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World's Worst Dad Caught, Iraq Talk, More 'Stop Snitchin', Rosie Quits, McCain Goes Official, And Stalkers (Wednesday's Show)

Hi everybody. I'm just going to combine both hours tonight-makes it easier. We begin with BREAKING NEWS that again, is not really BREAKING. Know how I know? Because they've had time to prepare a bunch of stuff for us. But anyway, the rarity tonight is that the BREAKING NEWS is actually good. Remember that dad that was let out of prison to donate a kidney to his very sick son and then instead of doing so he skipped town? They finally caught him! Yay! Worst dad ever. Susan Candiotti fleshes it out further live and with a filed piece. Then Anderson talks with the son, Byron Perkins, over the phone regarding how he feels about the news. Anderson says, "You must have been angry." Eh, you shouldn't really tell people how they feel. After that Anderson talks with Deputy U.S. Marshal Dawn Izgarjan, who lead the search...and I think has a little crush. She's not alone. Just saying.

Next up we have a taped interview with Michael in the studio and he's looking good. Hanging out without the very real threat of death really relaxes a person. Michael tells us that the debate on Iraq right now is almost delusional it's so out of touch with the reality on the ground. He then goes into how Iran has their fingers in the sectarian violence and how Zarqawi's plan goes on-even after his death. Anderson asks if there are other options besides putting pressure on Maliki, which, BTW, Michael thinks is an excellent question. He states that the idea seems to be moving in the direction of a strongman to provide security before considering democracy. So basically like Saddam-lite. Great. Though at this point, that's what I'd go with. Anderson then brings up the surge/escalation (and yay to him for pointing out some view it as an escalation). Michael says it's too soon to tell if it's working, but before the surge/escalation he basically said it was going to fail because we surged before and that failed. So, what's up with that, Michael? Although he does say that to win in Iraq we'd have to surge the whole country, which we won't. Well no, not unless we magically find about 150,000 extra troops.

Transitioning now to more 'stop snitchin' coverage with an interview with Stephanie Hires, partner of Busta Rhymes' slain bodyguard, and Al Sharpton. Man, Sharpton latches onto everything! So obviously Stephanie is upset that no one has come forward to report who killed her son's father and Sharpton is alarmed about this code too. Anderson tells us he's been getting lots of emails telling him that he doesn't understand the distrust of the police in the community. However, he points out that this message is actually being marketed by corporations. They discuss this a bit and Sharpton states that he agrees there is mistrust of police, but that's no excuse to let the neighborhoods be the "prey of bad cops and robbers." Anderson asks Stephanie what she would ask Busta Rhymes. "I would like to know what can he tell my son when he wants to know what happened to his dad," she says. After this Anderson says the phrase "shaking his booty" in reference to Bush. This should never happen again.

Moving on now to some "Raw Politics" from Tom Foreman who for some reason now does the segment at his computer. Hey man, if he doesn't get to use his maps, he's not getting up! We learn that Pelosi skipped a meeting with General David Petraeus in order to instead rally votes, but talked with him on the phone instead. I'm guessing at least a third of that story isn't true. Next we find out that McCain is running for president. No, really? Well, apparently it's official now. Good for stop being crazy. Rudy Giuliani then takes a page from Bin Laden's playbook and tries to terrorize the American people into doing for him. Stay classy, Rudy! Finally we've got Bush boogying down because it's Malaria Day. Or something. Can someone tell me what disturbing presidential dancing has to do with malaria?

Next up we have very important news: Rosie is leaving The View! Oh noes! Oh wait, for a second there I mistakenly thought I care. Anderson then gives us a piece that recaps all the controversial things she's said and all the people she's got into it with. And then we hear The Donald's take because...I don't know, he has a lot of money? Seriously, why the hell is this man on my tv screen (on CNN!) right now? Tom Foreman gives us the headlines and The Shot tonight is more video of Bush getting his groove on. Anderson asks Tom how he rates and Tom holds up an eight. Ha, they brought props. Then Tom decides to be very cruel to the viewers by playing Rove's infamous "dancing". Anderson shields his eyes from the horror and rates it a one. "...he kind of danced like a broken lawn chair," says Tom. Finally, Anderson makes everything okay again by showing us the dancing of the 360 production crew. The consensus is tens all around, but, um, they don't actually have tens. An oversight by the props crew I'm sure.

Hour two begins with more coverage of the dead beat dad and then the Michael Ware interview. Oh, and there's a new Dana Bash piece on mixed progress in Iraq. After that we've got a Candy Crowley piece on John McCain, since he's now officially running. Again I need to ask what is wrong with John McCain? He's all delusional now. Oh, did you guys watch his interview on "The Daily Show"? He can't even hold his own with Jon and Jon likes him. So anyway, McCain's running behind Guiliani because of his war stance, but his people say they aren't worried. Right. Following the piece we have all the 'stop snitchin' stuff again.

Moving on now to a David Mattingly piece on stalking. They're doing this because of the two women that Cho stalked. Anyway, we learn about stalking at colleges. Then after that we're joined by Rachel Solov, deputy D.A. in San Diego County and head of the sex crimes and stalking unit. Anderson is surprised that stalking is so prevalent in college. I had a sort-of stalker once, though not at college. Actually, I guess I kind of still have a stalker since I'm still all nervous sometimes when I go to a certain retail store. Long story short: I work at retail store. Guy takes my job-required niceness as interest in him. Guy comes to store a lot and hangs around me asking questions. A lot. Unbeknownst to me, guy applies for job at the store. I quit for unrelated reasons at same time guy is hired (yay timing!). Guy is not happy. Guy tries to convince me to hang out at the store. Guy creeps me out. And now I can't shop for toothpaste without looking over my shoulder. The end.

I'm lucky though in that he never found out my last name or any of my personal information, so the issue only comes up if I go to that certain store or if I run into him somewhere else (which has happened). Plus while strange, he seems to be harmless. So anyway, that's nothing compared to what Anderson's got. "I've got a woman who, you know, believes she has a relationship with me." Oh, I think I know of her! She's insane. I'm actually glad he said that though because while one would assume he and CNN are aware (and hopefully watching) the crazies, it's nice to have some confirmation. See, this is why I'm glad I'm not famous. The nutjobs an average person deals with are plenty for me. Okay show. B-


Anonymous Dannie said...

Still no trace of Nic and Peter's "remarkable reports" from Afghanistan mentioned by Anderson in one of his blog posts... Not even a MENTION of Afghanistan. This is making me sick.

But at least we get Michael Ware.

8:51 AM  
Blogger eliza said...

Michael Ware is always a bonus. I wonder if they're sitting on the reports for a specific reason or if they're just waiting to fit them in on a slow news day. The latter is kind of messed up. I mean, do we really need coverage of Rosie and Alec Baldwin?

4:00 AM  
Anonymous dannie said...

I mean, do we really need coverage of Rosie and Alec Baldwin?

Eliza, I'll just assume that's a rhetorical question, otherwise I'll have to start swearing... ;-)

7:11 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

What the hell? Who writes this crap?

7:31 PM  

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