Wednesday, June 02, 2010

More Live Coverage From Louisiana Of The BP Oil Leak Disaster

Hi everyone. The bullet points are not at all happy to hear that 37 percent of the Gulf is now off limits to fishing. Awesomeness is becoming harder and harder to obtain, but they shall try. Let's do this thing:
  • Our anchor's piece is below:
  • Poor Billy Nungesser has had enough. And I can't believe Anderson Cooper stuck his bare hand in the oil. Well, actually, yes I can (there's a history here, people), but still, ew. Don't do that! Also? Extreme Silver Fox close up! Sorry, it had to be said. I respect a man who doesn't fear HD.
  • Mary Matalin was sans her husband tonight. I've talked a fair amount about Carville in these bullet-pointed posts, but haven't really touched on her. Given that she was Dick Cheney's adviser, and given his super-seekret meetings with the oil industry (remote-control shut-off switch too expensive!), I'm having a real hard time viewing her as just a concerned Gulf resident. In fact, it makes me feel like CNN thinks we're all chumps. Maybe Anderson should ask her a question or two.
  • I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Matalin is defending deep water drilling. You'd think she'd at least be okay with a temporary shut down. Whatever.
  • I got excited when I heard CNN would be interviewing Obama. Then I heard it was going to be Larry King. I'm sure there'll be lots of feet-to-the-fire holding in that one. *Sigh* I mean, Anderson Cooper is right there. C'mon!
  • Our anchor on the importance of the wetlands: "It's not some sort of tree-hugger, touchy-feely thing that you're saying, gosh, it's just important to keep these wetlands. This is serious money." Dude, why you gotta be downing the tree-huggers like that?
  • The campaign to get BP on the show continues: "As always, we invited executives from BP to come on the program tonight. They once again declined. As always, the invitation stands. Again, I will wake up early. Tony Hayward loves to appear apparently on morning shows. I will happily wake up very early in the morning just to talk to him." Anderson Cooper will give up sleep for you, Tony! Why must you hide? As noted before, a Facebook group has been created to urge BP to appear on the show. Join!
  • Sanjay Gupta's piece:
  • Acy Cooper? Seriously, what are the odds?
  • Gary Tuchman's piece:

  • Good for Mike Ellis for coming forward. More people should do so. They can't fire them all for talking.
  • Our anchor: "You know, I understand a company like BP wanting people to sign confidentiality agreements, workers who were working for them so that they don't talk to any reporter that comes by. You know, fine. That's their right. But there's something infuriating about people living in the United States of America afraid to talk, because they are in such a vulnerable position from a foreign company that their livelihoods can be destroyed if they actually just say what is actually happening to them. I mean, that is a situation that is deeply unfair. And I mean, this guy is incredibly brave for coming forward. He's risking his entire livelihood." Amen. I wish to subscribe to your newsletter, Anderson Cooper.
  • Gary: "Captain Mike told me, 'Maybe tomorrow I won't have a job.' I said, 'Captain Mike, because you're on CNN and we're talking about you, if they get rid of you, let us know. We'll do another story.' And I doubt they're going to get rid of Captain Mike after this story." I don't think even BP would be that dumb. Well, maybe. Anyway, the Internets would not be having any of that. We got your back, Captain Mike.
  • Good interview with Congressman Ed Markey. He says BP stands for "blind to plumes." Funny. Except, sorta not.
  • The bullet points have run out of steam. Here's an interview with Anderson for the road. Still a master of the pose, I see. Oh, Silver Fox...

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Blogger Laurie Beth said...

Somehow I don't think Larry King was the first person CNN wanted for this exclusive interview with the president tonight. Anderson Cooper is really batting a thousand with these "president" types, isn't he?

With all due respect to the president, we American citizens will call up our free press and tell them what's going on any damn time we please. That's how it works.

8:26 PM  

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