Saturday, August 25, 2007

Wet Weather, Iraq NIE, Raw Politics, Catholic Town, Mother Teresa, Polygamy, And CNN Heroes (Thursday's Show)

Hi everybody. We've got John King doing hosting duties tonight. Perhaps Anderson Cooper is preparing for the Katrina anniversary. I hope they do a better job than last year. Anyway, we begin with David Mattingly live in Ohio where it is wet, wet, wet. He then intros into a piece about the flooding in the region. Craziness. Front-end loaders and boats are now the popular mode of transportation. What a mess. After David's piece, Chad Myers joins us live for the latest in weather and he's also brought some iReport pictures of downed trees. Man, Mother Nature needs to take a pill or something. We surrender, okay?

On a lighter note, we move on to...Iraq. Okay, yeah, that's totally not a lighter note. But it is where we are. We learn from a John King piece that the new National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) has basically deemed the situation sucko. I believe that's the technical term. Democrats are of course pouncing on this, but the twist is that Republican Senator John Warner wants to start bringing the troops home by Christmas in order to send a message to the Iraqis. For discussion, we're joined by Michael Ware, who does not believe Warner's kick-in-the-pants plan is going to work. As always, Michael reiterates that there really is no Iraqi government in the first place-just factions jockeying for power. John points out that the NIE doesn't seem to show much faith in Maliki, yet at the same time says an alternative would paralyze the government. Michael totally agrees with this, so . . . bummer. So he's a lame duck, but we still need him? This does not look good for us. John and Michael then talk a bit about how Ayad Allawi has his eye on Maliki's job. Not really a surprise there. I'm pretty sure Allawi was always supposed to be our puppet. Darn that democracy and those pesky purple fingers voting for their interests and not America's interests.

Next up we've got some "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman. We begin with Bolivians beating the crap out of each other. Well, okay, just their government. Is "Raw Politics" jonesing for Romney to smack McCain upside the head? Anyway, we begin with all the 08ers suddenly talking about the economy. It's the economy, stupid! Next Tom tells us about dueling war ads: pro against anti. Let's see which side exploits the soldiers the best, shall we? On now to the news that Edwards is taking shots at Clinton and Russian President Putin was photographed on vacation sans shirt. Wait, what? Oh my. He's, too sexy for his shirt. Too sexy for his shirt. So sexy it hurts. And now I'm trying really hard not to think of Bush sans shirt. Oh man, now I have to bleach my brain. Quickly now, we're moving on to "What Were They Thinking?" In tonight's installment we learn that the FOX reality show "Anchorwoman" has gone kaput. No, really? C'mon, ex WWE diva and "The Price is Right" girl just screams journalist. "You know, everything I'm thinking would get me in trouble, so I'm going to let you finish this one up," says John. But Erica would like to keep her job also. Hey, nobody can fire me. You want me to say it? Eh, nah, too easy.

Transitioning now to a Randi Kaye piece on the quaint little town of Ave Maria in Florida. But this just isn't any little town--it's founded by Domino's billionaire Tom Monaghan. Yes, the pizza. Oh, and uh, it's a town for Catholics. Now, Monaghan says that anyone of any religion (or lack of religion) can move to the town, but if it was legal, he'd be banning birth control and porn. No porn?! But seriously, I do not understand the no birth control thing. But that's something that's been argued a zillion times over, so we're moving on to talk with Senior Vatican Analyst, John Allen. I'm not kidding, I think that's his actual title. Anyway, he talks a bit about Ave Maria, but mostly he's there to talk about the recent revelation that Mother Teresa actually questioned her faith. It's pointed out that even Jesus questioned God on the cross, so this isn't completely unheard of or anything. I gotta say, there's a little part of me that would like to hear Christopher Hitchens' take on this. Yeah, I hate the guy, but who doesn't love a cable train wreck every once in a while? I guess I'm bored.

Moving on to a taped Anderson interview with Irene Spencer, author of "Shattered Dreams." She used to follow a polygamy sect, though not FLDS. Her husband ended up marrying nine other women and had 58 children. Wow. Anderson notes that all the wives they interview always say they're happy, but Irene says she was never happy. She felt jealous and all the things you would expect a person to feel. Sad. We're moving on now to "CNN Heroes." Tonight's hero is Dr. Randy Christensen and he provides free health care to kids living on the streets in Arizona. That's awesome. The Shot tonight is people glacier surfing. Yes, glacier surfing. So global warming does have an upside. Hang ten, dude! Too bad about those polar bears. The show tonight was fairly good. Well, started out strong anyway. B


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