Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Dean, Continued Utah Mine Coverage, Michael Vick Pleads Guilty, And Raw Politics (Monday's Show)

Hi everybody. Well, it's time to whip out the red slickers because tonight we're starting with the BREAKING NEWS that Hurricane Dean is a-coming. Oh, and he does not look friendly. Anderson Cooper informs us that Dean is currently a category five storm and is already responsible for at least seven deaths across the Caribbean. Jamaica has just gotten their share, but fortunately it looks like no lives were lost. We've got severe weather expert Chad Myers in the house (well, in Atlanta's shiny new weather center, anyway) and correspondents in Dean's path: Gary Tuchman getting wet in Tulum, Mexico; Harris Whitbeck in Chetumal, Mexico; and Jason Carroll in Cancun. We get updates from everyone and because sometimes CNN confuses themselves with the weather channel, we'll be going back for more throughout the hour. I actually like hurricane coverage (though obviously not the hurricanes and the destruction they cause). I mean, who isn't entertained by a wind-whipped, rain-soaked, sleep-deprived reporter that's run out of things to say and gone a bit loopy? It's good tv. Oh, and don't they know it.

Next up we have a piece from Susan Candiotti on the damage Jamaica suffered from Dean. It looks like they got lucky, though it was still obviously a big deal. A curfew is now in effect. From here we go back to Chad and then into a Susan Roesgen piece on the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Erin. Yep, the weather is attacking from many different fronts, people. Tis the season. In the piece we're also shown a water rescue by a helicopter crew that had never done one before (which btw is exactly what you want to hear when you're about to drown). So anyway, the couple end up falling back into the water, but they're okay and hella lucky that copter was there, rescue experience or not.

Transitioning now to a Dan Simon piece regarding the six trapped Utah miners. It's not good news. Now the mine company is making noises about not continuing the search because they're probably no longer alive and given what happened Thursday, it's too dangerous. The families are of course furious because Bob Murray promised to get them out dead or alive and now he seems to be distancing himself from them, though he did send a letter saying the company wouldn't give up. Besides not getting even the slightest bit of closure, the families are also extremely mad because the mine company is talking about continuing to mine there. After his piece, Dan joins us live with the news that the underground rescue will not resume and while they're going to drill a fifth hole, they might not continue with a sixth. Sad.

Hey, remember the craziness of the iPhone release? Well, party's over and the bills have been sent. In tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" we get a gander at one of these bills. It's a little lengthy-300 pages, actually. The thing came in it's own freaking box. The big to-do here is that each time the phone was used it got recorded, hence all the dead trees. I swear, we buy these gadgets to make our lives easier and this is what happens. After this we go back to Chad and then on to Gary who continues to get wet and tells us a bit about the quality of the homes in Tulum. Hint: not good. Hang in there, Tulum.

On now to an Anderson piece on Michael Vick who seems to have changed his tune and has plead guilty to running dogfights. Prison time is a possibility, but obviously Vick's lawyer is going to try to avoid that and save his career. Of note is a comment in the piece from Jeffrey Toobin who points out that people freaked more about this than athletes beating on their wives. I don't know what that says about society, but probably nothing good. Next we move to "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman and I don't really have much here because I barely jotted anything down and the transcript seems to be sleeping in. We learn that some military analysts are discussing the Joe Biden route of partitioning Iraq, but we don't hear what analysts or what the Iraqis think about this, so, meh. Tom also tells us that Karl Rove seems to have an obsession with Hillary Clinton and the footage subsequently turns into a perfume commercial. "Obsession." Get it? Yuk yuk. Oh, 360. Your cleverness amuses me.

Next up we have Chad again and then we check in with Jason. The Shot tonight is an exploding Taiwanese airliner. Whoa. Yet everyone got out okay, so yay for that. I kind of thought the second hour was going to be live because Anderson said they were coming back with more. Running a tape during a hurricane without having a "previously recorded" bug up is fairly not cool. Most regular viewers don't pay attention to whether it says "live" or not, they just assume. So, I have to say, I'm getting a little worried here. The show has really been lacking in hard news (and in my opinion hasn't been all that great) for a few weeks now. In terms of quality, 360 is always waxing and waning, so usually I wouldn't think about it, but they've been cleaning up in the ratings. So I'm praying to the News-Gods that this isn't a new trend. Hopefully all the breaking news is the main cause. Anyway, I don't really know how to grade tonight with the hurricane and all, but whatever. B-


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