Thursday, July 26, 2007

Home Invasion, Abuser Walks, Raw Politics, Updates On Robert Davis And Mercy Killing Cases, And Planet in Peril (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everybody. We're beginning again tonight with that Connecticut family brutalized in their own home. An Anderson Cooper piece brings us the latest. Apparently the mother and daughters were raped before the mother was forced to go to the bank later that morning and withdraw $15,000. While at the bank she somehow told the teller and the teller contacted police, but the police were too late. It's been reported that both girls died of smoke inhalation from the fire the suspects allegedly set to cover their crime and the mother was strangled. The suspects seem to be career criminals that met at a halfway house. One expert in the piece says the situation may appear to be a burglary gone wrong, but really it's the work of "soociopathic career criminals who decided to up the ante." Okay, well, the women were raped, so I think that pretty much takes any talk of anything accidental out of the equation. It's not like they can say they broke in to steal a tv, but then, oops, things got out of control and they raped the homeowner.

After Anderson's piece we're joined by reporter Eric Zager of WTIC for that speculation that we know and love. I don't know why, but 360 always has to pointlessly have on the local reporter that doesn't know any more than they do. Moving on to a Joe Johns piece on home invasions, which are apparently on the rise. Okay, are you afraid yet? Well never fear because Joe and his security consultant pals have some tips for us. These span from the completely obvious of not letting strangers in your house to the not so obvious notion of keeping shrubs cut short so people can't hide behind them. We're also supposed to keep copies of our car key around the house--the one with the panic button. That's all well and good...if you actually have one of those. But that's okay, I have the number one deterrent: a dog. So as long as my home isn't invaded during a thunderstorm (my dog's kryptonite), I think I'm good.

Transitioning now to a Gary Tuchman "Keeping Them Honest" piece on justice gone all wacky. Okay, so this guy, Mahamu Kanneh, gets charged with "raping and repeatedly molesting a 7-year-old girl and molesting a 1-and-a-half- year-old girl, both relatives of his." So he's rotting in jail, right? Wrong. His charges were cleared because he's a Liberian immigrant and the courts couldn't find an interpreter. What the hell, you say? The judge claims that since after two and a half years an interpreter could not be found, Kanneh's constitutional right to a speedy trial was violated. Okay, I very much appreciate adhering to the constitution because I wasn't sure we even did that anymore, but c'mon. The real kicker is that CNN found a dude only about 15 minutes away just waiting to interpret something. Which leads one to wonder where the heck the courts were looking. Also? Kanneh went to a really nice high school without using a translator and his neighbor says he totally knows English. Dude, the courts had two and a half years and they didn't check up on that? I guess justice really is blind. And deaf. And dumb.

Next Anderson tells us two more McCain staffers have bit the dust, giving their resignations by email no less. It's just getting sad now. Anyway, this intros us into "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman and first up we learn that the Democrats want to hold Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten in contempt of Congress for refusing to testify about attorney-gate (remember that?). Next up Tom tells us John Edwards is doing some riding with Lance Armstrong through Iowa to talk about cancer. It makes sense that Edwards would want to be in on that. Moving on, we learn that Michael Bloomberg is so not running for president. He doesn't even know why you keep talking about it. Because he's totally not running. Seriously, stop asking him. And don't look at his website. I mean, he's not going to stop you or anything if you want to look at his shiny new website with all his accomplishments listed, maybe you like that sort of thing, but he's not going to ask you to. Because he's totally not running. How much does a man have to talk about himself not being president before you people get it? Finally, we learn that the country is getting saner-Bush's disapproval rating is at 66%. Nobody likes you. Everybody hates you. Might as well go eat worms. Or, you know, resign. Tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" is a car chase. But not just any car chase. This guy actually stops to buy cigarettes while being chased . Man, talk about ADHD. But he did pay for the cigs, so, okay then.

Moving on now to an Anderson piece that updates us on the beating of Robert Davis that occurred in New Orleans not long after Katrina. We all remember this, right? Seemingly nice unarmed man beaten to the ground by a handful of cops. Well, tonight we learn that one of the cops charged with second degree battery and false imprisonment has been acquitted. The judge said it wasn't even a close call. Did he see the tape?! For his part, Mr. Davis is living in Atlanta right now and plans to sue the city and the police department. After Anderson's piece we're joined by former NYPD officer Eugene O'Donnell to analyze the Davis beating tape. And wow, Eliza is having some flashbacks. Switch out Eugene here for Aaron Brown and it's 2005 all over again. I'll be singing Journey tonight (it's playing in the background). I wonder what happened to the cop's sleazy lawyer. Remember that guy and how he claimed the cop didn't kick Mr. Davis, but instead performed a "step-down"? Even Aaron and Anderson, ever the objective journalists, exchanged some looks over that one. Okay, back in present day 2007, Eugene is pretty much being an apologist for the cops, which, I guess is expected. Whatever. I hope Mr. Davis wins his lawsuit.

Today must be Katrina-related-cases update day because we also find in a Rick Sanchez piece that Anna Pou has been acquitted of second degree murder. She was the doctor accused of mercy killing some of the sickest patients at her hospital during the height of Katrina. You know, I know a lot of people were outraged when this case came to light, but I think I agree with this decision. First of all, Anna maintains she did nothing wrong, but even if she did commit euthanasia, I don't view it as so black and white. Conditions were horrible and all they knew was that no one was coming. We weren't there. We can't know what it was like. Anna Pou did not ask to be in that situation. When a system breaks down such as it did during Katrina, sometimes good people feel forced to do things they would otherwise never dream of doing. It seems wrong to charge people who were forced to deal with the mess, when those that helped create the mess (govenment officials) get off free and clear.

On now to a piece from Sanjay Gupta in China, the latest in the "Planet in Peril" series. During a car ride, Sanjay explains that they're heading to more rural areas to check out pollution. We're then shown a nasty looking river that Sanjay says stinks. Oh, and they use it to irrigate crops. Awesome. The 360 team was supposed to meet with an environmental group, but Sanjay is such a badass that he scared them away. Or maybe they didn't want the police to see them talking to him. Actually, the cops didn't seem to take a liking to our intrepid travelers at all, even stopping them once, though without much trouble. Apparently in China the water issue is like Fight Club. You do not talk about the water issue! One guy was about to answer a question from Sanjay about the water, but then got a call from a car that had been following them. Man. Tread lightly there, Sanjay.

The Shot tonight is Beyonce dancing...and falling. Down goes Beyonce! She apparently asked her fans not to post the video to YouTube, so of course it's all over YouTube. But enough with falling pop singers, Erica raises Anderson with a video of Al Roker and Al Roker wrangler, taking a dive during a hurricane. Oh, we totally need a video of Anderson falling during a hurricane, but I don't think there is one. Suspiciously good on his feet, that guy. I remember watching him and John Zarella once during a hurricane and John, who is not a small man, had a death grip on a railing and Anderson wasn't even holding on. It was kind of fascinating. I mean, is he so thin the wind just, like, missed him or something? Ah, hurricane watching. So anyway, Anderson then raises that video we've seen before of the local news reporter smashing grapes and then painfully falling. It's completely horrible, but Anderson seems to get a kick out of it. Because he's mean. And oh look, another hour on the YouTube debates. CNN is going to suck that bone dry, I'm telling you. Hmm, okay show. Liked them remembering to update the Katrina cases; wondering how much longer we're going to be hearing about this Connecticut family. C+


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