Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The BP Oil Disaster Continues

Hi everyone. I'm a little short on time tonight. The bullet points will be few, but I will try to make them extra awesome.
  • Another day, another BP PR fumble. This time it was chairman Carl- Henric Svanberg, sticking his foot in his mouth by proclaiming he cares about the "small people" affected by BP's mess. Does this mean his next meeting is with the Lollipop Guild? So yeah, not cool. Thing is though, as our anchor points out, the guy is not a native English speaker. Plus, not noted is the fact that Obama had just been talking to him about people who own small businesses. So, I actually do think this was just a misspeak (and he's since apologized). That being said, screw BP, man. Anderson Cooper is totally on my page, playing devil's advocate, and sticking it to them all at the same time: "If by chance the chairman of BP doesn't know this already, which I'm sure he does, we think it's worth mentioning. There aren't any small people here. In all the weeks and months that we have worked in Louisiana and in the Gulf since Katrina, we have not met any little people." He then runs pictures of some non little people who he would love to introduce to the people of BP...if they ever actually came on his show. Well done.
  • Ed Henry's piece on the $20 billion fund to help pay claims is below. All well and good, but can some people go to jail too? Please?

  • I have mixed feelings on the oil moratorium. It seems absolutely insane to me to just keep drilling like nothing happened. But I also understand that a moratorium of six months will decimate the economy down there. I do not think Julia Reed sold her argument well. At all. I found her extremely off-putting. Wondering if I was alone in this, I took to the Twitter to see what other people thought. While I wasn't surprised to see that the reaction to her was overwhelmingly negative, I was shocked at an accusation that came up again and again: racist! See, during her appearance she used the colloquialism "cotton-picking mind" to refer to Obama, as in, he must be out of his. Now some of the Internets are in a tizzy. I don't know much about Julia Reed, and what I've seen I haven't liked, but c'mon people. Let's step back like 5000 paces. It's pretty clear she was not being racist. Anyway! While Julia was being abrasive (but not racist), my friend from the Gulf did a much better job of selling me on why a moratorium would be so bad, while I argued for something in between. We've since decided that we should actually be the ones running this thing. We'll soon be implementing a rotating moratorium--FYI. You're welcome.
  • Tonight our anchor had his live shot set up at the Ft. Jackson Oil Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The video below contains Anderson's piece of pelicans being cleaned, as well as a live interview with Jay Holcomb, the executive director of the International Bird Rescue Research Center.
  • I would be remiss if I did not include the shocker that I found while reviewing the video. As I think we all know, at this point, Anderson Cooper's tight black t-shirt should practically be trademarked. It's a crowd pleaser! So, imagine my surprise, nay, my HORROR, when I came upon the 1:41 mark. What is THAT? A tight black t-shirt IMPOSTER! All this time has the Silver Fox's signature clothing item merely been freebie t-shirts that he's been turning around for the camera? I feel so cheap.

  • Tonight's Culprit of the Catastrophe (courtesy of Randi Kaye) is Tony Hayward. Kinda a no brainer there, huh?

  • Though I didn't cover it all, the show was good. This bullet point contains sleep because I need some.

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5:58 AM  
Anonymous conoraddict said...

re: cotton picking: it's one of those things i've heard my whole life (actually only from old people) but it's never used in a racist sense. i've usually heard it in this sense: "well just wait one cotton-pickin minute!" i'm kinda laughing because for people to connect that expression and obama being black is a stretch and it seems they are just picking a fight. lol "cotton pickin" is just as meaningless as "darn tootin"

also, i love how much anderson loves us. he gets so frustrated that he starts tripping over his words. i don't get that fake "i'm trying to win an award" feel from him.

once we are in charge, my first order of business is letting billy n. sleep. heh.

11:23 AM  
Blogger eliza said...


Yeah, that's exactly how I view the phrase as well. It didn't even register with me while watching that it might be anything controversial. It's not like any of us were like, ZOMG racist! I just checked the Google and while there are a few blog posts, it mostly looks like it was a very small few who felt that way.

He CLEARLY loves you (I'm a little jealous-heh). Did you see Mediaite yet today? They have a post about how he overreacted (their characterization) to the "small people" comments. Meh. Yeah, he got his dramatic furrowed brow on, but it was totally sincere and didn't play like an overreaction to me. Plus? Kinda ironic given the source--half of that site is just one big overreaction to minor media stories.

I concur with that decree. Also, if we had been in charge earlier, Anderson never would have gotten his sunburn. Mandatory sunscreen for the Silver Fox!

12:04 PM  
Anonymous conoraddict said...

It was so sweet. He sounded like a big brother standing up for his sister! :D

Would you stop him from touching the oil? ;)

8:21 PM  

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