Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mine Story Continued, Raw Politics, Newark Murders, NOLA Murders, And Chinese Medicine (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everyone. We're doing the abbreviated recapping tonight because I am tired and in pain. Just one of those days. Anyway, John Roberts continues to keep the chair warm for Anderson Cooper and we're kicking it off with more coverage of the trapped miners, even though they don't actually have much to tell us. As of this blogging, they still don't know whether the miners are alive or not, though Ted Rowlands joins us to say they're inching closer. We also learn that Gary Tuchman is in the mine with owner Robert Murray at that moment. John hopes we'll get to hear from him later, but, SPOILER ALERT, we don't. But I think I saw him on American Morning and he said people got freaked out because there was some seismic activity. Or that didn't happen at all and I dreamed it. My memories of what I watch on American Morning are always kind of vague. It's early, people!

So no live Gary, but we do get a piece from him where we get to see the outside of the mine and he walks around and shows us stuff like we're used to Anderson doing. Murray is still holding onto the earthquake theory regarding why the mine collapsed, so next Tom Foreman brings in his maps (it's good to see Tom get his maps back) to shoot that nonsense down. From there we have a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on retreat mining and Murray is mad mad mad that they're calling it that. Actually he's just mad. Did you hear that he called John Roberts an asshole? Pshaw. Apparently John asked him about his prior safety violations, or in other words, did his job. Murray claims he didn't get to respond or something. Whatever. Now, I don't know John Roberts (or Murray for that matter), but I don't think I'm going out on a limb to say that if there's an asshole in this situation, it's not him. After Joe's piece John has an interview with Dennis O'Dell of the United Mine Worker's of America.

Transitioning now to some "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman. We begin with Iowa primary talk and learn that Romney is pouring money into ads while Ron Paul lags near the bottom. But don't count out Paul; his supporters are freaky dedicated. Next we're told Elizabeth Edwards thinks her husband is trailing behind Clinton and Obama because, "we can't make John black, we can't make him a woman." She thinks they're getting a social first bump. Interesting. Let's see, Gravel continues to be kind of nutty, Thompson still hasn't declared, Colin Powell has taken pity on McCain, and Huckabee (who I forgot was even running) has acquired Lonestar's (country group) tour bus. " Interesting choice, because if Huckabee doesn't start doing better, he will be singing the blues," says Tom. Groooan. In tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" Erica Hill brings us the story of the "Botox bandit" a none too smart woman who thought she could get cosmetic procedures and stiff the bill. Except, um, they take pictures, so...What an idiot.

On now to a Deborah Feyerick piece on the three murders in Newark. There's still not much known, but we hear from the father of one of the victims. Obviously, he's devastated and Deborah kind of annoyingly goes all dogged reporter over stuff the man shouldn't even be thinking about right now: "What do you want to happen to these guys, whoever did it? What do you want to happen?" she asks. And then presses, "The death penalty?" His son just died. C'mon. After Deborah's piece John has an interview with Newark councilman Ron Rice.

Next we move to the topic of the New Orleans' murder rate and John tells us there have been four more killed in four days. This then intros us into a Randi Kaye piece filed back when they were in New Orleans on July 16th, but that's not made clear by John's intro. I know they repeat pieces all the time and that's fine and they repeat them without telling us they're a repeat and most of the time that's okay too, but sometimes the piece contains something time sensitive, as I've pointed out before. In this particular piece we're told a murder occurred "last month," when in reality it happened in June. Now, okay, it's only the 9th of August, so that's an extreme nitpick, but we're also told of something that happened "just last week," when of course it really happened in early July. Even that's kind of a nitpick because most people aren't going to notice, but they're leaving themselves open for accusations of inaccuracies. Editing the pieces would probably be too much work, but I don't see why they can't intro them with their original air date. Just a thought.

Transitioning now to a Sanjay Gupta "Planet in Peril" piece on Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. Sanjay blogged about this a long time ago, so I'm guessing they had this in the can. Couple that with filling up time with the repeat Randi Kaye piece and, why, it's almost as if our friends at 360 were distracted by something. Anyway, this TCM stuff is trippy. Sanjay shows us a prescription for nausea and vomiting that takes up a table. If I had to eat/drink all that I would get nausea and vomiting. The concern is that they're using endangered species, but Sanjay doesn't really find that where he visits. And then he kind of gets cut off. Bye, Sanjay. The Shot tonight is a view from the stands of Barry Bonds' home run. Cool shot, jerk player. They're on a roll with the meh shows lately. And it's got nothing to do with the host. Where has the hard news gone? C-


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