Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Tenet, Iraq Reconstruction Failure, Pet Food Scandal Expands, Prison Nightmare, And A Mother Deported (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi guys. I wish I had more time for this hour, but alas, I do not. We begin with a long clip of Tenet on Larry King and then go back live to Larry Johnson and Ray McGovern. Some of this is retreading, but we do learn that Saddam's defector son-in-law told them there were no WMDs and even though everyone knew this they went public saying the guy said the exact opposite of what was actually true. Apparently "Newsweek" did a small story on it, but no one else picked it up. Sigh. Imagine if that would have been treated like Anna Nicole's death. This is why what's covered matters.

Moving on to a Barbara Starr piece on how Iraq's reconstruction isn't really getting reconstructed at all. The latest report to tell us how FUBAR everything is over there states that most projects are no longer in working order. A hospital that was touted as a success a year ago now has medical waste and contaminated water backing up into patients' rooms. At Baghdad International Airport, 10 of 17 generators delivered last year are no longer working. Millions, probably billions, have been wasted. Iraqis are seeing less that 30 cents on the dollar actually making any improvement in their daily lives. Still trying to win those hearts and minds, I see. Anyway, the fault lies with the insurgents, the corrupt Iraqi government, and, of course, US mismanagement.

For discussion we've got taped Michael Ware and Anderson asks him why we're seeing increased US deaths. Michael tells us there's been some shift to targeting US soldiers again, but mostly it's because the soldiers are more exposed than they were before. Anderson is all worked up about the reconstruction failure and he asks Michael what he's seen. Michael personally hasn't seen any successful projects. Oh, wonderful, seeing as though he, you know, actually lives there. Besides the problems we heard in Barbara's report, he also points out that anything the US touches becomes a target and you know what that means. Yep, ka-boom. I imagine it's hard to reconstruct things when your projects keep blowing up.

Transitioning now to a "Keeping Them Honest" piece from Joe Johns on the Pet Food Scandal. Yeah, I think it's moved past "scare" and onto "scandal." Okay, so we know it's in the human supply now, but, hopefully, not that big of deal. In this piece we also learn what probably killed the pets. Apparently when cyanuric acid combines with melamine it creates crystals in the kidneys and that caused them to die. And I'm guessing neither one of those chemicals even needed to be in their food. I know 360 has been doing a good job with follow ups here because everyone is all concerned about their pets, but I'm starting to get concerned about the human supply. It sounds like there's more story here. Dig, 360, dig!

Moving on to a repeat Rick Sanchez piece on Eric Volz, that American (most likely) wrongly imprisoned in Nicaragua. After the piece Anderson talks with Eric's mom, Maggie Anthony, and then he talks with Marc Meznar, consulate general for the U.S. embassy in Nicaragua. Moving on to a Thelma Gutierrez piece on a woman who was deported after living in the US for 20 years. Oh, and her four kids got left here to fend for themselves. What the hell? That's just...not right. There has to be a better way than this. And probably most of the people advocating this call themselves pro-family. So anyway, the kids tried to make it on their own, but they couldn't, so two went to Mexico even though they never lived there before. Once there the one girl had to give up on school and instead get a job. Luckily, though a twist of fate, a woman living in the US heard her story and decided to take her and her brother in. At least some people have a heart. And we're out.


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