Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mine Collapse, Bridge Investigation, Raw Politics, Missing Weapons, Earmarks, And Murder Investigation (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. I guess you've noticed I didn't do the second hour from Thursday. Hey, I said no promises. Anyway, we've got John Roberts holding it down for us tonight. Anderson Cooper's current location can be pinpointed to somewhere on the globe. We begin with the news that a mine collapse has trapped six miners in Utah. From a Gary Tuchman piece we learn that officials know exactly where the miners are, but they haven't been able to contact them. John then has a few interviews related to the story and we get Tom Foreman explaining the logistics with his maps, but I'm not going indepth. These mine collapse stories have always kind of puzzled me because I'm interested to know why some are news and others aren't. It seems like the amount of resources they put towards a collapse depends on what else exciting they've got going on or what the other networks are doing. Obviously Sago was a little different due to how it all went down, but when it comes to these types of stories, what gets covered and what doesn't seems pretty random.

Next up we have an Ed Lavandera piece on the Minnesota bridge collapse. They're trying to answer the question why, but it's going to take a while. To get to the bottom of it they're going to reassemble sections of the bridge, like they do after plane crashes. From Ed we learn that construction workers had actually felt the bridge wobble before the collapse. Um, did they tell anybody? It's possible weight distribution might have had something to do with it, but that's just one theory. For now, they're going to need to bring in heavy machinery to remove the large debris from the water and try to get to the rest of the victims. Not a fun job, I imagine.

On now to "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman and this is the phoning it in edition because I'm working sans transcript. One of the republicans is touting positive headlines regarding Iraq and terrorism, but, um, what is he talking about? Seriously, just today more ministers pulled out of the Iraqi cabinet. And this is positive? We then get a clip of Hamid Karzi thanking Bush. Wow, what a shocker. We also learn that Giuliani's daughter has, like, totally endorsed Obama on her Facebook page. At first she wasn't sure about his views on nuclear proliferation, but his stance on FISA really sealed the deal. Seriously people, she's 17. I can't believe this is even a news story. Um, let's see, we then get John speaking some French, which he likes to do, and then we move on to "What Were They Thinking?" In tonight's edition we learn from Erica that Thailand police who are caught committing misdemeanors will be forced to wear a Hello Kitty armband as punishment. No, really. That's hilarious. Those are going to be some well-behaved cops.

Transitioning now to a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece, which John tells us we might find shocking. A new report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the Pentagon has lost track of about 190,000 weapons that were supposed to go to Iraqi forces. Now where could they have gone? Hmm. Hell, we don't need Iran to arm the enemy; we'll do it ourselves, thank you very much. Apparently this occurred because we didn't have enough manpower to do the paperwork to keep track. Okay, so I'm totally not shocked. But it's not because at this point we've seen too many similar screw ups before; it's because we've seen this exact screw up before. If you're feeling a little deja vu and like you might be going crazy, there's a reason. Back in October, Barbara Starr reported pretty much the same thing, though it was actually more weapons back then. So did they account for some of them? Is this a whole other instance? Who knows? I hate it when the news reports this stuff like there is no past. It makes me feel like I'm going nuts.

Moving on now to a Drew Griffin "Keeping Them Honest" piece that pretty much recaps all his prior earmark reporting and then states that the new legislation amounts to same old, same old. Awesome. Then we're on to a Randi Kaye piece that I didn't really watch that closely. Sorry. The Shot tonight is an Indy crash. And man that cars goes airborne. But somehow he walks away. So 360, Congress just signed a law expanding the Bush Administration's power to wiretap without warrants and you're not going to cover that? Seriously? Bueller? I'm not saying the mine collapse isn't big news, but this is about our fundamental rights as US citizens. You couldn't squeeze that in? Some days I'm not sure whether I watch this show to be informed or entertained. And I'm not sure what that says about the show. C-


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