Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator Craig Sex Scandal, Owen Wilson, Raw Politics, Teaching in New Orleans, And Homelessness After Katrina (Tuesday's Show)

Hi everybody. Soledad O'Brien is hosting in New Orleans again for Anderson Cooper and tonight she's got a live shot outside. We're kicking it off with news of another conservative republican falling from grace. We've got a regular collection of those at this point, don't we? As we learned in last night's "Raw Politics," Idaho Senator Larry Craig was arrested and plead guilty in connection with cruising a dude in an airport bathroom. And yes, Soledad actually uses the term "cruising," which kind of cracks me up. Anyway, the twist here is that Craig really didn't mean to plead guilty, but unfortunately for him, there are no take-backsies when it comes to propositioning an undercover cop and then pleading guilty. Last night I urged the senator not to make this worse for himself than it already is, but, oh, he so did not listen to me. Today he gave a press conference in which he expressed that he is not gay. Totally, totally, not gay. He didn't do anything wrong. It was all a mistake. And he is not gay, people. Are you hearing this? Not gay. Um, Senator Craig? It's actually not the being gay part that you should be ashamed of (and legally punished for); it's the sexin in the public restroom.

Next up we have a Candy Crowley piece where we get to read a little snippet of the officer's report of the incident. There was stall peering and foot tapping, signs to the officer that Craig wanted to get friendly. Oh, but that was all just misconstrued. He was just feeling musical and decided to tap out a diddy while he did his business. Alright, I made that part up, but, seriously, it doesn't even matter at this point. Oh, and 360 left out the best part! What excuse did Craig offer as to why his foot touched the officer's foot? He has a "wide stance when going to the bathroom." Bwah! Hmm, I'm probably getting a little too much amusement from this story. But, see, I don't feel bad about that because Senator Craig here is another one of those family values, anti-gay rights dudes we all know and love. In other words, a hypocrite. I've said it many times and I fear I'll be saying it again for the next one, but the louder these guys proclaim family values or an anti-gay agenda, the more likely they're getting gay sex on the down low or doing something very anti-family values.

Moving on now to some discussion with Jeffrey Toobin. Soledad wants to know why Craig would plead guilty since he claims to not even be gay. Toobin is all befuzzled. In fact they're both pretty much sitting there with "WTF?" faces. Indeed. But we do learn from Toobin that Craig's chances of withdrawing the guilty plea are not looking good. From here we go into a Tom Foreman piece that's basically about how celebrities and public figures become such big narcissists. What happens is these people get surrounded by yes men. Hmm, I can think of a certain fake cowboy that has this problem. After Tom's piece we're joined by Dr. Drew Pinsky to continue with the narcissism talk.

Transitioning now to a David Mattingly piece on the actor Owen Wilson's hospitalization. There are reports that he tried to commit suicide, though there has been no confirmation of that fact. Details, details. But hey, let's report it like that anyway. Nothing less for the most trusted name in news. Apparently Owen issued a statement that reads, "I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time." And, wow, CNN, way to totally respect that. To make this even more disgusting, we're again joined by Dr. Drew, who I'm assuming does not actually know the actor, but still has the gal to speculate about him, even musing that it was really a reaction to addiction. Am I the only one that thinks this coverage is totally not helping at all? Look, I know there's gossip about Owen Wilson all over the Internets right now, but this is CNN.

Next up we've got some "Raw Politics" with Tom Foreman. First up we learn that all the politicians are all about Katrina recovery. Well, they're about it right now, anyway. Get back to them in a few months. Next, there's something about Fred Thompson, but I am so done with him and his stupid non campaign. Um, let's see, we also learn that the republicans have found that nothing unites their party like Hillary-fear. Oh, and apparently Castro has endorsed a Clinton/Obama ticket. Dude, nobody asked you. Tonight's "What Were They Thinking?" was actually viewer submitted and it's a slide that goes from the top of a house roof and into a pool. The requisite "kids, don't try this at home," is given, but, I don't know, I think it looks fun. C'mon, you can only be young and stupid once. My friends and I used to jump off swings and into trees - well, attempted to, anyway.

Moving on now to a Soledad piece on Alex Perlman, a kind of Katrina hero, if you will. He's come to New Orleans out of college through Teach For America and he's going to teach math. As you might imagine (or remember, actually), the New Orlean's school system isn't doing so hot. There's not enough books, teachers, and the kids can be rough, especially now after all the trauma they've gone through. So good luck to Alex. Hopefully he's able to stick it out. After Soledad's piece we're joined by Pastor Robert Brown of the Ray Avenue Baptist Church. Pastor Brown is tired of hearing people say that the people of the region are just waiting around for someone to give them a handout. He wants people to know that there is lots of work being done by the community itself. Well, I hear you, Pastor Brown, but unfortunately people believe what they want to believe.

On now to a Susan Roesgen "Keeping Them Honest" piece on the homeless in New Orleans. Their numbers have doubled since Katrina and there's a feeling that the city isn't doing enough, so some of them have set up a kind of camp across the street from City Hall. Many of them even have jobs, but the problem is that housing is in short supply and rent has skyrocketed. Susan sits down with Mayor Nagin about this and asks him to go out and take a look at the camp, but he won't. That's pretty much all we get of the interview, so I don't know if we'll be seeing more later or if they literally didn't get anything out of him. Is he actually solving any problems or what? Sigh. The Shot tonight are pictures of the lunar eclipse. The show was okay. C+


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