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More On Utah Miners, AFL-CIO Debate, Raw Politics, New Jersey Murders, And Connecticut Murders (Tuesday's Show)

Hi everybody. I'm guessing Anderson Cooper is going to be out all week because we've got John Roberts doing hosting duties for us again. I wonder if he had to rearrange his whole sleep schedule. Anyway, we begin with the six trapped Utah miners and the news that recent seismic activity has knocked the rescue back to square one. In fact, the mine owner, Bob Murray, is saying now that it could take a week to get the miners out. Well, that sucks. Murray is also clinging to the notion that it was an earthquake that caused the initial collapse. Gary Tuchman joins us live from Utah to say that actually the United States Geological Survey found no evidence that an earthquake is to blame. And I think they would know over a mine owner. Hmm. Me thinks someone realizes that no one can be blamed for an act of God. I don't think that's going to fly. John also talks a bit with Mine Safety Expert Kim McCarter and by phone with Walter Arabasz, director of the university of Utah's Seismographic Station. A lot is what we already know and speculation.

Next up we have a Gary Tuchman piece that's mostly about Murray, the mine owner and how he's a piece of work. Well, that last part is just my assessment. We're played a sound bite of Murray saying only the Lord knows whether or not the miners are alive or dead and then Gary says, "Of course, if they're alive, the miners know that, too,..." That probably wasn't supposed to be as funny as I found it, but seriously, what a dumb thing to say. Murray, not Gary. We also learn that Murray isn't happy with the media coverage (boo hoo) and back in June he tangled with Senator Barbara Boxer on Capitol Hill regarding his safety record. I know you shouldn't make snap judgments about people, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that, Murray? Not a great guy. There's a bit more discussion and then we move on to Ted Rowlands and a piece he has about the families who now must wait maybe a week before their loved ones are out of the mine.

Transitioning now to coverage of tonight's ALF-CIO debate from Soldier Field in Chicago. It aired on MSNBC, but CNN didn't mention that part. Heh. Keith Olbermann was moderating, so I had to watch, but actually, I kind of thought he just did a meh job. The candidates shirked so many questions and I was hoping he'd press them more in follow ups, but he didn't that much. Although I'm sure time was a big factor. Anyway, we've got Candy Crowley and David Gergen for discussion, but I've decided I'm not blogging their analysis indepth. Why? Well, because when I flipped to CNN immediately after the debate ended (and then flipped right back), they were already discussing it, which leads me to believe they didn't watch the whole thing. Plus, not once do they mention Kucinich, who admittedly hasn't a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination, but who totally had the 12,000-15,000 people at the debate eating out of his hand. And they didn't even mention the most poignant part of the debate, which resulted in a standing ovation (most of which is edited out of the linked clip) and almost made me cry. So basically, if you wanted to know how the debate went, I hope you watched it yourself. Or at least got the wrap up from MSNBC.

On now to some "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman. It seems Giuliani has hit a little snag on the campaign trail. Some people don't think his Catholicism and his stance on abortion really jive. But Giuliani wants to refer all that to a priest if we don't mind. I guess not. Still don't like you though. We also learn that the troop surge is gaining support, which I totally don't understand. Or actually, I think it's the supporters that don't understand. Those people need to watch them some Michael Ware, is all I have to say. Tom also tells us that Richardson now has a universal health care plan and the economy isn't performing so well for the middle class. You don't say? The economy sucks for the middle class, huh? Next they'll tell us we're addicted to oil. Oh, wait.

Erica Hill joins us next with the headlines and, aw, she looks and sounds like she should be in bed. I hope the husband is on baby duty because she is sick. But she's a trooper and one of the headlines she tells us about is that beaches across the country are contaminated in part due to aging water and sewage infrastructure. "It's all part of that same old story. It's the same thing with the bridge...And the city pipe explosion in New York. Aging infrastructure, it's causing problems across the country," says John. Yes! That's what I've been saying! Now please, cover it. I'll be waiting here, not holding my breath. Anyway, in tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" Erica tells us about this dude that stashed a monkey under his hat during his flight from Florida to New York. Oh, was it a terrorist monkey?! Apparently the little guy crawled out during the flight and was spotted by people, so now man and monkey are being dealt with by the authorities. So how come people freak the hell out over bringing on, say, a juice box, but a monkey is a big joke? I mean, am I the only one that has seen "Outbreak"? Just saying. (And yes, I'm kidding.)

Next up we have Gary back with an update, except if you've been watching since the top of the hour it's just stuff you already know. And that's fine, but they've pulled out the BREAKING NEWS graphic again and John tells us about "bad news," so I'm sitting here thinking they found the miners dead. I should know better at this point, I suppose. On now to a Rick Sanchez piece on four friends in Newark, New Jersey that were hanging out in a school yard one night and three ended up dead. They were shot execution style and the fourth person is in the hospital. All of them were good kids and no one knows what happened exactly. Pretty horrible. Hopefully the survivor can help them find the people that did this. After Rick's piece we have a Randi Kaye piece that's kind of a time line of those Connecticut murders. The Shot tonight is a German woman who finally had a pencil removed from her brain after more than 50 years. Until now it was too dangerous to remove, so the woman has endured decades of headaches and nosebleeds. Wow. Pencils are dangerous, kids. Let that be a lesson to you. As we go out, John tells Erica, "Chicken soup with matzo balls." Aw, feel better, Erica. The show was meh again. I'm thinking more people are on vacation than just Anderson. C


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