Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Pet Food Contamination Story Expands, More Fire Coverage, Sanjay Gupta Interviews Bill Clinton, And CNN's Heroes (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. We begin again with Ted Rowlands live at the site of the Hollywood hills fire. He basically tells us everything we heard last hour, though this time he's inhaling a bit more smoke. Sucks to be Ted's lungs. Then we're on to Deborah Feyerick and more alleged terror plot coverage. After that we've got a Joe Johns "Keeping Them Honest" piece on the ever expanding pet food contamination story. I'm glad they're following up on this because I knew it wasn't over. Okay, so we knew pigs and chickens ate the bad feed and now it looks like fish did too. At this time the FDA is pretty sure the fish didn't get into the human supply. And hey, why doubt the FDA, right? We're all going to die. Anyway, we also learn that China (that's communist China if you're Lou Dobbs) is not only adding stuff to the food they export to jack up the price, they're also mislabeling it. Hey, you know what? How about we maybe think about not getting so much food from China. Just a suggestion.

Keeping with this story we next have a John Vause piece on Tian Feng, a Chinese man suspected of being involved in the contamination scandal. Right now he's being held in a detention center in China and he unsurprisingly claims he'd done nothing wrong. Maybe he hasn't. I mean, we are talking about China here. Anyway, China says they're stepping up their export control. Yeah, I'm sure that will fix everything. After this we have CNN producer Tim Scowden on the phone to talk about the California fire. Tim just evacuated his home, so he's probably not having the best day. We can hear his (or someone's) dog barking in the background. After Tim we go back to Ted Rowland for a bit.

Transitioning now to an EXCLUSIVE interview Sanjay Gupta did with Bill Clinton. Sanjay begins by talking about Clinton's work regarding AIDS in Africa and he asks him if he tells people in the US it's the right thing to do or the important thing to do. Clinton says both because people are always coming and going in the US and if we just let AIDS go it will eventually make its way to our borders. I'm guessing he means Africa-like numbers since AIDS has actually already come to our borders. Clinton then explains that AIDS leads to "broken economies, failed states and more conflict in other parts of the world, conflicts which we will be called upon to help with directly or indirectly through the United Nations." So basically he's all about prevention. What a concept, huh? We're more of a reactionary bunch, which is why you can't take liquids on an airplane now.

Anyway, Sanjay then switches it up and asks if he'll have time for this kind of stuff if Hillary is elected. Clinton says he hopes so. He hopes to have saved enough by then to not have to spend time making a living. How weird is it to hear Bill Clinton talk about paying bills? Sanjay asks how the campaign is going? Clinton, of course, says good and then notes that he's excited for this election because nobody is going to be against anyone. But they're still going to smear and go negative. You realize that, right? Although I think he knows a little something about that. Sanjay then mentions that Clinton sent a nice letter to him when his daughter was born three months ago (cue the "aw's") and he wonders how she will remember him when she's his age. Ooh stumper. Clinton's not sure she'll have any thoughts of him, but hopes she'll remember him as someone who tried to give every child in the world every opportunity Sanjay is going to give her. I guess we'll see. After this they repeat the James Carville/Ralph Reed segment.

Next up we have a "CNN's Heroes" piece. Hey, it's not Friday. They've been running these on Fridays is all I'm saying. Okay, so remember that tornado in Enterprise, Alabama? Well, this mother and her four year old daughter were walking into the high school right as it hit. They didn't know a tornado was coming, so Debra Boyd ran out, grabbed them both, and pulled them into the school. Then both women laid over the little girl to protect her. If Debra wouldn't have grabbed them they both would have been standing in the entranceway when the door blasted out. So...yay Debra! After this we go back to Ted Rowlands for a moment and that'll do it.


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