Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Tornado Coverage, More 2008 Talk, Iraq Radio Station Destroyed, Fraud Economist, CSI Effect, And More Queen Talk (Monday's Second Hour)

Hi everyone. Anderson kicks off the hour by noting that they're the only live cable news network at this time. So I guess that's how he'll probably begin from now on. Good for them for noting their advantage. Suck it MSNBC/Fox News! Especially Fox News. So okay, we retread through all the tornado stuff again and then the political panel of Ramesh Ponnuru, Arianna Huffington, and David Gergen are back live for 2008 discussion. They talk a bit about Giuliani and McCain and Anderson notes that McCain used to be the conservative guy liberals liked. We totally did. Anderson wonders if he's still that guy. Not even close. Seriously, what is wrong with that guy? I feel like somebody needs to do an intervention. The Gerg seems to think it's because he's all old. Okay, he says it much better than I just did. Anderson thinks that 40 is the new 80 because he feels 80. Well, you don't look 80. Just saying. "Well that's because you travel all over the world incessantly," says The Gerg. Ha! Look at The Gerg being a nag. Seriously Anderson, stay a while. Back to the topic at hand, Arianna says that the republican candidates are no longer with the public on major social issues. Ramesh of course disagrees and they go back and forth. Then they talk Clinton and Obama.

Next up we've got a Nic Robertson piece on Radio Digla, Iraq's popular and more importantly, independent, radio station. The station went on the air three years and kept broadcasting through all of the war's violence-even doing call-in shows. Unfortunately, last week insurgents attacked and now the station is destroyed. What's amazing is that when al Qaeda burst in, eight employees of the station were able to hold off 80 fighters. They called the Iraqi army for help, but were told to call back later. What the hell? So they did call back and were then told it was too dangerous for the army to come. And these are the people that are supposed to be "standing up so we can stand down"? That's a shame and a pretty big loss too. One thing I'm confused about though. This piece calls the fighers insurgents and al Qaeda. I thought the insurgents were the Iraqis and al Qaeda were foreign fighters. After this there's some discussion and then a repeat of the Hasselhoff stuff.

Moving on now to a Susan Roesgen piece on an economic professor that offered investment accounts that a bunch of people put a lot of money in. Problem? He's a fraud. Not even liscensed by the SEC. Now he claims he has amnesia. Oh, whatever. That's a warped version of the twinkie defense. Next up we've got another Jeffrey Toobin piece on the CSI Effect. This time we learn about a program called Biotracks that scours everything burglars might have touched in order to find DNA evidence. Did you know it's common for a burglar to not only steal your stuff, but eat your food and try on your clothes? Me neither. That's crazy.

Transitioning now to an Ed Henry piece on the Queen. He's covering the Bush angle and, uh oh, there was a faux pas. Oh, like you're surprised. Anyway, Bush made a comment that made the Queen sound like she was 350 years old. She's not?! Aw, I kid the Queen. We also learn that Quarterback Peyton Manning got a last minute invite, but didn't have the white tie and tails. Oh noes! Fashion emergency! Fortunately they were able to get a tailor on the case. Doesn't it sound like that story should have been documented by "E!" or something? I can see the reality show now: My Night with the Queen. After this we're joined again by the hilarious Richard Quest. And you know what? I don't have the slightest idea what they said because I was too busy listening to his accent and watching Anderson giggle. I am easily amused. Oh, but I did notice the White House turned off the lights on Richard. "I think that's the sign they want you to leave," says Anderson. "Not a moment too soon," replies Richard. Okay, CNNi needs to quit hording this guy. That'll do it.


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