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Imus Lawyers Up, Iraq Talk, Joan Baez (Maybe) Dissed, Raw Politics, Planet In Peril, Condi Book, May Day Update, And Celebrity Rehab(Wednesday's Show)

Hi everybody. Before I get started I'd like to give a birthday shoutout to the sister. See you home Wednesday, freak. Because of my early work day on Thursdays I'm just combining both of Wednesday's hours together. Okay, let's do this thing. Anderson is back in New York tonight and we're leading things off with Don Imus. Oh yeah, he's back, baby. Why is he back? Well, he's got himself a lawyer and wants to make the case that he was just following his contract with CBS radio. Why is this 360's top story? Because they EXCLUSIVELY got their hands on the contract. Anderson shows us, though really, that could be his grocery list for all we can tell. Anyway, Jeff Toobin is on the case (you know he would be), but at the present moment we're getting some background from a Randi Kaye piece. The Rutgers thing is recaped and, yes, they say that phrase again. Really people, do we need to keep repeating that? So it turns out that the contract actually states that Imus is to be "controversial" and "irreverent" and he needs to be given a warning before he's canned. Oh, and that contract? Worth $40 million. Now Imus has got himself Lenny Bruce's old lawyer...and a spot in another news cycle.

For discussion, we've got Toobin, who has been pouring over the contract all day. Or maybe he just read it. I don't know. But it sounds better the other way. Anderson notes that they were the first ones to get the contract. Yes, Anderson, we know. Although one would assume CBS actually had it before you. Toobin's mind is all boggled because the contract is nothing like he's ever seen. It seems that CBS actually hired him to be controversial. Um, duh? I kind of thought that went without saying. What I didn't know is they would actually make it so explicit on a written document. I was thinking it was more of a wink, wink, nod, nod, kind of thing. You know who's contract I want to see now? Glenn Beck! How about it CNN? Yeah, that's never going to happen. Toobin thinks the contract gives Imus a good case and they'll probably settle. I'm definitely not an Imus fan, but I hope CBS pays through the nose. That'll teach these big media companies who court flame throwers and then act all surprised when someone gets burned.

Next up we're joined by Al Sharpton. He's always there! Sharpton doesn't seem to care much about the contract and kind of goes off on a tangent about all the issues we already discussed weeks ago. Although he does point out that Imus seemed to concede the accusations against him by apologizing. Hmm. If Imus hadn't tried to pass off his blame onto rap music in the beginning I might think higher of him now because he could have made this contract stuff public immediately. Instead he went on an "I'm sorry," tour. Maybe he was actually sorry. Or maybe he didn't know exactly what was in his contract. For even more talk about this we're joined by Roland Martin, Toobin again, and Howard Kurtz, who I will refer to as Howie. Because it's fun. Roland thinks CBS radio will settle and it will be a business decision. Howie seems to think this is more about vindication. So, what, he wants us to know that he actually got paid to be a racist and didn't do it as a free bonus? Anderson brings up the FCC and Toobin notes if they got involved it would be helpful for CBS, but it doesn't look like they're going to. Because they're only horrified by nipples.

Transitioning now to some discussion about that Iraq spending bill. Bush vetoed it and today the House failed to override that veto. From the left we've got Paul Begala joining us and from the right, Ed Rollins. Anderson notes the bill is only good for the fiscal year and wonders if we might actually have to go through this again. Paul tells us yep and he points out that this is an emergency bill for a war that's been going on for four years. Not exactly an emergency anymore. Paul thinks it should be in the regular budget. Ed agrees and states that Bush isn't going to pull out. Yeah, we know, we know. Paul must have been hanging around the always optimistic David Gergen, because he sees a compromise-maybe by Memorial Day. Ed isn't so sure about that compromise. He thinks this whole thing is not about being pro-war, but pro-troops. Oh, that's crap. The democrats gave Bush more than he asked for for the troops. He's the one holding up their funding.

Moving on to a Joan Baez interview where she sings us a little diddy. Okay, no, actually she's here because she was invited to perform at Walter Reed, but was essentially disinvited not long before the show. She thinks she was banned due to her anti-war views. Anderson notes that Walter Reeds says it was because they couldn't change the contract. Joan then goes into detail about the negotiations, which doesn't really answer anything. Anderson points out that she would not perform for troops during Vietnam and asks her what's different now. Joan thinks she didn't give proper regard to the troops coming home back then. However, she still wouldn't play for troops in battle because of her views on nonviolence. Her right I guess, but that's a little messed up to me. The troops don't chose where they go or whether or not they fight. Anyway, I definitely wouldn't put it past Walter Reed for this to be political, but I don't know. There's been plenty of outspoken people (like Al Franken) who have performed before. After this interview we learn that Oprah has endorsed Obama. Well, that settles it. I must vote Obama! Because I need Oprah to make my book choices and choose my president. Seriously, who cares? In a long Larry King clip Oprah tells us that Obama is her favorite senator. Meanwhile, Dick Durbin weeps quietly in the corner.

Joe Johns doing the "Raw Politics" tonight and we learn that the Reagan diaries are about to come out. Do they all have diaries? I don't have a diary, unless you count this blog, which I don't. We also learn that Giuliani has picked up the endorsements of Adam Sandler and Kelsey Grammar. Oh, Adam. Let's see, people are trying to draft Fred Thompson, Obama got a song from Stevie Wonder, and Edwards is airing a commercial where citizens urge their senators to get a spine. Then we transition to some "Planet in Peril" stuff coming at us from the Artic. Brrr!!! Jeff Corwin is there sans Anderson Cooper because Anderson requires a big coat when he's just in New Orleans. Hee. I actually have no idea why he's not there, but my educated guess is they're afraid the ratings will take a hit if he's not on a lot. So anyway, in the piece Jeff kind of cracks me up by "talking" to Anderson and for extra amusement, this piece has its own score. There's music in the background.

Okay, so Jeff is there tracking polar bears with Steve Amstrup because, "Polar bears feed on seals. They feed on fish. They feed on crustaceans, which feed on smaller organisms than that. And so the polar bear is on the top of the system, and it reflects everything, sort of integrates everything underneath it to give us an understanding of what the health of this ecosystem is." The polar bears are practically endangered now and this all ties into global warming, which Jeff tells us is really taking place. You tell it, Jeff! The Shot tonight is Britney Spears doing a comeback performance at the House of Blues. Desperate for a Shot tonight were we, 360? Apparently Britney lip-synched, only performed 15 minutes, and did all old songs. Nice comeback. "Look, she -- you know, she hasn't had time to be writing new songs. Stuff's going on in her life," says Anderson. Wha? Oh, that would be sarcasm. Anderson then reminds us to send in our Shots, adding, "Actually, if you see Britney Spears, just keep that one to yourself. We don't really need know about it." Hey man, you brought her up.

The second hour begins with a rehashing of the Imus stuff and then we're on to an Anderson piece about the Iraq funding bill. Okay, so we already know it got vetoed and the override failed, but we're also told leaders from both parties then went to talk with Bush. But no compromise. Like you were expecting anything else. Also, Bush is changing the goal posts again when it comes to the definition of success. To demonstrate this, we're played some clips through the years. Nice job. They're getting good at that. Moving on now to an interview with Marcus Mabry who has written a biography of Condoleezza Rice. Marcus tells us the surprising detail that Rice didn't even want to be Secretary of State. She was all set to come home after the first term, but then Bush asked her and she felt compelled to stay since they remade the world. Yep, remade it into something more explodey. She was also worried about Bush's legacy. Anderson then brings up Rice's relationship with Bush and Marcus states she thought Bush could do no wrong. This was of course a problem since as National Security Advisor she was supposed to be a skeptic. Marcus also lets us in on the disturbing little tidbit that Rice likes bad boys and saw Bush as one. Oh, good Lord. How messed up would it be if we're in one of the worst quagmires we've ever been in because the National Security Advisor had a thing for bad boys and the President had daddy issues?

Transitioning now to a Tom Foreman piece on public professions of faith by western leaders. Some Muslims feel that kind of thing is anti-Muslim. I can't imagine why they think we're anti-Muslim. Seriously though, this is all about propaganda. It works the other way too. I'm sure you've seen those email forwards that claim the Muslims want to destroy us. Don't you love how extremists mess things up for everyone? After this piece we have a Ted Rowland piece that updates what went down at the May Day rallies. And there's more video now, which they show. Basically it looks like the cops were way out of line. There was a small group of protestors that taunted and threw things, but the cops take it out on a whole bunch of people that were just there, shooting them with rubber bullets and hitting them with batons. Even journalists had to run for cover, some which were live on air. Two members of the media were hospitalized and 240 rounds were fired. There were no arrests. Law suits are expected. Anderson then talks with Ted and we learn there will be two investigations into the incident, one by the LAPD themselves.

Ending with some fluff tonight, we have a Brooke Anderson piece on celebrity rehab. We're taken inside one of these places and the bathroom is bigger than my living room! I want to go to rehab. Let's see, should I say something racist or anti-semitic? Oh wait, I forgot I'm not a celebrity. Anyway, in this place they do regular therapy and stuff, but also hypnosis where people are told they're worthy. Oookay. Also, I totally need to point out that in one therapy session the camera looks like it's on the guy's leg looking up. If there was a gap we would have seen right up his pants. Yeah, you can probably tell how interested I was in this piece. Erica brings us the headlines and we learn that the Houston Museum of Natural Science is paying kids for live cockroaches. Ewwwwww. I swear, those are the only bugs that can make me scream like a girl. Anderson thinks it's gross too and when they cut back to him live he pretends like he's smashing one on his desk. Whatever. He totally would have ran away. Pretty good show tonight, though it's time to cool it with the Imus. B


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