Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Lot More Immigration Coverage And CNN Heroes (Tuesday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. We begin the hour with Ted Rowlands live again to talk about the rubber bullets fired during the May Day rally, but he doesn't really know anything more. We then move on to an Anderson piece on the rallies. Turnout was down a lot compared to last year and the belief is that people are scared about the new crackdowns. Anderson talks with immigration supporter Cardinal Roger Mahony, archbishop of Los Angeles, as they march. "We have been with the immigrants since day one -- this country since 1770s. We've always been there for every single wave of immigrants because we see in the immigrants the face of God. And as disciples of Jesus, he said open your arms, especially to the strangers. So, that's what we do," he says. I like this guy.

Next up we're joined by D.A. King of the "Marietta Daily Journal"and Gerson Borrero of "El Diario." Anderson notes that this year the demonstrations were smaller, but Gerson doesn't think that matters. D.A. points out that last year it sure did seem to matter to them. Hmm, got you there, Gerson. Anderson asks if it's possible to have security and immigration reform. D.A. is totally not down with that because in his view it's amnesty. So we can't even discuss it? What about the 12 million already here? Deporting all of them isn't even possible. Why can't these people live in reality? It would make this stuff so much easier. Then Gerson brings up NAFTA. Thank you! It completely boggles my mind that out of all of this coverage there's no focus on NAFTA and the trade and economic realities that go with it. Seriously 360, if you're going to spend all this time and effort, next time at least look into why the poverty in Mexico has increased. Ultimately the problem will be solved in Mexico, not at our borders.

Moving on to repeat stuff with The Gerg and Michael Ware and then on to an interview with Paul Rieckhoff and Owen West, a marine that wrote an op-ed in support of the surge. I actually didn't get to see this interview, but from the transcript it seems Paul basically just wants the politicians to set an example for the Iraqis and stop bickering. Amen to that. Owen is pretty gung-ho on the surge, though Anderson gets him to admit it's not the ultimate solution.

Transitioning to a David Mattingly piece on inspections at the border. Man, these people see everything. One guy tried to sneak in the US by being sewn into a seat and someone put a kid in a pinata. Craziness. While David is there they bust somebody who had marijuana in their spare tire. Moving on to a Dan Simon piece on the training that goes on at the border patrol academy. Looks pretty intense. Then we've got a Soledad O'Brien piece about families that are worried about being split up due to deportation and Candy Crowley rounds out the immigration coverage with a piece on the candidate's take on the issue.

Finally tonight we have a new segment called "CNN Heroes" and this particular one focuses on James Burgett. James used to a be a drug addict. But a smart drug addict. You see, he would route through the trash, collect E-waste, and then build freaking computers out of it, which he then sold...for drugs. Okay, so that last part isn't very cool, but eventually the self worth he felt from the computers gave him enough motivation to kick the drugs. Now he hires convicts and people with backgrounds like his and teaches them to build computers, which are then given to charity. How cool is that? That'll do it.


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