Thursday, May 27, 2010

Continued Live Coverage From Louisiana Of The BP Oil Leak Disaster With Extra Anger At BP

Hi everyone. The bullet points are a bit tired because they had to get up early this morning. They will try to maintain an adequate level of awesomeness. On with the show:
  • BP, Anderson Cooper is not happy that you will not come on his show. "BP doesn't come on this program for some reason, though we invite them to every single night, but, this morning, they did appear on other shows." Why are you playing favorites, BP?! You are giving Anderson sad face. No, actually, it's more like irritated face plus the energy of one Red Bull. Way to go, BP. Now look what you've done. Well, you know, besides that whole catastrophic oil leak and everything.
  • Yes, this was very much a "we hate BP" kinda night. An awesome thing about our anchor is that the more you avoid him, the more it pisses him off, sometimes even resulting in snarkiness. See: Palin, Sarah.
  • Aw, Billy Nungesser looked so dejected tonight. I don't think that he even has the energy to be angry anymore. Hang in there, Billy!
  • Douglas Brinkley is quickly becoming my new favorite person. He's reasonable and thoughtful and full context. Those qualities might seem obvious, but they are rare in cable news, people. He's like the Gerg before the Gerg went all Villager on us. I mean, check this out: "'s unacceptable to trust BP. Whatever they say is meant to minimize situations. They haven't been transparent." *Claps* Yes! As I said before, our default thinking should be that they are lying.
  • I'd never even heard of Congressman Charlie Melancon before today, but that clip of him getting choked up over his home was heartbreaking.
  • Regarding Obama's presser, I can't fully weigh in because I didn't watch. (Some of us have to work, yo.) I did, however, try to skim along on Twitter. Seems like Obama just did okay. You'd think that someone would maybe fully brief the president on the whole MMS head situation before he spoke to the entire country, but apparently not. Lordie.
  • As previously stated, I'm not a huge James Carville fan. And I'm really not a huge Mary Matalin fan. Given that, I guess it was practically inevitable that we'd have a pretty long segment with them tonight. In all honesty though, it wasn't bad. I don't have anything stupid to point out.
  • Actually, the entire broadcast was shockingly lacking in idiotic narratives. I was steeling myself for the inevitable panel discussion about why Obama didn't act angry enough, something which apparently happened after the presser. But it never came on 360! Instead, there was, like, reporting and stuff. Weird.
  • The post I linked to makes an interesting point regarding Bush's Katrina flyover picture. It got big play in the press, but for me it ranked pretty low on the list of items that pissed me off in that situation. Just like how I was never that impressed with the 9-11 "bullhorn moment." Is it just me or is this just another case of media stupidity? Shouldn't we want our leaders to actually get things done, rather than just play the part of someone who looks like a leader? Tomorrow I want Obama to go down there and basically act like a huge-ass pair of scissors. Red tape. Snip, snip. And I don't give a damn if he's holding a bullhorn, or has his sleeves rolled up, or is walking around in a hazmat suit wearing an Angry Face when he does it.
  • Also worth reading: Why BP is the Anti-Katrina. The Katrina comparisons have so infuriated me because in that situation people were dying due to lack of basic items, such as water and shelter. Water! We have water! What was so unacceptable about that situation is that we had resources and plans and everyone was just dropping the ball. This oil thing is completely different. Unless we've got some sort of storage facility that contains super magic oil stopping machines and Obama just hasn't distributed them yet, well, I fail to see the comparison.
  • Ed Lavandera's piece was pretty depressing. You know those fisherman are just going to get screwed over.
  • It was nice that 360 gave some coverage to the 11 men who died on the rig. They've mostly been treated as a mere afterthought in all of this, and I include myself in that statement. It's not right. Keith Jones testified on Capitol Hill today due to the loss of his son Gordon. This quote from him is sadly too true: "If you want these companies, one of which is headquartered in Great Britain and another in Switzerland, to make every effort to make sure their employees don't act as these did, putting American lives at risk, you must make certain they are exposed to pain in the only place they can feel it, their bank accounts. As a friend recently said, make them hurt where their heart would be if they had a heart."
  • The Death on the High Seas Act sounds like it definitely needs to be amended.
  • Well, I finally got my Coast Guard interview...and Admiral Thad Allen did not impress. I've heard good things about him in the past, but he didn't really seem to have a real grasp on the situation. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • Good piece from Rob Marciano. Sounds like another way BP is being shady.
  • There wasn't much amusement for me to squeeze out for you tonight, but the show was good. Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm a little nervous. Don't screw this up, Obama. Remember, you got this.
  • This bullet point contains a rainbow, but no pot of gold. I'm generous; I'm not that generous.

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Blogger Laurie Beth said...

I was satisfied with the level of awesomeness contained in the bullet points.

Just throwing that out there. ;-)

10:52 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

The bullet points thank you! :)

11:12 PM  
Blogger tom&gloria said...

The oil industry wants people to abandon the gulf coast so they can have their way and drill to their hearts content. It almost seems like a conspiracy since absolutely nothing has been done to stop the oil from invading the marshes or allowing people to keep their livelyhood. The people "in charge" need to take their fingers out their butts and be men who are protecting their home!!!

Gloria C

2:52 AM  

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