn't mean -- and I think that the people who are going to be helped from this, they deserve a little bit more than having a piece of slipshod legislation be thrown in. And one of the biggest concerns that I know Coburn has, as well as a lot of other Republicans, is that this remains unfunded. They have no idea how they're going to fund this.

And my suggestion is let's find something to cut immediately, so that, A, we can make sure these people get the help they deserve, and, B, let's make sure that the people who have been injured and are dealing with bad health issues and are dealing with bills, make sure that they can get funded, and that what they're receiving doesn't get looted by people who are committing fraud.

And we saw such a precedent already go down this month with the passing of the second Pigford settlement, because there's a ton of fraud in that. So, I think those concerns are legitimate. And no one's arguing that this shouldn't be done. They're just saying, you know what? Let's make sure that these people get the help that they need...
  • Wow. First of all, totally not surprised that she's backing Coburn on this. But slipshod legislation? No idea how to fund the bill? Are you kidding me? The entire first segment of the program was about keeping Coburn honest and Sanjay just lets her make these statements with no push back? He even talked about funding in that prior segment. Yeah, Coburn doesn't like how they plan to fund the bill, but that's very different than implying there is no funding plan. The fact of the matter is that there is a plan to fully fund the bill. One wonders if Dana had these same concerns about tax cuts for the wealthy.
  • And WTF with bringing up the Pigford settlements? Didn't 360 already cover that and determine there wasn't much fraud? I really hope they follow up on this statement. Consistently inviting on a guest who has a less than stellar reputation when it comes to the truth, and then failing to hold said guest accountable is not good journalism. Actually, it's rather pathetic. 360, you've really upped your game this year when it comes to fact-checking. Please don't let that all be undone by letting your guests spout bullshit.
  • If you thought Loesch was bad, next we were played a clip of Philip Greaves, author of that pedophile guide. Gross.
  • Then something interesting happened. Sanjay said this: "His book is no longer available online on Amazon, in part, I will tell you, because 360 was out front on this story, trying to hold Amazon accountable for selling it and others similar material." Next thing I know, we're being segued into a replay of the Andrew Shirvell interview. WTF? Last night I joked about the 360 kids finding a way to give us some Silver Fox face time, but this is kind of ridiculous.
  • The theme here, obviously, (besides killing time) is that 360 kept people honest and got results! And I'm fully on board with giving out the cookies, but the whole keeping them honest thing is kinda their job, so this self pat on the back feels a bit tacky. Besides, that's my job (but only when they're good!).
  • Tom Foreman previewed his look back on 2010. We heard from Anderson Cooper, Jack Gray, and a bunch of other people I don't particularly care about. But I'll still probably watch. Shame-faced.

  • Julian Assange got the RidicuList treatment, which I basically agree with, but man, what a hot mess of random references, huh? Sometimes I wonder where the hell this segment is going. Always an interesting ride though.

  • The show wasn't too great. Nice opening and then it was all downhill from there. The Loesch issue really does make me think less of them. Are you listening, Charlie Moore? Are you listening, Ken Jautz? Yeah, probably not, but with the sinking ratings they need every viewer they can get.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll try not to harp on it, but I agree with your comments about Dana Loesch's presence on 360 and CNN in general. It really eats away at their credibility to feature her so prominently and frequently. Charlie Moore, Jautz and AC himself need to reexamine their usage of her as a pundit - there are far better conservative commentators out there, but unfortunately it looks like Loesch is here to stay.

8:42 PM  

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