Monday, June 07, 2010

Week Three Of Live Coverage From Louisiana Of The BP Oil Leak Disaster

Hi everyone. I left you on Friday because I stumbled upon a life and actually went out. I know, I was shocked too. Tonight I'm not feeling especially bloggy, but instead of leaving you on your lonesome, I shall throw down some videos to pick up my slack. That works, right? Don't worry, the bullet points may be few and brief, but they are still present and as always, they are awesome:
  • Okay media, the president has confirmed that he is on the lookout for asses to kick. Are you happy now? Or does Obama need to stomp his feet and shake his fist for us to really know he cares?
  • The train dinging is back! Our anchor actually acknowledged the noise tonight, noting that the nearby railroad crossing is broken. Has it been broken this whole time? I guess the area has more pressing matters to deal with, but you'd think that'd get annoying. Lucky for us it seemed quieter this time around.
  • Anderson has developed himself one nasty cough. Breathing in crap from Haiti for weeks and then breathing in oil crap for weeks is probably not good for a person. Feel better, Silver Fox.
  • The montage of BP interview requests was brilliantly passive aggressive. Anderson Cooper just wants to have a little talk with you, BP. Why so scared? You can watch the clips below. Major shout out to MoxNewsDotCom who uploaded the video after a request from me. Maybe he would have anyway, but thanks all the same. (Update: I got confirmation that he did upload it for me. How awesome is he? Send him love and puppies.) As always, for those who think it's ridiculous that BP refuses to go on the show, show your support and join the Facebook group Make BP appear on AC360.

  • The next video first covers how BP is paying for a sweet spot in Google and Yahoo searches, and then goes into an interview Anderson did with Edward James Olmos. Apparently, he was on Battlestar Galactica, so one wonders if our anchor had a geeked out fan boy moment (though given the situation, probably sadly no). Anyway, the actor didn't say much to write home about. Move the White House to the Gulf? Really?

  • Below is Randi Kaye's piece from Destin, Florida. Smart of them to take matters into their own hands. BP isn't coming to save anybody.

  • Finally, there was Anderson's interview with Deepwater Horizon oil rig survivors Daniel Barron, Doug Brown, Matthew Jacobs, Chris Choy, and Brent Mansfield. They paint a truly harrowing ordeal.

  • That'll do it. This bullet point contains a lollipop. Is there a surprise in the center? Maybe.

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Anonymous conoraddict said...

train noise: does anyone know why they are broadcasting from that spot? if they are waiting for the city of new orleans or the state of louisiana to fix anything, they'll be there forever.(el oh el) can't they move? the oil isn't in new orleans. it is two hours away from new orleans. i know it is a convenient CITY but the spot? just wondering.

11:10 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with the convenience factor. Plus, it's where the party at! ;) I just figured their hotel is nearby.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous conoraddict said...

i figured their hotel is nearby too. maybe tonight we'll see gary trying to stop the noise. ;)

7:33 PM  
Blogger eliza said...

Does Gary have super magical noise-stopping powers I'm not aware of? Oh wait, it's Gary. He can fix that train crossing with the sheer will of his awesomeness. ;)

8:21 PM  
Anonymous conoraddict said...


8:24 PM  

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